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Product Details is a multichannel repricing tool that combines rules and algorithms to reprice inventory in real time, helping to increase profitability and reduce effort.

Benefits include real-time repricing, net-margin repricing, and complete flexibility of pricing rules.

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From $99 per month.

Trial Length: 14 days
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5 Reviews

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  • Geordie1970

    Overall rating

    Doesn’t reprice ...

    Signed up for a 2 week trial, as was looking for better options when my current contract runs out next year.

    My account was setup with the help of Xsellco support, but realised the same day that something wasn’t correct as my sales had plummeted and upon checking my popular Asins the repricer wasn’t working!

    Contacted customer support and after being advised to turn off the programme while ‘technical’ looked into the matter they then emailed back to say it was ‘setup correctly’ (even though it wasn’t working) and that sometimes it’s better to sometimes not have a repricer!!!

    So in summary don’t bother with it, as it will cause more damage to your sales than good and why pay between £100-£200 a month for something that you’re told not to use by the Company itself?

    So, the search continues for a repricer that does work and is reasonably priced ... but that won’t be Xsellco!

  • sales170

    Overall rating

    Xsellco Repricer

    The ultimate repricer for any serious Amazon seller. It scales up to handle any volume of sku's across multiple channels. You can set a vast array of rules and assign them to any product, giving you the best chance to compete for the buy box which gives you the competitive edge all of the time. It also reprices up aswell as well as down giving you the best margin return possible. It captures ALL fees, VAT and cost of goods, even calculating daily fluctuations on exchange rates so you can always be assured on your margin. If you could only have one tool selling on Amazon, this is it!

  • york1234

    Overall rating

    Great Easy to use software

    Really useful software when you are competing on Amazon. The beauty of this is it prices UP aswell as down and its all done while you sleep.

  • dan765

    Overall rating

    A fantastic company offering a great repricing product

    Having tried competitors before coming to XSellco, I now wouldn't even entertain the idea of moving elsewhere. We are now selling more, at better margins. The former would be easy if the prices were just slashed, but the latter impossible and thus proving XSellco move the prices quickly and effectively. The support from the staff is second to none, too. All in all, a great set of features constantly being improved on a regular basis.

  • sellingmad

    Overall rating

    Very useful

    I have found XSellco's Price Manager is a very useful and easy to set up product. It removes the need for manual repricing and proves to be cost effective if you operate in a competitive market and have many SKU's. Of course you need to calculate your margins to set your pricing rules but once it is set up then it takes care of business. Really helps you to focus on the more profitable products.

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