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ProfitSourcery is an online tool that helps sellers find profitable products to sell through their Amazon stores.

It takes millions of products from thousands of different suppliers and compare them against Amazon's prices. ProfitSourcery customers receive daily lists of products which can be sold on Amazon at a 30-75% margin, all within the top fastest sellers in each category on Amazon and links to show where they can be purchased.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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From $37 to $77 per month.

Trial Length: 7 days

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  • GBAR

    Overall rating

    Waste of money

    First I've tried their 7 days trial to see what they offer. Didn't like it for several reasons:
    - They list restricted brands
    - They list products does not match between the retailer and Amazon.
    - Most of the product they list have very poor sales rank
    -When they finally provide a decent product, it's normally from target/kohls/Walmart and by the time you receive the product, already new competition appeared and the price dropped to leave you with little or no profit (lucky that these stores have good refund policy)
    - I subscribed for the 10 items/day and they are not even providing me.
    On top of that, I was late by one day to cancel my account and they didn't refund my money so I now have to stay for the entire month.

    I usually don't bother in leaving reviews, but this time I'm very disappointed. It's a total rip off, trust me.

  • easycommerce

    Overall rating

    Online arbitrage made easy

    Online arbitrage made easy .Does exactly what it’s meant to do whilst been displayed on a smooth easy to follow interface.

    Not all the products sourced are winners; some are out of stock or mis matches. On average I get 1-4 products a day which I would consider investable, which for someone who takes a low risk approach makes it well worth the money. The monthly fee of £65 is essentially paid for after 1-2 days of use.

    The training guides provide clear and concise information on everything FBA related and all the nuisances you may encounter.

    The team although relatively small, are on hand to assist anyway they can. Most surprisingly was the attention they gave to feedback and willingness to make continuous improvements.

    That good I kind off don't want anyone else to know 😉

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