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Volo collects data and intelligence from online and offline retail, and uses AI to provide real-time actionable insights.

Volo was established in 2006 to serve multichannel ecommerce businesses and has processed over $1.5 billion of trade since 2010. Customers include Superdry, Office, Dixons Carphone, ProCook and BMW.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

Pricing & Trial

SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Detailed pricing available on request.

Trial Length: Demo available

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites
  • City Link
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • Hermes
  • Interlink Express
  • Metapack
  • NetDespatch
  • Parcelforce
  • Parcelhub
  • Royal Mail
  • TNT Express
  • UKMail
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Yodel
  • Google Shopping
  • Authorize.Net
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • sage pay
  • Shopify
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage

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  • info368

    Overall rating

    So glad we did not go ahead with this service

    At the beginning it sounded like a dream. This was to be the ideal software that would catapult our business to stratospheric levels. Seriously, this ws the sort of bull that they spun.

    We thought the system sounded good and everything was progressing well with a negotiation, then they hit us with the price. You would have to be mad to agree to their terms. A massive monthly flat fee and an absolutely ridiculous monthly commission on top. They wanted this on our existing turnover as well. We couldn't believe it. Tell me, would you say one day - hey guys lets just throw away over 50k from our bottom line !! Neither would we.

    The sales team are very good and convincing, but once you get under their skin , cracks appear and on fully reviewing options and getting further details on the system it is not that simple to use. Yes it can work for certain businesses, but if you are a small to medium business I would not recommend this due to the outrageously high cost and teh length of time they expect you to spend on integration

    So, so, so glad we avoided going with them as we definitely dodged a bullet.

  • carshoez

    Overall rating

    Great option - making it work is the issue

    This company promises the world but doesn't deliver. 6 months in still not 100% live, and nothing but glitches and errors.
    Volo isn't 100% independent, rely on 3rd party companies to completely integrate to their system and one doesn't what the other is doing. Sites dont link correctly but gladly take your money first.
    Quickbook enterprise integration issues as well.
    7k, 6 months, and thousands to ten's of thousands in revenue lost.
    Honestly feel this is going to end in a legal situation.
    Please don't listen to the sales people, they're just there to make the sale and dont care about the integration.

  • mikerentz

    Overall rating

    Highly recommended

    What particularly impressed me was the level of support that was available from Volo during the implementation process. We never have a problem getting support from them, either via the telephone or through Volo Hub

    From my own experiences, I wouldn’t have a problem recommending Volo. It's certainly been a solution that has worked well for our business. If you're looking at being able to sell your products in a multichannel environment, so on your own website and on other third party shopping channels, I would certainly recommend it.

  • Julian Scott

    Overall rating

    Fast and Efficient

    We were founded in 2004 and came to Volo in 2010. We had been working with another company. They got taken over I think, the platform changed, and it didn't suit our business. It couldn’t do things that were critical to our business.

    “Once we moved over to Volo, the changeover was very quick. We did the import overnight, it just worked straight away. It was hugely impressive. Volo’s custom fields was a massive win for us. It enabled us to bring the data across from the other system much more easily. We could do bulk imports and create our own fields in Volo which the data mapped to. The upshot of all this was that we went live very quickly. I would never have believed the speed with which we switched and got proficient in the new system. It was incredible. The support through implementation helped a lot too. We had a good guy at Volo who was always on the phone when we needed him, and he helped us bang through the changeover really quickly.

  • Vendlab

    Overall rating

    Great backbone of for any ecommerce business

    Volo is a reliable platform which has been the backbone of our business for 10 years. We depend on it to run our business and on the whole it is stable and dependable. We sell on eBay on 7 countries and Amazon on 9 plus several other niche marketplaces which would be impossible to manage without it. Volo is also an all round system which cuts out the need for difficult and expensive integrations.

    Volo's support are a charming bunch and have the decency to laugh at my obvious hilarious jokes. What more could I ask for!

  • dudley

    Overall rating

    Great Team

    Our business started in 2010 and it was clear from the beginning that having strong systems in place to build the business was a critical need for success. The Volo system provided this and it has matured into a valuable set of tools for us. We could not run the business without it, and we would need to double our staff if we did not have it.

    As other reviewers have said, a particular strength of Volo is its people. We have excellent working relationships with them. We know they care and are a part of our team.

  • stuart968

    Overall rating

    Excellent Multi-channel tool

    Volo's platform has enabled us to go multi-channel and cross border without breaking the bank with capital outlay.

    The tool generates efficiency in the business whether through the order management side of things to dispatch and product loading.

    The support you receive this feels more like a business partner rather than a software vendor. They help you to get the best of their system for your business as every client is different

    It helps future proof as they take on the burden of keeping up to date with channels and couriers so that you don't constantly need to worry.

    And excellent tool to help your business grow.

  • Randomly Set

    Overall rating

    Excellent Software & Awesome Staff

    We have a huge stock range and we needed a proper system to list all of our stock. We worked with a managed service provider to shortlist 2 companies and we went with Volo. The Volo system was the better all-in-one system. It had more features and allowed us to handle everything, including the messages and emails, from one place.

    The Volo platform is very easy to use, it’s very intuitive. As I said, I like the fact that everything is in one place. That really simplifies things for us. Also, we see some real efficiencies in our in-house processes. We don’t have to open each order through eBay, and print it, that kind of thing.

    In regards to their customer service and support, well, that is spot on! Simply open a ticket and someone will get to you. Also, their account managers do a great job of keeping you up-to-date and informing you of best practices.

    All in all, a cracking piece of software backed up with awesome members of staff!

  • arnolg

    Overall rating

    The truth about Volo .... Review of Software (EsellerPro)

    Let me start by saying that non of these systems are perfect and we all should get used to that, it's just a case of finding a system that has the least number of problems that will affect your business and the way you run it.

    In the last 15 years online we have used a few of these marketplace systems, some good, some bad, some average, it's safe to say we are experienced in ecommerce, however we really hit a new low with VOLO. Suffering from a few constant niggles with our previous system we decided to take the plunge and move our business to a new level and opted for the "market leading" solution (their words .. haha). We were to find out this was the biggest and most expensive mistake in our history, we did move to a new level, lower .. a lot lower by the end of the nightmare.

    Volo: "Our approach to working with you works like this, listen, learn, challenge, advise."
    Perhaps should be re-written to: Listen, take, compensate, ignore,

    The Volo experience:

    Faceless corporate feel - if you have a problem you can always speak to the "Head of the Customer Success"
    Onboarding setting up nonsense that is spun out for weeks to justify the ridiculous development set up fees.
    You will likely be locked into a contract for at least a year.
    Endless long winded training courses to learn the most basic processes
    Probably the least intuitive system you could ever imagine.
    Some data fields are name differently in different locations - added confusion (but you can log into the definitions section in support for the key!)
    A system that we found to be generally unreliable
    Magento extension was very limited at best - appeared to be launched before it was tested properly
    Very limited purchase ordering system
    The re-pricer failed and helped us sell at postage plus margin, substantial losses
    Huge bills linked to a % your turnover - you work harder, they do the same, they get more.
    Features that do not work / or as expected and do not get fixed in a timely manner
    An elusive account manager - if available you may speak to every quarter, definitely not a selling point
    Support tickets left unsolved after 6 months, yes really.
    You get to know support very well, you have to ! - expect to write or respond to a ticket every day or so.
    You will waste a good part of your week on calls to support
    Almost all support tickets are "escalated" - must be to give them more time, plus it does look like they've done something
    Tickets are closed without being fully resolved, regularly.
    System runs on out-dated version of Java
    There are some redundant functions
    No web based version
    The whole design of the interface looks like it is from the 80's
    If you give notice on your term - your support ends that very day.
    You'll have such a struggle with this system you'll take your eye off your business and the bottom line will suffer.

    On the plus side:
    When the system fails, they may pay you compensation for your losses, three times for us ..

    Make sure you read the terms of the agreement if you are still silly enough to be taken in by the sign up

  • stoptheworld

    Overall rating

    Probably the best out there.....but

    Been using Volo/eSellerPro now for almost 10 years. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best platform out there, but there are some pitfalls.

    The actual platform runs on Java, so you do need a reasonable internet connection. Forget it if you are at the end of a 5km ADSL line that can barely get 1/2 meg connection. Works just fine on most "normal" (6mb+) adsl lines.

    Setup and config is a bit daunting, and be quite wary of importing existing listings from ebay - if you're selling just on ebay, Volo can just import all your existing listings, but you will have to review all of them at some point - e..g. the images are from ebay quality, you'll probably need to reload them, desriptions are useless, and you'll have to (probably) set up a whole bunch of item specifics you'll need to add back.

    Works fine with ebay, and their own webstore - however, the more channels you add, the more clicks/tabs and data you'll need to add - there isn't a "single page" mode for all the data.

    Inventory management is OK-ish, not as good as a WMS, but will allow locations / comingled locations / rotating pickface, but not any kind of pallet movement/replenishment - but will do picklists and doesn't lose stock! Something that NONE of other packages does anywhere near as well. If you need inventory management in the same package, you need Volo. 🙂

    It does drop shipping and purchasing, but can't comment, as I've never used any of these features.

    You don't need to be a nerd to do it all, but it does help - with all the tabs/options, it's something you are going to have to learn to get the most out of.

    The worst part (as some of the other comments you'll see) is the support/implementation team from volo - many of the original staff that actually know the product aren't there any more, and some of the "experts" know less than we do, nor do they fully understand the changes/fixes they make. You also aren't part of the roadmap (no matter what they say) - so you really do have no meaningful input into how the product is going, Without Chris F there (founder/CTO), I would be worried, as the support/implementations just aren't up to what you want. Be prepared for "fixes" that break things that used to work well then being "that's the way it works" from their "support". Unless you are a large player with clout, you're dragged along with what they want on the roadmap. As the team grows further, I'd expect it to be worse rather than better (just a personal view).:(

    eBay store design is good, and good value, but website design looks good, but if you need something that isn't "out of the can", be prepared to wait, and wait, then wait some more. Same goes for anything you need. A month timescale can easily be 4 months. COS royal mail shipping for example isn't really what you'd expect - yes it's integrated, but it's terrible compared to DMonline. Be very careful what you ask for with implementations. You're also going to have to "learn" on a live environment, as yet, I've never had access to any sandbox environment to try anything, which leaves you in the hands of the "specialists" who usually aren't that special. If I can say one thing, give us a sandbox where we can copy our live environment from to try things.:'(

    It's also "up" most of the time, you won't have that many outages in terms of server down time.:)

    Overall, if you are prepared to take the standard package with templates, and work with it, then you're not going to be disappointed. It'll do just about everything you need out of the box, without any additional systems, even generates invoices and can send accounts data to sage. You can get up and running quickly, but you will have to invest time into learning it to start to get the best out of it, and be prepared to do the investigation yourself, and you'll probably only use about 10% of the screens/tabs, ever, so you will need to learn it :O

    Would have been 5*, - support staff and implementations let it down.

  • Tal

    Overall rating

    One of the best systems available

    Have to say, its hands down one of the most best systems available. Selling on eBay and Amazon for many years now only become 10 times easier. Selling multiple products allowing super fast bulk updates and no waiting for eBay turbo lister makes life so much easier. With Volo, we are now able to search for ASINS for products that we didn't even considering adding to the amazon catalogue. I would strongly recommend this system to anyone who is wanting to improve online business.

  • Dejammey

    Overall rating

    Hands down the best system around.

    We have been in business for over 28 years and no other business has helped me succeed more than Volo has. I can tell you about how truly robust the Volo system is and how it saves us so much time with orders, market place listings, POs, and the day to day running of our business. But the truth is that the Volo staff and Volo Community Hub are the real back bone of the company. It always amazes me when I post a question on the Volo Hub how fast the Volo staff jumps to help me with an answer. I feel that I have gotten to know so many of the Volo staff on a personal level and how they truly care in seeing me succeed. My girlfriend gets jealous when I talk about how much I love the Volo staff.

    I am so thankful that we signed up with Volo and I 100% recommend you doing the same.

  • Chris Button

    Overall rating

    Revenues Tripled In Our Second Year Using Volo

    To begin my review of Volo I'd just like to say that in our many years using them in our business we have continued to grow and are constantly impressed with their system and also the new Volo vision platform. The system is very easy to use and didn't take me long to pick up at all.

    I use Volo daily in my role as a data developer at Aceparts in Kent. Selling car parts we have many different products that fit more than a single vehicle and have over 780,000 listings. Volo makes it easy for me to keep this many listings easy to manage and bulk edit at anytime as well as keeping an eye on sales at all times and adjusting prices accordingly.

    Whether it’s inventory, searching for parts, checking sales figures, or using the paragraph builder feature for creating listings I'm always using Volo. We have a very large volume of products and the Volo system makes it a lot easier for us to manage it all. For example, I can do listing price changes in bulk, perhaps across a brand or by percentage points, which is a massive time saver.

    The Volo platform helped us to triple revenue in the second year we started to use it so we highly recommend them and they also have great and friendly customer service.

  • 247online

    Overall rating

    Still love it

    We have been in business for over 11 years. Originally we used Marketworks which got bought out by Channeladvisor and ultimately they ended all support for Marketworks and pushed us onto the Channeladvisor software.

    Too American, not at all designed for the British market. Big, brash and unsupported sales techniques and we decided to look elsewhere.

    Around 5 years ago we joined Esellerpro. It was very different then to how it is now but I still believe its the best solution for us and any British multi channel online retailer.

    Its now rebranded as Volo. I'm sure I have probably been the biggest pain in the ass customer they have ever had but their support has been good. My business has changed and my requirements have changed. They work with me. Preferred it when I knew everyone that worked there and had a personal relationship with them all but hey, its a great software, of course it was going to grow and change.

    Always developing their software and its easy to customise to the way you need it to work for the way you run your business. We currently use the Ebay and Amazon feeds and 6 months ago we moved to a Magento website, which connects (not perfectly yet) with the Volo software

  • nickjones

    Overall rating

    A great solution

    3 years ago, we migrated from manually processing eBay orders, to having Volo handle all our eBay orders and inventory management. That year we turned over £320,000. We now turn over in excess of £1.2m with the help of Volo running all our back end processes seamlessly.
    A truly cross platform system that can synchronise stock between eBay and Amazon, and any other channels such as websites.
    It is expensive, but when you calculate time saved by using automation, and the ability to sell across several channels. It is worth every penny and don't forget that the price includes a great support package which can be hard to come by with other solutions out there.

    They also hold several free business classes and conferences throughout the year which can be really helpful. Your sales are tied to their commission so they really do want you to do well and it shows by their enthusiasm to help your business expand in to as many channels as possible.

  • JustSport-Jack

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service, Great Partner for buisness

    We have been a part of Volo now for 3 months, since then we have seen our sales figures increase dramatically and we have only just got started.

    With regards to the implementation, this was a smooth process, with great training then superb support from the implementer I was assigned. In the past I have had experience setting up and using different systems in the past, and this has been the best I have used by far. The training that Volo provide really gets you used to the system and gives you everything you need to get going. There's a lot of different tools and things to help the smooth running of our business, there's lots we have used but still stuff that we haven't but we will be using in the future.

    After the implementation phase you get assigned an account manager, who is always on hand to help you with problems and come up with ideas to help improve your business. And so far this has been excellent for us, only last week we had a massive problem that could of really affected our business for the long term (not our fault or Volo's but a selling platform that the name i will not mention) so I contacted my account manger and and they along with their manager done everything they could to help us, and because of their help the problem was resolved within a couple of days and everything has gone back to normal, with out that i would dread to think what would of happened to us.

    As mentioned I have only been a customer for 3 months but this is by far the best multi channel system I have used (I have used a few), not only is the system great but the service we receive to help us grow is superb. Volo have also started monthly workshops which I have attend, first one being Cross Border Trade, witch we all know can be a grey area, and they invited all different companies to talk on how they can help us reduce our cost and increase sales and improve our customer service. I got a lot out of that work shop, and think it's a great touch as it all FREE.

    Overall I would recommended Volo to any online company that's looking to succeed in the E-Commerce world, these are just not a Multi Channel System Provider, they are a Partner to your business, one thing I would say is don't get scared off by the monthly fee, and think you will get a good service from something that is cheaper, I made that mistake and it really put us a step back rather than forward.

  • john628

    Overall rating

    eSellerPro form a long term user perspective

    We actually took the decision to use a software solution very early on in 2006 when the business was around a year old. We had something like 100 SKU's and were already finding it hard to keep everything in synch, in stock and under control.

    There were only a couple of options then and they were basic compared with the powerful solutions now on the market.

    I often hear people commenting that these solutions are expensive and unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    We recently calculated that the solution we use - eSellerPro - saves us around 3 people in a 9 person company. If I thought about it more I could probably up that to 4 or 5 and I am not exaggerating.

    In September 2014 we shipped just under 20,000 items. Don't forget these items also had to be bought in the first place, booked in, stored and picked/packed.

    Just 9 of us.

    Why do I say it saves us so many people?

    No. I'm not on commission.

    There are of course the things you would expect it to do - it manages our stock across the channels we use ensuring we don't oversell. It gathers orders, payments etc. and presents us with a list of orders requiring dispatch. Of course it prints packing lists and communicates statuses to the channels themselves.

    But is also does things you might not immediately realise.

    The software works 24/7. It manages our stock ensuring we re-order before we run out and warning us if we have dead stock which needs to be sold. It helps us to speed up answering questions by presenting them to us linked to products and customer orders along with stock answers for commonly asked questions.

    Using clever algorithms it calculates our pricing and to make sure we continue to offer competitive pricing it can re-price items every two hours depending on our competitors pricing. If a supplier increases prices we can download a price file and within minutes the system has recalculated selling costs and updated listings. It is hard to imagine doing this manually.

    The system updates stock information from suppliers each morning ending listings where stock is no longer available and warns us if items are becoming low at the supplier.

    Accounts are a pain for most small businesses. Each day the system updates our accounts package with sales, VAT, cost of goods information making VAT returns and annual accounts a far less painful experience.

    Communications with customers. Yes it does this as well confirming orders, despatch and sending receipts.

    You have probably seen eBay Strike Through Pricing where you can see the crossed out RRP next to the selling price on the item listing. This and initiatives such as the Argos Click and Collect are often offered to Multi-Channel Software users before being rolled out to other sellers because the systems use the eBay API making these things easier to manage.

    Yes Multi Channel Software costs £££ and that can be hard to swallow for a small seller but remember if you plan on growing you will need a solution sooner or later and its far easier to do is sooner.

    My other piece of advice on the subject is to choose wisely. Its hard to and expensive to change providers later.

    Talk to users who have used the system for at least a year and find out if it is suitable for the channels you use.


    Overall rating

    How pinkcatshop Got Ahead in Giftware

    We started in 2006, but by 2009 it was clear we needed something to manage all the other places where we wanted to put our products. When it comes to online selling, you have to be able to manage the two key marketplaces, eBay and Amazon. It’s where all online shopping gravitates to and I don’t see that situation changing. People may window-shop on your website but then they might buy on Amazon for example. In the beginning we were quite green and went with a local outfit. They weren’t up to it and in fact later went into liquidation. We went to a trade show for ecommerce, met a lot of eSellerPro competitors and initially were quite close to signing with someone else. eSellerPro were conspicuous by their absence, and we thought they were like a secret society that only those ‘in the know’ were allowed to join!”

    We rely on eSellerPro entirely. Over the years we have grown to utterly embrace it. I like the way it has developed and continues to develop. It is a vast thing, an incredible piece of software that seems always to be pulling in new elements and new platforms. We only contact support when we have to, and we’re able to schedule phone conversations to clear things up rather than having to type and explain via chat. That helps us to keep moving forwards quickly.

    We’re all about finding different stuff, new stuff, being first out of the gate with it and providing the best possible customer service we can. eSellerPro helps us accelerate getting it out there and dealing with our customers efficiently.

  • 80doubledd

    Overall rating

    Outstanding Solution

    We have been using eSellerPro for a year now and are extremely impressed. It has helped us to automate and streamline many areas of our business, particularly the ability to list products and sync quantities over multiple channels, in our case Amazon, eBay and a stand alone website. There are many other areas where the software has helped us to increase efficiency. Also, the fact that it is a cloud based software allows any team member to work in any location, simultaneously in real time, which for us is a huge benefit.

    I checked out many multi-channel inventory solutions, and each comes with its own mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks. There is no perfect solution. But eSellerPro seems to have a very deep grasp of the e-commerce world, and takes it all very seriously. The customer service may have been lacking in the past, but I can say that from my experience they have revamped their technical support and any tickets that we open for any issues are answered and resolved usually same day, if not in a matter of hours.

    I believe some of the grievances on this site are with the set up process. Setting up the software is a bit of a daunting task. What do you expect? It's taking multiple channels and which have different styles and features, and varying business needs and products types etc. and puts them all together into one interface. It's an extremely complicated task and how they have managed to do it is nothing short of miraculous. It's an extremely impressive system. So setting up and learning how to use eSellerPro takes time, patience and dedication. There is huge amount of hours and work necessary to get up and running, because you are also transferring from your old system into a new system. There will be costs to transferring, but the payoff is huge. And they provide exceptional training programs and guidance. Sometimes we've had to be a bit pushy in the beginning to get our implementation finished, but pushiness is part of doing business, and these guys are busy so you need to make sure you get their attention.

    At the end of the day we haven't even taken advantage of many features eSP has to offer, and still we are benefiting immensely. I feel confident that we will use the software hopefully for many years to come, and they are constantly updating and improving the system. It seems that the people working at eSP are specialists with vast experience and are passionate about ecommerce.

    One thing I would not suggest is using eSP if you cannot function on UK time zone, at least half the day. I think its very important to be able to communicate with eSP support and account managers during their opening business hours, and they are in the UK, particularly during implementation phase. We were on Skype with our implementer many hours during the day, and training sessions are on UK time. Probably better to stick with a US solution like channel advisor until eSP sets up an office in the US, unless you fancy working in the middle of the night.

    It's not cheap, but for us was a great investment that is already paying off and hopefully will pay off a lot more as we grow our business.

  • Paullywally

    Overall rating

    Opened up a whole new world

    We set up with ESP on ebay's recommendation 2 years ago as we were about to take on a lot more work, we are happier now than we have ever been with the programme and we are now a top 3 techonology seller on ebay, it has opened up a lot of opportunities for us and although the response to support tickets issued can be painfully slow sometimes, with the help of our account manager we get things sorted. The scope to scale up within ESP means that I never need to worry about if the program can handle it or do what I want. I would recommend ESP to anyone that was a large enough seller to require a system like this.

  • Gridstop

    Overall rating

    The Best Around

    We moved from Channel Advisor to Esellerpro 4 years ago. We have never regretted the move for one minute. We now operate websites, as well as both eBay and Amazon sites in different countries, and everything that needs to be done, can be.
    The warehousing system is fantastic with both multi locations and multi item location within each warehouse (we use both). The integration into all channels is both simple and efficient, and the link into Sage means even the accountant is happy (not an easy feat).
    The support function is now excellent. Originally it was slow and frustrating but since about 2 years ago it changed to become slick and responsive, and customer issues are quickly resolved. Anything that live support cannot resolve is handed to a development team, who are straight onto it.
    I would also add that the account management function is excellent with ours assessing our account, and finding way to increase our sales. This has been much appreciated.
    Overall therefore I can only give it 5 starts. Would I think of switching elsewhere? No. I regularly check other offerings and in my view there is nothing to compare.

  • GreenSparkPlugCo

    Overall rating

    A Real Game Changer...

    We set up Eseller pro on a whim without any prior research. I have to say overall my experience has not been to say the least faultless (quiet often my error in hindsight) but with such a vast and intricate bit of kit covering so many areas of the business I must say I've really enjoyed the power and control it gives and highly recommended to anyone coming from a similar business model.

    This is our 4th year in eCommerce and we set up ESP in June 2011 with 4,000 products initially.
    The growth and control we now have with 45,000 listings only 2.5 years on has served me beyond my expectations - the business is moving forward and expanding and even still today we are finding ESP has already the ability to help by adding on already available services.

    The ability to add more products, control stock, amend listings, help with emails, error rates, problem customers, add new suppliers, telephone orders with virtual terminal, packing QC screens, automated purchase orders and opening up new channels has shown an increased revenue on average per month of 10k 2011, 40k 2012 to 85k 2013.
    The growth has been fantastic to say the least and has come with a lot of hard work as a one man team and learning within the software. Software training conference calls have been readily available and have helped me move forward.

    Some support can be a little slow but prioritizing the support with anything stated "Urgent or Critical" generally was sorted or responded to within an hour so I mustn't grumble and once I was understood the procedure I knew which button to click when in trouble..

    Initially starting with one ebay shop we have since added channels in Amazon in 3 countries ebay in 5 countries over 2 ebay shops and 2 magento websites looking to grow to another 2 more within 6 months all controlled in the back end by ESP.
    We have gone from a 2 man team to a 8 man team all using ESP daily with different job roles successfully.
    All my listing were created with easy excel imports and vast amount of information / images can be imported in seconds.
    Our new site connected to ESP is just launched and working smoothly
    Thank you ESP!!! 🙂

  • sparko1978

    Overall rating

    eSellerPro - Avoid at all costs.


    Please note, for some reason I've had to select a star. there should be an option for a minus figure.

    I have held back from writing a review over the last couple of months in the hope that ESP could right all the wrongs they have managed to unfortunately achieve since we joined them in January 2013. As they continue to disappoint I have been left with no option.

    Let me make this clear, we have had almost 10 years experience using Marketworks and Channel Advisor so find ourselves very knowledgable of marketplace software systems.

    So let me summarise this in one sentence first. DO NOT LEAVE CHANNEL ADVISOR FOR eSELLERPRO.

    If you wish to learn why i make this bold statement then feel free to come back in a few months when I will add to this in great detail (a few reasons prevent me at the moment but as I have no confidence in ESP I know I will be back)

    Perhaps if we weren't confident in what we were doing then ESP could have got away with what they have done (or not done) but trust me, avoid eSellerpro. You really don't know what you are letting yourself in for.

  • CIRetailer

    Overall rating

    ESP has grown our business 3 fold in 2 years

    We joined up with ESP in 2011 after trying two other big name multi channel solutions and much research.

    This is the best solution for us, we sell across multiple platforms and have also got a web site solution all designed and hosted by ESP.

    Initial set up took a little time, but the support and training was superb with help at all points of the setup to it going live. We had a few teething issues which were resolved quickly.

    The system runs very smoothly and fast enough 99% of the time with the odd issue every now and again. These issues are always dealt with quickly. All systems have the odd issue which is no surprise due to the complexity of all the data being dealt with.

    Ongoing support is good, we have a very good account manager who looks after us, makes suggestions of improvements and informs us of up and coming changes etc. Training sessions are always available for a refresh if required or if we have a new member of staff that requires training.

    The pricing structure in my eyes also makes perfect sense. ESP take a small percentage of the sales we make, meaning that the more they can help us sell, the more they will get. It's in their interest to help us sell! So we both win. Companies that offer free or low costs solutions normally means the support is rubbish as they can't afford to employ enough staff. ESP does the job of 3 people so is a small price to pay in comparison.

    In conclusion, ESP is not perfect (hence 4 stars) but is about the best solution available in my opinion! I would recommend to anybody (well maybe not to our competition!)

  • cookster999

    Overall rating

    Helped our business grow

    We have been with eSellerPro since March 2011 and it has helped our business grow and grow.

    The implementation didn't take long and we were able to get up and running fairly quickly. After a terrible experience with Monsoon, this was a breath of fresh-air.

    We have had a dedicated account manager since day one, and our current one is excellent and always does what he can to help us should we need anything. He is busines savvy too, so he understands when we need ESP to implement something that keep our business moving forward.

    The system isn't ever going to perfect for everyone, but we find it easy to use and we have 7 staff members who use it daily at the same time, without any issue. Having ESP has been like hiring more staff, as it automates so much for us, saving us lots of time and in turn money.

    I am sorry to hear that one of the reviewers had a bad experience, we recommend ESP to other sellers and hope that we can continue growing our business with their help.

  • cadguru

    Overall rating

    Empowers a small business

    We have been an eSeller client for 3 years and did a lot of research and demos of alternatives before taking the plunge. As a small specialist mail order company we had enjoyed fantastic growth online from our established websites but were playing catchup with our competitors with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. We needed something to help us push into these markets while maintaining good customer service.

    As i am sure many of you will appreciate when you run a small mail order company the staff have to be very flexible and wear many hats. This combined with juggling various admin control panels, stock inventory and phone calls can make for a very stressful office & warehouse environment! eSellerpro has a steep learning curve and is pretty vast in terms of control panels and settings. However once the training is complete and you get to grips with the system, the power it provides in one single application, in my opinion is top class.

    The only real negative i have that drops one star in my review is the older Java requirement may cause some larger I.T newtwork admins some security issues and also a strong internet connection is required (one of our offices had 2meg which is painful). Page loads can also be a little bit laggy in heavier areas of the system, but nothing to really be a deal breaker.

    We had previously used MNP OrderActive Mail order software and our own OScommerce powered websites. It was a big decision to drop these and move across.

    The pricing is not cheap and many will gasp at giving away sales margin, however if you do the maths and look at what you are currently paying for decent server hosting, support, web development and various other web marketing costs, it actually starts to make more sense. That combined with the fact it does the work of at least 2 people in the office...

    In my opinion , if you have the commitment to throw everything into one system and rely on it to run your business completely, you will not be disappointed. It does take a leap of faith and will take some getting used to, but once running smoothly you will be slick, efficient and seamless. You can relax and focus on what matters to all of us - selling more products and making money. 🙂

    We use eSeller support regularly when we make changes to the system , add more websites or require some unusual customisations and always get a pretty decent response time either via ticket, live chat or Skype.

    I would recommend to any retailer who is not afraid to dig in and undergo the (fairly extensive) training and needs something to help give them the edge in an increasingly demanding and tough ecommerce industry,

  • siren

    Overall rating

    Revolutionised our business

    Selling such a vast inventory on so many sales channels would not be possible without e Seller Pro. It integrates beautifully with eBay, Amazon and our own website, allowing us to manage our inventory seamlessly across these essential platforms.

    e Seller Pro also revolutionised our despatch processes, allowing for inclusion of multiple couriers and very intricate courier profiling, saving countless valuable man-hours in the process. The system is so easy to use, and our entire team uses the system with confidence and justified assurance.

    Support is generally very good. Although some tickets can take a while to reach resolution, I have been delighted with the friendly and knowledgeable tech team who are very well informed and ready to assist via live support chat.

    I would most definitely recommend this ecommerce software to any serious on-line seller who wants and an efficient and professional system.

  • kamal

    Overall rating

    Avoid at all costs

    We signed up for this system in Oct 2012, told it will take around 2-3 weeks to get the system implemented and ready for use. We are now mid March 2013 and we are still waiting for the system to be implemented. 5 Months and we are still chasing them to find out when this will be completed.

    They stopped answering phone calls, refused to complete the implementation, contacted the Accounts department who were very disrespectful, then they brought in an account manager to fill us out with excuses and buy themselves more time. He took the issue over a month ago, we agreed targets and due dates but these dates meant obviously nothing to them and nothing has been done to our system to complete this implementation since. He even stopped answering phone calls and hardly replying to my emails.

    Support ticket system, again no replies for any tickets, high or low importance. So for the money you are paying you are not getting any support.

    The system is very slow, it takes anything between 3sec to 2mins to move from a page to another. When asked, they said oh you should not have to use this pages of the system!!! (they were inventory pages by the way)!

    Initially, asked us to add custom labels to all our ebay listings - we have thousands of them and we spent a huge amount of time to do it and had an email confirming that all was fine and inventory is now ready to use about 4 months ago - looked at the inventory and it was full of duplicated listings, with our without custom labels - even listing that have been deleted months ago were imported into the system - nothing was mapped and until today they have not fixed the issue!

    We have just had enough of this and passed all details to our legal assistant to deal with and get our money back as they refused to refund even though they admitted fault but wants to force us to wait and accept all these unreasonable delays.

    Also, it is too expensive, they request a min of £600 a month, plus percentage of your sale - it is a horrible system - you go through the training, and the trainer will mention at least a few fields that are mi-represented and named incorrectly - many redundant functions that are just their but no-one knows what they are!

    The experience I had with this guys is shocking so for anyone thinking of signing up for this system, my honest advice do NOT.

  • Onlineretail

    Overall rating

    Better than the competition

    We made the mistake of choosing 247 over esellerpro 2 years ago. Well after nearly losing the business completely due to the incompetence of 247 we have just integrated with esellerpro.
    Integration took a lot longer than expected and there are some bugs which have been annoying but the system is really amazing compared to the competition.
    I hope they can iron out the few issues we still have remaining as we have high hopes of streamlining our business with their system. It is in a different league to 247.

  • specialty

    Overall rating

    eSellerPro USA customer

    We signed with eSellerPro in June of 2012. Our previous provider was Infopia. We chose eSellerPro after we researched our options and considered them to be the best option for our needs. As a company we are looking to expand into Amazon UK and eBay UK, manage multiple warehouses, stock and shipping from one service and eSellerPro assured us they are the company that can make that work. As a company, eSellerPro is based in the UK and is actively expanding into the USA. We are writing this review to outline our experience so far with eSeller and point out pro’s and Con’s related to our experience with eSellerPro so far.

    As with Infopia, the pre-sale communication with eSellerPro was good and our sales representative was responsive and knowledgeable about the functionality and capabilities of the software. We ship UPS worldship12 and USPS through Endicia and use Quickbooks 2012 Enterprise for accounting.

    With Infopia we needed to use Thub as a third party shipping solution to process our orders and import however eSeller was confident that it could accommodate these internally.

    As a USA seller using eSellerPro, below are the issues we are having with integration

    CON - Support is on UK time, this is important to note as the only time we can communicate with our implementors directly is either in the middle of the night or the first hour of the business day (9am) pacific. Communication is good when we can connect. The prefered way of communication is through Skype and gotomeeting which is effective. A side note is that during the pre sale process we were promised an implementor that would be on our time schedule and available during our business hours. This hasn’t happened.

    CON - The software runs on Java and depending on your current Java version you may have to uninstall then reinstall a previous version of java for the software to run on your computer without issues.

    CON - The process to save or refresh the data on the screen is confusing and glitchy.

    CON - Inherent issues with time and weight due to being based in the UK. It is not immediately clear to the user what times to schedule listings for.

    CON & PRO - you have product details, listing templates, postage templates, auction templates, shipping profiles, currier profiles and other templates and profiles that work together to create and manage a product and the way its listed. It can be very confusing as to what template or profile should have what information. This is confusing to new users however I feel the ability to customize these fields in so many ways will eventually be a pro as soon as they are understood.
    PRO - The software can import your current listings and inventory directly from eBay saving time withh manual data entry.

    PRO - we have integrated the software with UPS worldship successfully
    CON - however we have issues with the software updating the marketplace with tracking numbers causing us to manually do this for every order by hand.

    Pro - The software is extremely customizable with importing, exporting any information
    Con - We need to manually export end of day shipments to CSV then manually import them into quickbooks, they do not integrate with quickbooks directly.

    If anyone has any question please ask and we will do our best to answer them.

    I will be adding updates to issues and other issues and observations as they arrise.

  • Cybercheckout

    Overall rating

    Without doubt the best around!

    Esellerpro has revolutionised the way we run our business. It is an all in one ecommerce system, but the difference we found between Esellerpro and the other options in the market, is simply the quality of the different functionality areas. Multi channel listing means quick and easy listing of our inventories, both domestically and internationally. The warehouse function has allowed us to operate with multi stock locations in more than one warehouse. The customer database part enables us to target our customers in a more precise and profitable manner than ever before.

    Our accountant loves the accounts integration into Sage and the reporting function offers reports of anything we wish, in any format we want. Overall the time and efficiency savings have been significant and allowed us to concentrate on developing our business. I think another strength of Esellerpro is its people. They are a very genuine team of people who have been keen to understand our business and help us to find ways to maximise our sales. Ian Jordan on support you are a star (just get yourself a girlfriend now). You can count me in the Esellerpro fan club!

  • markb

    Overall rating

    fantastic system, so close to becoming a major player

    where do i start,
    if your a multi ebay seller & amazon seller then this system is literally going to save you hours every day. with a bit of training and getting to know eseller, you can be selling your inventory across many shops without the fear of overselling. you can basically set up channel profiles so the system will remove from sale as and when stock levels reach a certain level, and then put back on sale when stock arrives back in.
    set up and implentation is fantastic, you will get plently of support in guiding you through the system and learning what does what.

    good points:
    eseller downloads ebay questions and you can respond in eseller (rather than keep logging into ebay for each seller). you can also save frequent replys.

    downloads the orders every 15mins from the channels.

    handles ebay disputes, feedback,

    give a nice snapshot of sales. whether you want to see today, yesterday, this week, this quarter etc. also a nice monthly summary which tracks yearly progress.

    downside of eseller
    development, unfortunetly we have been waiting some time for a few new dev items.

    all in all, eseller is a system which does ahell of a lot which many systems costings hundreds of thousands of pounds dont do. other systems may be slighlty stronger in 1 or 2 areas, but overall eseller would be a amazing system for all small to medium businesses wanting to focus on ebay & amazon

  • kdad

    Overall rating



  • Island-Online

    Overall rating

    Streamline massively efficient and I believe to be the best available

    I’ve been using eseller for 12 months it’s truly the best software available to a small/medium business.

    I’d used channel advisor for a short time before esellerpro and could hardly believe the difference it is astounding how far ahead the guys at esellerpro have taken the program.

    For me it controls 3 eBay users, 2 Amazon users, 1 play user and my website
    Benefits include aside the obvious efficiency saving from channeladvisor, integration DIRECTLY with carriers like royal mail, Stock control even to multiple sub sku’s, EBay disputes handling

    Just the best go for it choose this one, non of the rest compare.


  • ajraefields

    Overall rating

    eSeller Pro is the best

    I have been an Esp user for more then 2 years now, and just happened to be looking at auction software review and see here that no one has left a review lately.

    Here is my opinion: Reliable, Innovative, Nice, Quick to adapt to new eBay policy and code, Integrates all sorts of ecommerce in one place, Great Value. Bottom line, this program saves you time and money. It allows you to streamline to sell more and reduce overhead. You will be able to reduce your staff or stop working so much yourself if you take the time to correctly set up and use their program.

    What qualifies me to say this? I have been selling on the internet since 2001. I currently have more then 16,000 items for sale under 5 different eBay ids and one off eBay site. Collectively my ids have more then 34,000 positive feedbacks. I have used many programs like Make A Store, Andale, Vendio, Zoovy, Turbo Lister, Selling Manager Pro, Blackthorne, and have demoed Kyozo, channel advisor and Infopia. I have attended 2 eBay Live’s and have extensively questioned every software provider at each. (And no one asked me to post this, I just think they deserve some credit for a job well done)

    Most impressive thing about esp – Nice People, who believe in their product - I am from USA, it is so special to speak to people who are proud of their program and WANT it to work correctly and be the BEST, such a huge change from anything I have experienced with any other programs here in the USA. If there is a glitch is it fixed. Even minor ones. If there is a major issue, it’s corrected ASAP. There is no trouble contacting anyone, there is a wiki, online support, help ticket system, FAQs, and knowledgebase. If all else fails, someone will contact you via skype or phone.

    Some of my favorite features:
    Supports the new eBay Custom Item Specific function (I think they may be the only company who have implemented it at this point).
    Managing multiple eBay ids and the off eBay site through one system, all packaging and shipping is done together (and at the same time all documentation is specialized for each store)
    My Message module (they have a module which brings in all you’re my messages from each id into one place and allows you to answer them individually but offers a customizable standard answer system to answer repetitive questions).
    Automated reorder system (They actually have a set up which can fax or email your supplier when your stock is low with an order)

    The little things:
    Customizable flags to flag inventory items or questions in the my message system.
    Ability to combine and uncombined orders easily
    Ability to quickly process a refund, add back stock, eMail customer, and place eBay dispute all on one screen in one action.
    Ability to barcode invoices and stock items.
    Can copy orders and copy inventory items easily
    Can process quick overpaid shipping refund or process a credit card payment quickly in one step while just glancing at the order.

    I really think this is the best program out there. I probably take for granted at this point a million things which drove me nuts about other software, I wish I could think of all the things which used to concern me about a program which I no longer think about. I can’t stress enough that this program is about continuous improvement and I think that there is not one competitor out there who has a similar ethic about their program.

    My stores:

    The graphics were all done by me and my staff as a staff exercise (I run a sort of mentoring program with my business).
    Please note ESP has a fantastic graphics/web design arm, far superior to anything I have done on my sites.

  • abctoysandgames

    Overall rating

    A great Stock Management and complete listing solution

    This program is definately the best on the market. It has so many features and integrates fully , in real time, with Amazon, Ebay, your own website and more!

    It has a complete stock management system, from ordering from suppliers to sending goods out. It also has fully automated email systems. You can also deal with refunds, manual orders and add to orders, all with a few clicks of a mouse button.

    Amazon listing is a breeze, it connects to Amazon, so you can check the latest prices, find items without even having the ASIN or barcode (by item title) and also features a great automated price checking facility.

    The website is managed through the same console as ebay etc, so you only have to enter a description once. The designs for the website are great, as are the ebay listing templates.

    The only downsides are that it is slow to set up, the implementation help is limited and sometimes the staff can be hard to get hold of. But having said that, no other solution offers neary what esellerpro does, so these are niggles I can cope with and from what I have heard about other solutions, they all have these problems.


    Overall rating

    AVOID AVOID! Great first impression, but tiny staff totally unresponsive, software major glitches!

    I'll keep this brief and simple.

    1. Stay away from eSellerPro
    2. the concept of eSellerPro is a great one
    3. there is no instruction manual for the software or wiki or forum to look up how to do certain things
    4. their staff is tiny, disorganized, and they all work from home. this resulted in completely unaccountability for responding to my requests when the software would malfunction (happened all the time) or when features they had promised to install for me would not work or hadn't been installed at all.

    In essence, if eSellerPro did what it promised to do I'd be very happy, but my story is that it's been over 1.5 years and they have not successfully got me up and running even though I've spent over 60 hours on the phone to England with them.

    If I could shout from the rooftops I'd pound it into anyone's head to please save yourself the headaches. This product should be avoided at all costs. It looks good, the features it says it has sound great, etc. etc. but believe me as someone who has conversed with every one of their employees, seen the ups and downs of them trying to fix general problems with the software as well as my own particular requests, they will never have a fully functional product.

    The way it's coded and written and designed is completely inefficient, even tough at first it looks friendly and intuitive. The fact that it's online based means you have to wait a few seconds when you click on ANYTHING.

    Besides that, the main point is I started seeing serious glitches in the program and reporting them, and they would, over the course of several months, lose my reports 4 and 5 times. They of course have no customer support phone number. I had to beg them to call me which they only did on skype after a while. They would listen and nothing would get done.

    When I would instant message one of them on skype a month later asking about the unseen-to problem, they would ask me to fill out an online report. I'd say I've filled out 4 reports on this issue. They would ask me to fill out a new report referencing the 4 report numbers I had made previously. I tried to tell them it's not my job and I don't have time since I'm busy shipping out orders to go look up the reports that none of them acted on from months past just to remind them to go look at them again.

    It got to be so ridiculous, and I know I'm not the only one, that I eventually had to just give up. Due to glitches in eSellerPro regarding inventory SKU and quantity levels, Amazon cancelled my hard-worked-for Seller Central Account.

    eSellerPro mixed up SKU's and master/slave product relationships so that it told me to ship out the wrong product. I'd be shipping what it asked me to but the customer had visually seen something else during checkout.

    So now I'm banned from Amazon. It took me months to get that Seller Central account.

    Same story for eBay. Due to eSellerPro constantly selling products for which a quantity was 0, and having to call customers and tell them it was in fact out of stock and my software messed up, and eSellerPro never ever successfully fixing this problem which was reported 1.5 years ago, ebay permanently banned my account and I can not ever register for a new account.

    I've talked to the chief programmer and CEO of the company for hours and they are always nice and friendly and acting like they want to help, but I was literally stupefied at the lack of action and the fact that I'd remind them tens and tens and tens of times and nothing would get done. Nothing.

    What accounts for this they said is that their company got popular and they focused on sales and getting new clients rather than making clients happy. Their staff was too small to handle any sort of customer service.

    Please, please, I beg you, although none of the other ones are perfect, do NOT go with this one!

    If you wish to contact me post in the forum. I hate to have to write this but I don't want anyone to experience wh...

  • shop

    Overall rating

    esellerpro ebay designs

    i found the review very interesting. no one has picked up on that esellerpro have some of the best design services ive seen for ebay shops.

    their ecommerce solution is even better which far exceeds what anyone else can do.

  • jason1

    Overall rating

    eSellerPro, a fantastic piece of software which streamlines sales on multiple channels

    eSellerPro is one of the most impressive pieces of software i've ever come across. It allows you to streamline your sales in one admin across multiple channels. Not only do they have a great piece of software, but some of the best design work i've seen in ecommerce. They are so much better than any other multi channel software i've come across. If I was you, I'd book a demo with them or at least request some of their creative services. amazing!!

  • gabrielf

    Overall rating

    Very slow intigration

    I am running my e commerce business the 4th year now. 6 months ago i signed up to esellepro
    to streamline my sales process, however, they did not manage to get all basic features up and running even after 4 months. I paid 3000 usd for the integration, which i mean opinion is just a big rip
    off. At least they refunded me the money.

    They hole solution is online, I had very often the situation where the servers were down and
    i was not able to do my work.

    I can only everybody recommend to stay away from esellerpro.

  • Andy

    Overall rating

    Comprehensive solution for businesses selling on eBay and elsewhere

    *** UPDATE JULY 2007 ***

    eSellerPro now has its own integrated web storefront and can also work with osCommerce stores. It supports many UK and US couriers, and interacts with Sage and Quickbooks accounting packages.

    A library of standard email replies has been built-in and automatic email answering is in the pipeline. Purchase orders can be generated automatically and sent to suppliers via EDI or fax.

    Sandbourne's experience in back-end retail systems means there are powerful post-sales and stock control modules, and a separate order management solution should not be required, unlike some other e-Commerce systems.


    eSellerPro has comprehensive inventory, listing, order management, shipping and accounting modules. Multiple users are catered for, with configurable permissions for each main area of the program which the developers plan to extend. Consignment selling and a web storefront are included as standard parts of the application. Enterprise-level features such as PDA and barcode reader support for stock taking and warehouse integration are also present. Every part of the software appears to be well thought-out, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

    Installation of eSellerPro involves user training and configuration for the seller's own business and technology set-up, and can include bulk import of existing inventory data. More in-depth customization can be done at any time using the application's own scripting language.

    The application and database can be hosted by Sandbourne Systems, or in-house. As it is Java-based it can run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems and has the responsiveness, look and feel of a desktop application.

    Overall, eSellerPro is an impressive system that should suit a wide range of businesses. Ask them for a demo and see for yourself!


    This review is based on an online demo of eSellerPro.

  • direct4games

    Overall rating

    Outstanding software.........

    After using Turbo Lister, Marketworks and demanding more we discovered eSeller Pro. The problem we had was that Direct4Games being the largest stockists of video games in the world needed a complete stock, sales, and accounts package all in one system. We can now book stock in with Barcodes with PDAs, and then the system can build Purchase Orders, Stock Control, and submit to various marketplaces, including our Ebay Shop, Amazon Market Place and our website. All stock movements are tracked - sales are controlled from initial listings through to packing notes, advice emails, and finally collecting all the data and posting to Sage. There is so much to say about eSeller Pro that there is no way we could ever explain its full features in this short review, but undoubtedly it is the best software that I have ever found! We would estimate that it has already saved us £50,000 in Sage data entry per year. We have 75,000 SKUs and will be increasing to well over 300,000 with the addition of DVDs and CDs to compliment our games business. eSeller Pro handles all that data, some individual SKUs having 20+ fields of data, textual, images and barcodes etc. It is integrated with Royal Mail and courier services - it makes the whole process automated - if it they keep adding additional features (as they do all the time), there may come the time that I really can relax on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific, and let eSeller Pro run my business! LOL. To sum up - it is an invaluable tool for any online, e-commerce business whether it is starting on eBay, or expanding right through to thousands of SKUs, with multiple data fields. Advice is check it out sooner than later! Well done to the eSeller Pro Team!

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