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Xpress Lister is a tool to create eBay listings from a simple spreadsheet upload. It is free to create new listings, and a Pro version adds listing management.

eBay listings can also be created from Amazon files without reformatting.

Products are auto-categorized, so there is no need to select categories one product at a time. All listings include automated image handling and a mobile responsive template.

The XpressGrid user interface can be used to manage a seller's whole catalog.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

XpressLister Lite is free. XpressLister Pro starts from $11 per month.

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites

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  • aleksandra.garyga

    Overall rating

    Very bad experience

    I am sorry to write this as I have been using Xpress Lister for some time and I was generally pretty happy with the software. However, it stopped working completely 3 weeks ago. Since then I am trying to figure out what happened. I informed Xpress Lister many times about the issue and the only reply that I am getting is: ''We are working on it, we will get back to you as soon as possible''. My revenue on eBay dropped dramatically, I lost thousands of EUR. No one informs me what is happening and I do not even know if anyone is trying to solve this issue. I do not get any updates, although I informed Xpress lister team that it is extremely urgent.

    To make matters worse they charged me twice for this month (I upgraded the plan in the meanwhile to check if that could be the reason of the issue and immediately return to the regular plan ( I had 4600 products handled by xpress lister out of 5000). I also wrote to them that I would like to do it, and of course there was no reaction. Now they charged me twice for the software that is NOT WORKING for the whole month and they do not want to refund the money.

    There is not phone number so no possibility to contact them directly.

    Very unprofessional and unreliable.

    They should be aware that if customers use their software they count on them and their assistance. Extremely disappointing!

  • Nc13emt

    Overall rating

    Has potential if a few improvements are made

    For someone who has put a lot of time into csv product templates due to working on Amazon and Walmart, it was nice to find a similar interface for eBay. Frankly our listings have been neglected for some time due to the immense amount of time it took to manage and create listings versus Amazon. With just a few minutes of re-mapping I was able to upload hundreds of listings from our standard csv file. There are some bugs in the system that need to be worked out, and the multi-variant listing templates could be better explained and easier to implement from an Amazon or Walmart template. I did not open a ticket for these issues because I did not see a way to speak with a tech by phone, and didn’t want to go the written route. If they tweak their software a bit, fix the bugs, and improve their support documentation they would have a 5 Star software.

  • Cornerstone Computers

    Overall rating

    Biggest Pile of Crap Going

    Slow, clunky. Easily makes mistakes even if you are positive you didn't make any.

    I'd only just opened a basic store on a two month free offer, got my items increased to 250. Great, I'll upload my CSV file to Xpress lister.

    When I'd finished uploading it went and automatically changed one products quantity available to 195 instead of the usual 1 so I can change it manually. This was updated on eBay without any intervention from me, it also got the price wrong.

    Before I could end the item on eBay someone bought it at the lower price meaning that when I did end the item, those 194 listings were not put back onto my quota.

    Way to go, I miss out on a free months subscription and I lose money on the sale.

    Account closed, I'll use something else. Biggest waste of time ever in my life.

  • StephenGP

    Overall rating


    This product is way too hard to navigate. How the hell do you know what a "code" is? Where can you add a decent-sized description? Turbo Lister was far easier to navigate (and use). I have around 170 items to list and I am now going to have to do them one-by-one. Thanks Ebay!! If there any other popular auction sites, I would be using them. This product is way too hard to navigate. How the hell do you know what a "code" is? Where can you add a decent-sized description? Turbo Lister was far easier to navigate (and use). I have around 170 items to list and I am now going to have to do them one-by-one. Thanks Ebay!! If there any other popular auction sites, I would be using them.

  • readysteadybuy

    Overall rating

    Great program

    I have been using Xpress Lister for 12 months after trying another program. Xpress Lister is simple to learn and has reduced my time spent on my eBay Store. My listings look great and loading new products takes less than 5 minutes.
    My sales have increased since using the program and I can only put this down to the way our products are presented in the Template.

    I have 400 Listings with stock levels changing daily. I use the csv file upload function to adjust stock and it takes 5 minutes to prepare the sheet and send it to eBay. It has a file export function which allows me to save the downloads for history reports and analysis as well as keeping listing content and format for possible future use if an ended product comes back in demand.

    Most of the functions like pricing, stock levels, titles, policies can be edited in bulk by selecting products with a simple check box.

    If an item reaches zero stock it takes the listing off line and holds sales history so we never lose a listing description, images or sales reviews.

    The Xpress Lister Grid allows for filtering by and searching for specific listing features , price, name, SKU etc. You can find a single product in seconds.

    You can add or remove columns from the grid so it is never cluttered with columns you don't need to see all the time.

    We have a large amount of images and several are large megabytes for our products and there does not seem to be a limit on what we can load. Our images are on hard drive so they are uploaded to a server I imagine.

    At $29 USD per month my first 2 sales covers the cost and I save countless hours working on the clunky eBay platform.

    I looked at one other program before deciding on Xpress Lister but I found this one to be the most effective and simplest to use.


  • peter3

    Overall rating

    Best eBay listing and Management Program in the Market

    We build eBay Stores for Clients and we use Xpress Lister for several reasons. We have tried a couple of other software programs but by far Xpress Lister is the best. I have set up Clients with only 20 products and Clients with 60,000 products and all of them have found Xpress Lister a powerful program.

    Easy to use with an intuitive user interface. If you know the basics of excel you will find it simple but more importantly to me if you have advanced excel skills you can manage and edit thousands of listings with this program in a matter of minutes.

    It is a user pays fee structure so the more products you list the more you pay. There is a free level but for the small amount for monthly subscription by comparison to what it can do It is great value.

    After completing a Store set up the Xpress Lister program provides a wide range of management functions including Inventory Control, bulk edit of Policies including refunds, postage and listing times. Percentage and Dollar amount Price adjustments for 60,000 products can be done in 5 seconds with the select all and adjustment function.

    Images are enhanced to suit eBay requirements and are loaded via simple drag and drop, select file or URL links.

    The template designed for eBay is clean and neat and provides your buyers with a user friendly buying experience.

    The customer service team are fast to respond and always helpful.

    Possibly the most important thing is that Codisto have continued to expand functions and improve the program from the day it was released.

    For Professional Sellers to semi serious Sellers, Xpress Lister is a great software product.
    Peter Cramer
    e Store Builders


    Overall rating

    Wasted so much time

    It's our fault for not reading all the instructions, BUT why would a software enable such features?

    1. If you link, then un-link products, your listings will END and re-list as new listings.
    - Yes, you'll get charged if you max out your free monthly listings.
    - No, Ebay cannot help you since the error was due to a 3rd party.

    2. Any changes made directly on ebay will get revised back to the old information. Xpress Lister refreshes its data and does not take new edits into account.

    3. Inventory can be imported onto the Xpress Lister, but they don't make Mapping Categories mandatory. So, the inventory weight and dimensions were converted incorrectly into Shipstation, permanently.

    1. Reply from Codisto

      @vlee ----- SOFTWARE HAS BEEN UPDATED ----

      Whilst we don't agree that the software warrants a 1 star review, your comments were valuable feedback.

      Based on feedback from you and other sellers, the software has been updated to alleviate all the concerns you had. Specifically:

      Edits can now be made on Xpress Lister or eBay and changes are reflected in both.
      Unlinking is no longer possible such that listings end (you have to specifically end listings for them to end).
      Weights and dimensions convert correctly.

      We hope sellers interested in solving their eBay listing & management problems actually read beyond the star ratings and look for context and feedback because whilst it is far quicker and easier to interpret a star rating than it is to read reviews, they can misleading especially if they are out of date as in this case.

      We'd also point out that as with most review systems, they are heavily weighted towards negative review because there isn generally little incentive for users happy with a product to leave a positive review. There are over 1,000 Xpress Lister users (many gained before the software update). If the product was really rated as 1 star, that wouldn't be the case.

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