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ShippingEasy is an order, shipping management and inventory solution with extensive marketplace, webstore and carrier integrations.

Basic plan and above include access to USPS Commercial PLUS pricing. ShippingEasy Plus plan and above include the company's own Flat Rate Green parcel pricing.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • API
  • United States

Pricing & Trial

Free limited Starter plan available. Paid plans from $29 to $99 month.

Trial Length: 30 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • Bonanza
  • Etsy
  • Jane
  • Newegg
  • Marketplace
  • Storenvy
  • Wish
  • Solid Commerce
  • Stitch
  • Webgility
  • DHL
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • 3dcart
  • AmeriCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Ecwid
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PayPal
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Spree Commerce
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart
  • Yahoo Stores
  • QuickBooks

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  • gary

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Interface is horrible. Auto insurance settings don't work with PayPal, but it is your fault

    What were the positives?

    Really haven't liked it much from the start.

    Any negatives?

    Selected an auto insure option so that all packages over a certain value are insured automatically. Doesn't work on PayPal shipments, even though they approve PayPal as a store and gladly download orders from there. Funny thing that they don't tell you the auto insurance doesn't work. In other words they take your postage money, but their software is flawed to the point of costing you a loss on something you properly set the parameters to insure. Was basically told it was my problem.


    Interface is horrible. Poorly designed and difficult to navigate. Common options are hard to locate. Learning curve is much more than it should be.

  • CJ

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Ridiculous Company

    What were the positives?

    Many features on their website. No annual fee.

    Any negatives?

    Get ready to waste a LOT of time.


    To process your credit card FOR ALL NEW ACCOUNTS they need to verify your account over the phone (which I only found out after submitting a ticket). So I called the number and waited for over 30 minutes before giving up. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Ugh

    Overall rating

    Terrible communication cost me time and money

    One of their employees left and didn’t take us off of their premium plan. They are terrible!!! We are a bootstrapped startup and now shipping easy has taken hundreds of dollars from us. Poor communication and awful resolution. They won’t give us our money back! I have plans to dispute through my bank. This is the worst. An employee promised to follow through and now just because the employee left, shipping easy is not staying true to their word! They seem to like hurting small businesses.

    One of their employees left and didn’t take us off of their premium plan. They are terrible!!! We are a bootstrapped startup and now shipping easy has taken hundreds of dollars from us. Poor communication and awful resolution. They won’t give us our money back! I have plans to dispute through my bank. This is the worst. An employee promised to follow through and now just because the employee left, shipping easy is not staying true to their word! They seem to like hurting small businesses.

    1. Reply from ShippingEasy

      Thanks for taking the time to post your concerns, we're sorry to hear you had a difficult time getting started in the app. We were unable to find any specific information regarding this request, but if you have further concerns regarding your billing, we invite you to reach out to us directly at any time:


    Overall rating


    Stay away!! The worst shipping solution ever, not because of the company itself but because of the insurance co. (Shipsurance) they use (same thing at the end though). Out of thousands of packages we sent in a year, we did a claim on just 10. Even though they were justified, they paid only one for about $35. Even for small claims they ask you for ridiculous stuff (pictures, affidavits from customers, letters, more pictures, estimates for fixing/replacing items, and so) It is just not worth it. The time you have to spend gathering information, sending emails and documentation back and forth is obscene, they just do it so you get tired of following up on your claim. They use all kind of excuses for not paying; To me, Shipsurance is just a way to skim money from customers and ShippingEasy is the channel. They don't even let you use the shipper's insurance company, like ShipStation does.

    1. Reply from ShippingEasy


      We're very sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with our Shipsurance partner. We usually hear great feedback about their service and response times, which is one of the reasons we chose to partner with them. Unfortunately, as with most insurance claims, shipping related or not, extensive information is usually required for a thorough evaluation of the facts. From our experience, Shipsurance prefers to obtain as much information as possible before making any claims decisions. This is to ensure that not only are you fully represented in the decision making process, but also so a fair decision can be reached. That being said, we are happy to assist with the Shipsurance claims process and any problems our customers might encounter along the way. We can assure you that Shipsurance is not in the business of accepting insurance fees without providing legitimate coverage for your packages. While certainly helpful in many situations, ShippingEasy does not require the purchase of insurance from Shipsurance, and we can often recommend carrier services that include automatic insurance coverage like USPS Priority mail, as a viable alternative. We hope that you will reconsider our services in the future, and give us a chance to help you prepare for and navigate the shipping insurance landscape.

  • teddychan

    Overall rating

    too many bugs combined with indifferent customer service

    I only sell on eBay and my Yahoo website, averaging 200 packages per month. Bugs kept cropping up. Nothing major but very annoying. Finally a bug surfaced that ShippingEasy first refused to acknowledge as a bug -- not transferring the full address from my Yahoo orders they called a "missing feature" and said it would be on their "to do" list. Months later, still no progress and still called it a "missing feature." What a joke. I will be moving my business to a competitor in 2016.

    1. Reply from ShippingEasy

      We are so sorry your time with us was less than ideal. We can certainly understand how a failure to pull in the complete address for any order would be a considerable problem for any shipper, large or small. Our goal is to make your shipping process easier and to ensure your order details, including shipping addresses, not only sync to ShippingEasy, but if possible, are also updated when a change occurs within your store. While we did have an issue syncing company name information for Yahoo orders in March 2016, our developers were able to resolve that problem within just a couple days of the reporting. Since then we have had no other widely reported problems related to our Yahoo store integration.

      ShippingEasy strives to meet the needs of every shipper, including all of our Yahoo merchants. If you experience an issue we cannot solve immediately, we will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible, and provide a temporary solution in the meantime. We take shipping very seriously, and anytime our merchants are unable to ship their orders, is an opportunity for us to prove our commitment to you. We apologize for any misunderstanding there may have been about your problem on our part and would appreciate the chance to speak with you further about it, if you would consider reaching out to our support in the future.

  • Jax Music Supply

    Overall rating

    Not ready for prime time...

    With Shipworks being bought by (along with other shipping software services), and not being a fan of, I thought I'd try out another shipping service that works with Endicia's label server. Shipping Easy is one of Endicia's recommended partner and is pushed heavily on their website. I signed up for a free trial and scheduled a demo. They do have some nice features and the software appears to work well. Some nice stuff:

    1. Free Endicia account included. - this is appealing because I currently pay $34.99 for my Endicia Pro account that integrates with my mail consolidator (Globegistics - great service, checkout the review here on

    2. Integrates with all shipping services, provides an Express 1 discount service.

    3. Can set up a lot of different options and defaults. Very easy to administer.

    4. Scheduled training. Very thorough training and feature review. I was also handed off to another "expert" to assist with setting up the printer and then handed back to complete training, with minimal hold or disruption. After dealing with Shipworks "service" this was amazing. Having a scheduled time to work with them makes all the difference.

    5. Reporting is decent and can be scheduled.

    6. Flexible design options.

    The bad:

    1. You cannot print your invoices ahead of shipping. You must create postage first. You can print packing slips prior to shipping, which can be modified to an extent, but you can only print them on 8.5x11 sheet - no thermal labels (at least you cannot make them look good on thermal labels). This is huge if you include them in your orders - laster cartridges and paper are expensive.

    2. You cannot edit an order to add items within their system. For instance, I entered a manual order and found out the customer wanted to add an item. No can do, you have to start all over.

    3. Printing of individual packages is somewhat slow. I think this is a flaw of all shipping software providers that are cloud based. It is just not as efficient as a local based software.

    4. They make you enter package size on 1st class - it is not necessary. Minor but annoying none the less. You can speed this up by setting a default though.

    For me the big headache is the lack of support for printing packing slips and/or receipts on a thermal printer prior to postage. If you ship a myriad of orders with different items and weights, it just doesn't work to batch print. Being forced to batch print just results in a myriad of mistakes from wrong items being packed to incorrect weights. I had to actually ban employees (when I had them) to not batch print due to the accumulation of mistakes.

    I could only recommend Shipping Easy if you are not using a thermal printer or are ok with using a laser/ink jet for your invoices (on 8.5x11 paper). It also works really well if you are shipping lots of the same items over and over again. Small volume (less than 30 daily shipments) might be ok too. It jsut doesn't work for my needs.

    The system itself I would rate as 2 stars, as it is not designed for pro level sellers. It is almost as if the designers didn't really test it and have been modifying it slowly ever since.

    I will say their staff is first class. They truly listen and do want to help, but that is not enough to overcome the issues. This is why they got the 3rd star. The 3rd star is also deserved for the overall affordability. While it didn't fit our business model, this system could serve some folks well. I expect that in another 2 years, they will be a really first class system.

    1. Reply from ShippingEasy

      @Jax Music Supply

      Thank you for the feedback and valuable critique of our service. We are always concerned about our customers continued experience, and regret to hear yours was not completely satisfactory. As with many things, ShippingEasy is continually evolving to meet the needs of all our merchants, in an effort to create a pain free shipping environment. It is unfortunate that our system was not as robust as you would have preferred back in 2015, but I think you would be pleasantly surprised with amount of changes and features we have added since then.

      Not only can you print your packing slips/invoices prior to purchasing postage now, but we also provide multiple invoice templates for both 4x6 thermal labels, and 8.5x11 letter paper. In fact, our printing solutions have been upgraded to include ConnectEasy, a cloud based printing option that sends quality print jobs directly to your printers, thermal or otherwise. It provides easy printer and scale integration, and a simple one time set-up with immediate, and efficient results. A vast number of our merchants now print exclusively to thermal printers and they appreciate the speed at which they are able to obtain their 4x6 labels and invoices.

      Additionally our order editing options have been greatly improved for both manual or store synced orders, including the option to add as many line items as needed. You can also add custom fields or tags to your orders for the application of custom shipping rules, which typically help to automate and improve our merchants shipping process ten fold.

      We are sorry to hear you were unable to process your First Class orders without dimensions. Our system normally only requires you to add dimensions if the carrier service you have selected requires it. In fact, our system will normally not provide a rate until all requirements for the carrier service are met. It is possible you stumbled upon an isolated issue which we would have been happy to assist in getting corrected. We believe in removing obstacles to make the shipping process as painless as possible, adding them would certainly be detrimental to our merchants continued success.

      We hope you might stop by our site and take a few moments to check out our current suite of features when you have the time. Our additions and changes have been so significant that you may not even recognize the app from the version you used 2 years ago.

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