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Rakuten Super Logistics is an ecommerce order fulfillment provider, with 11 national warehouses in eight US cities.

SmartFill software integrates with marketplaces, shopping carts and management tools, and provides access to order processing status and detailed costs through a desktop web browser or mobile device.

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  • RR Donnelly
  • ShipStation
  • UPS
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  • YA

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    They are making money out of carrier shipping fees.

    What were the positives?

    The PA warehouse is located close to our main suppliers. That is why we have been working with RSL.

    Any negatives?

    Everything was kinda ok (except they constantly lose inventory, ship wrong items) until RSL decided that we can not ship with our own shipping carrier accounts anymore. For the reason they stated that the Carriers will not allow them to ship with 3rd party accounts anymore.
    But until they noticed they continued to ship with our account. So this reason was invalid.

    After we switched to RSL shipping account our shipping fees has increased by 60%. There are two reasons for this increase. First They started to ship exact same items with bigger boxes than they used to ship with our account. This multiplies the actual weight of the product.
    They do not provide discounts on Accessorial Cost which is most of the time almost same or higher than the base rates. This is nonsense as both Fedex and UPS gives discounts on extra costs such as rural area charges, residential charges etc.


    We have been working with RSL (Webgistix) since 2012 but we have no choice to switch to another very soon.. A fulfillment center should give a company advantages on decreasing their costs but with RSL this has become the opposite.

  • Eli Altaras

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Just Stay Away From RSL if you want to succeed in your business

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    - RSL is shipping our products without required pre-paid labels and not taking responsibility as the shipments are lost. They state prepaid labeled shipments are not under their guarantee. They keep doing this over and over since about a year with no improvements and we're getting careless responses.

    - RSL has integration issues constantly that causes us extra work. The integrations keep stopping and we have to do manual work. Entering orders and tracking etc. It takes them weeks to months to resolve by pushing. The communication is too slow and again careless.

    - RSL is not actually delivering in 1-2 days as advertised and when questions they are saying we need to have 3 warehouses locations to do that. The website doesn’t really show that until this happens to you.

    - RSL is marking orders as shipped after business hours hours where the carrier already picked up and gone for the day. They create shipping labels and while they are actually handing the packages to carrier the next day causing problems with our marketplace order since tracking shows late shipping and also it gets delivered late. They do not admit this and they state carrier doesn't scan when they pick up but from shipping time 6-7-8 PM we know it's not true.

    - RSL is shipping wrong products to customers very often so our customers order other seller's products

    - Our inventory very often disappears. Let's say we have 100 units and we enter a wholesale order of 60 units and all of a sudden 30 is shipped and 30 is on back order. As if the stock was only 30 units, then 70 units inventory vanishes.

    - When inventory is lost they don't pay. They state we need to wait for yearly inventory count and they don't pay for missing quantity as they guarantee inventory accuracy 90 or 95 percent.

    - RSL is not letting us cancel an order even one minute after it was placed. So your customers can not cancel any orders. This forces us to refund the money to our customers and still ship the product.

    - RSL has overcharged us several times on different kinds of fees which we had to claim later as we realized

    - RSL’s User interface and platform is so outdated that it’s mind buggling.

    - They claim dedicated contact point os provided but their response time is so late. You either get voicemails or next day responses most of the time. You're lucky if you got a response on the same day but if you write back, then good luck getting a response again on the same day.


    Horrible experience overall. Their user interface is like from 70's. They don't do anything to change any issues. False advertisements galore. Unfortunately it's not an easy task to move all your products to another warehouse and it's costly. This is what they take advantage of and do whatever they want.

  • MotoTour

    Overall rating


    I can't stress enough, do not work with RSL. They have been a nightmare since day one. We've been working with them for just over a year now.

    -Last week they shipped out 28 duplicate orders, costing me over $4,000 and making our company look like idiots. You don't want them representing you.
    -I visited their Las Vegas warehouse and it was a complete mess. Workers were literally throwing packages into bins over 10' away, like it was a game. The bin could have been right next to them if they moved it.
    -They constantly loose inventory in their warehouse. I once found around $1,500 of lost inventory.
    -They were overcharging me for storage until I physically visited the warehouse and called them out on it. The general manager blamed it on his "fat fingers" and adjusted the charges.

    Avoid at all costs. I'm already looking for a new fulfillment company.

    1. Reply from Rakuten Super Logistics

      We take your comments and feedback seriously. We will have our Director of Client Services reach out to you and address all of your concerns and issues in your review.

  • foolmeonce

    Overall rating

    The WORST 3PL experience EVER!

    Where do I start?!? Let me preface this by saying that we're a growing 8 figure sales company that has been in business for almost a decade. We hold 7 figures of inventory at any given time. We've been with 4 different 3PL's in the past years and Rakuten was by FAR the worst we've ever dealt with. Don't be fooled by the big name, this group of people are the absolute worst!

    The salesman was nice and, understandably, promised us the world. He was a good salesman and made us feel comfortable by his quick replies and hard work. But he's the salesman and really had no control over the operations.

    The reality was that product was shipped out with wrong dims/weights that were randomly entered as they picked and packed. Sometimes they would be entered in at 3x the actual weight causing super high shipping rates. At one point, we chased back nearly 100k of wrongly invoiced shipping fees! They charged so many extra hidden fees that we lost so much money it was hard to keep track of. Product was lost and they never apologized. Even when we left and had our products shipped out, they shipped us pallets of products that weren't ours and belonged to their other customers.

    We didn't stay very long as we quickly realized that a company like this would ruin our company. The sad part is that they insisted they were great partners. Horrible service from their management. They were so bad that we decided to open our own fulfillment center up ourselves. I'm sure there are good 3PLs out there but after Rakuten, I'll never use a 3PL again!

    If you're thinking about using Rakuten, please DO NOT! As a biz owner, I feel a responsibility to other business owners to share my experience in hopes that you'll avoid the horrors that will follow a partnership with Rakuten Super Logistics. Just don't do it. Find another company to bet on. I learned the hard way so you don't have to.

  • anon1235

    Overall rating

    Would not recommend, avoid this company if possible

    I hired this company to handle our fulfillment side for a long time. This company used to be called Webgistix before being bought out by Rakuten.

    It's true they can ship within the timeframe they advertise but often they will misweigh your products so if most of your items are lightweight and if you rely on USPS first class or equivalent you will find many orders being weight incorrectly and grossly over pay for shipping.

    And guess what, it's your job is to comb through the reports every week to catch these errors and complain to them and hope that they will credit you for their mistakes. Also, if you report any errors after 30 days they will not honor it.

    Customer service is horrible at this place, yes they will respond to your email within a day but you will be assigned an account rep that's in east coast and they will communicate with warehouse in west coast on your behalf. Simple tasks took days, even weeks at times to complete.

    Inventory would go missing and according to them when they do a count cycle and is within 98% you're out of luck they are not responsible.

    The service used to be mediocre, but towards the end it deteriorated pretty hard and it was a nightmare wasting countless hours finding and reporting their mistakes and they never seem to care to implement any changes to prevent further complaints.

  • fourpaws

    Overall rating

    Good service, fast, excellent client care

    Been working with Rakuten (was Webgistix when we started with them) for 1.5 years. Very efficient daily fulfillment, relatively quick receiving, but excellent client care. Rates are OK, could be a bit better in some areas. Overall a great company to work with.

  • freestore

    Overall rating

    VIP services!!!

    I tried to connect my business from Europe with a variety of warehouses and I did not manage to do it with success , because of poor customer support. I was lost in all tutorial videos ,FAQ guides and rest madness because of failed support .The most important is that Rakuten has real service support (no FAQ bots or videos to watch)
    I found all the support I needed for my international shipping to warehouse at the first stages and most important are cost- effective. Also when you have an inquiry you 'll find someone to help you . Customised solutions to my needs were applied. As about the order process and success. 100% success to all of my orders shippings and easy to use platform.
    To sum up , I am impressed and grateful of the personalised support and perfect results.

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