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Subivi is a CRM (helpdesk) that helps eBay sellers manage their customer support operation, without any need to open eBay or additional information sources.

Subivi has advanced automation tools and full eBay support features including returns and cases. It provides a single inbox for multiple eBay accounts, quick replies and pre-saved Templates, auto-translation, and a complete view of customer data.

PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
Customers SupportedWorldwide

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From $9 per month to $109 per month. 

Trial Length: 7 days

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eBay SitesAll eBay Websites

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2019-06-04 08:27:09

Subivi CRM has really driven growth in my eCommerce business

What where the positives?


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Using Subivi has really helped me up my game as a business. We have used it as a cross-selling and up-selling tool with fantastic results. With Subivi, we are able to automatically target customers for cross-sell. If, for example, someone buys a cellphone from us, I set an automated message 24 hours after the purchase has been placed, offering them a screen protector or cellphone case. In terms of up-selling, if a customer expresses an interest in a certain item, say a laptop, but doesn’t yet place an order, I set an automated message with some more expensive laptops or ‘packages’ which include related items like a laptop case. In more instances than not, we have been able to sell more in terms of quantity and price thanks to this feature.

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