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Sellerscale is a financial management app for Amazon sellers that allows customers to monitor real-time sales and advertising performance and dig deeper into financial data for unlimited seller accounts.

Features include: monitor sales, costs and profits, capture one-time and recurring expenses, analyze unit-level profitability, and understand long-term profit and loss trends.

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From $9 per month to $69 per month.

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • All Amazon Websites

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  • oscar

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    Spectacular software for sales / profit reporting

    What were the positives?

    Easy-to-understand, simple interface. These guys have only the essentials. Not like most apps on the market that have a bunch of features and you don't know where to click...

    I can instantly see the breakdown of all my key business metrics in a beautifully designed dashboard. They have the breakdown of costs and PPC vs organic sales – so I know how my business is doing. Everything is in real-time, and I don't need to keep track of anything myself.

    Easy export into Excel with one click.

    Also, they have a feature I haven't seen anywhere on the market: unit economics reporting. Now I can add new products to my pipeline and see their profitability BEFORE I make a commitment with my suppliers.

    Any negatives?

    Maybe an integration with other marketplaces would help...Sellerscale currently offers only Amazon, but the customer support promised me they'd have other integrations soon.


    Best accounting app on the market. Helps me keep track of my real-time profitability, sales, costs, revenues, and see whether my business is healthy. Other features (like P&L and overhead expenses) also help a lot.

    If you're experienced with Amazon or just starting out – it doesn't matter. You'll find something looking for either way.

    It's my go-to accounting tool and I constantly have it in front of me. I don't know how I lived and worked without it.

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