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Profit Phoenix is a set of product research, feedback, rank tracking and keyword research tools for Amazon sellers.

Products can be researched by rank, price, sales, rating, number of reviews and weight.

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From $50 per month for 10,000 emails and 200 keywords

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • Prish

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    This is a complete ***, their strategy is extremely dangerous as they use group codes with heavy discounts, I followed their strategy with the help of their support team and it resulted in my stock being completely sold out in the space of 30 minutes at a 85% discount meaning I lost about 8k.

    Once this happened their support staff refused to reply to my emails, messages and have basically ignored me for 3 months.

    When they do their initial call, they start the price at 5k then lower to 4k and they keep going until they lower to 1k.

  • cmosque

    Overall rating


    Be careful - this is a ****m

    Hi there, i have been ***med by this company. They offer you a lot of services and tools that they never honored. Once i get in to the members area, there´s only a training course area that they call "On Boarding Process" and almost 6 months later i never get the access to the sofware and of course they never ranked my product on firts page as promissed, this is a BIG ***M, i asked for my money refund and they just dont´s care about it, i lost my money and all the time wasted.

    Please share this with others and help them to avoid this Profit Phoenix ***m

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