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Panotora specializes in product photography for Amazon listings.

They take professional, sharp and high-quality photos including product shots, lifestyle shots, graphic design, and 360 degree videos.

Panotora has studios in North Vancouver, BC (Canada) and Bellingham, WA (USA).

Customers SupportedUnited States

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From $299 to $799.

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2018-09-02 04:20:52

Very happy with their services.

What where the positives?

Customer service, quality of images, the infographics, attractive model. They forwarded me several models to choose from. Overall, the photos turned out better than I expected :D.

Any negatives?

They're still growing, so I hope they offer more services such as copywriting.


The support was great, they offer unlimited revisions. I didn't need any at the time. But 6 months later I needed some changes to the infographs and they did it for me within a couple of days.

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