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SeeNav is an Amazon keyword analysis tool, which helps Amazon sellers quickly find out ASINs’ search terms and suitable keywords for advertising by reversing competitors’ product. SeeNav has hourly keyword ranking and organic and sponsored traffic analysis data

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The platform is currently in betta testing and all function are free.

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2023-02-03 02:55:48

A nice keyword research tool

What where the positives?

1. i can get a lot of highly relevant keywords in a short time 2. i can see hourly organic and sponsored rank without monitoring 3. i can see ASIN's diaplay volume and keyword's volume clearly it's awesome!

Any negatives?


i think it's really easy to use , and i can get a lot of highly related keywords in a short time. I think the best feature is they have hourly organic and sponsored rank, it's really very important , you don't need to monitor manually and you can see the rank before. Then the ASIN's display volume can help me to analyze traffic change and know what's the main traffic keyword. This is a very useful tool with complete functions. it's help me a lot and improves my productivity.

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