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Zentail is a commerce operations management (COM) system for Amazon sellers looking to accelerate growth and reduce their reliance on one channel.

Manage everything from purchasing to listing in one place, and get Zentail's multichannel tools included at no extra cost.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States
$1M in annual GMV


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Integrations & Compatibility

  • Jet
  • Deliverr
  • EasyPost
  • eBay Global Shipping
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • Rakuten SuperLogistics
  • ShipRush
  • ShipStation
  • Shipwire
  • SkuVault
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Google Shopping
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • NetSuite

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    Ease of Use

    Support is king with Zentail

    What were the positives?

    Support - always there, and always helpful
    Multi Channel listing options are quick
    Lots of Channels to connect with and list things quickly

    Any negatives?

    Listing errors - sometimes overwhelming to keep up with, or to know what they even mean
    There are some features that are still lacking - Drag and drop images is on of the biggest ones for me


    I would highly recommend Zentail based solely on the professionalism and the customer help. They keep getting better and better, and they listen to your needs. I could not have gotten things up on Walmart and Amazon without them.

  • gablevi79

    Overall rating

    Great multichannel online retail service

    I have been using Zentail for the last 4 years to sell on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Bigcommerce and Shopify. The interface is so easy that my old father from Poland was able to learn how to use zentail immediately.Every time I have any issue that comes up, I reach out to the Zentail team and someone gets back to me within one hour usually and solves my issue. The only downside is that it is quite expensive compared to other services. However having tried other online multichannel services (without naming any names), I have always come back to zentail for the great customer service and intuitive interface.

  • bergdh

    Overall rating

    e Commerce chaos made simple

    What were the positives?

    Zentail made it very easy to roll out over 8,000 SKU's to multiple marketplaces. We launched in under 6 weeks, even with having to create much of the product data in that time as well. It takes seconds to import new data through a very straight forward importing tool. No complicated spreadsheets or cryptic header rows.

    We are able to see in real time if we need to make adjustments to listings. We can make business decisions much faster based on sales velocity and profit margins.

    Any negatives?

    I can't pinpoint any one thing that was lacking. Zentail continues to innovate and add new features that keep making the product even better.


    As with any process there are always bumps in the road. Each time something came up the support team was always available and helpful in a timely manner.

  • martyallen77

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    Onboarding was simple when changing from our previous system--quick and easy transition. In the time I've been at my job, this is the 3rd system we've had and by far the best! It has been great for maintaining our inventory--overselling is no longer an issue.

    Any negatives?

    At this point, over a year in, I've not had any issues--everyone I've dealt with has been a huge help!


    The Zentail team has been a great help in the switch and staying with them. They are helpful when I have questions, if they don't have a solution or know an answer, they work to find the solution or make a solution. No other company I've worked with has gone above and beyond in the way these folks have. They truly are an awesome company that cares about their customers and their success!

  • Mark Schweigert

    Overall rating

    Dont sign up

    They did great services to us!! Enjoyed there platform and all the tools that go with it!

    They answered all questions! Daniel took time to call anytime we had an issues and I appreciated that!! As a business owner that is very important.

    Zentail has helped us grow as a company and we will continue to use them. Growing our business from the very start into its third full year!

    When you look for a company for multichannel tool this is the best company out there for that. They have all the tools in one system

  • dfoote

    Overall rating

    Excellent on-boarding, customization, and support

    After failing 2 previous times to implement an E-commerce Integration Platform, I have had extraordinary success with Zentail.

    1. They spent significant time working with us to learn our work flow.
    2. Our work flow was then seamlessly integrated into Zentail.
    3. The program has allowed us to use one platform to expand our listings into multiple selling platforms.

    We are impressed that Zentail doesn't seem to have too many bugs, and this is impressive considering the number of platforms, API's, and misc programs Zentail has to push and receive data from.

    Their integration team has worked very closely with us to ensure Zentail is working as promised.


    Going down this road is not for "the faint of heart". Your database of products and listings need clean data. Garbage in- garbage out.

    If you do your data homework before implementation- Zentail's staff and implementation team will help insure success. Be prepared to spend upfront time cleaning your database.

    The user interface is intuitive, and we have had a good experience training our staff.

    We have experienced minimal issues with Zentail's interface between our WMS, shipping, and seller platforms.

    Based upon our experience we highly endorse Zentail!

  • allen900

    Overall rating

    Zentail saved us much time, and Amar is the best support!

    Let me start off by saying Zentail is amazing for any digital retailer/brand that wants more control and clarity.

    With Zentail, we were able to onboard all of our items onto new marketplaces quickly. Furthermore, we're able to sync all of our inventory whether it's at our warehouse, amazon (or Deliverr for Walmart sellers). Lastly, I can quickly create custom bundles/kits that pulls from the original inventory without having to dedicate inventory space. Manage orders. Sync's with other applications. This list continues.

    The program is like any other program and sometimes we'll run into some coding issues. That's normal, but what impresses me is how fast Zentail addresses these issues.

    Their support is by far the best investment you can make. Amar from Zentail is a guru and I wouldn't have been able to quickly learn without him. We must've spent only 30-60 mins each week as I am very busy, but for those that are more enthusiastic, their support can dedicate more time.

    That said, it's like any program... there will be a learning curve. You gotta dedicate time to learning the system, terminology, how it operates, etc. Once you got that, everything is smooth sailing.

    I would highly recommend Zentail.


    Overall rating

    Pivotal Tool for MultiChannel Ecommerce Dominance

    What were the positives?

    They're a nible and fast iterating company that listens to our needs and responds with great features. With native connections to popular marketplaces as well as some up-and-comers, Zentail makes managing my 3000 sku inventory easy across mutliple marketplaces.

    Any negatives?

    The opportunities lie with our refurbished product line and compatibilities with Walmart primarily. All other channels are easy and I believe Walmart is more to blame for their incompatibilities.


    The support was good. Used to be a bit better, but as they are growing response time has slowed a bit. However, we are generally very happy with the speed and thoroughness of the responses.

    Image Microsystems

  • kristavintage

    Overall rating

    A great resource!

    What were the positives?

    I have previously been a customer at both Channel Advisor and Solid Commerce and we ultimately switched to Zentail. They are a younger company so I have found that it makes them more innovative and they are continually upgrading/improving their product. In addition, they are very responsive to issues / improvements and I can actually reach someone when I have a question or concern. Their integrations are robust with the channels and they work well. They were also extremely helpful to us with switching and integrating our data into their platform which also was superior to what we had experienced elsewhere.

    Any negatives?

    My only suggestion would be to keep innovating and adding new features. There are some features we lost compared to Channel Advisor, but the trade off with better customer service and integration functionality with some channels offsets this.


    Support is excellent. My prior experiences with other providers they didn't return my calls and I would get limited responses to help solve problems. That has definitely not been my experience at Zentail. In fact, they are frequently reaching out to me to check in and see how we are doing. It feels like they have a vested interest in our success / growth which is a stark contrast to my experiences elsewhere.

  • Abich001

    Overall rating

    Amazing solution!

    Zentail has been an amazing solution from the beginning. We began with them when they first launched and have seen nothing but improvements since. Flawless execution on all fronts. Easy-to-use, user-friendly.

    Customer support is readily available, and is US based. Can't wait to see how new developments shape the software.

    Personally for us we would like to see the PO module completed, FBA inbound shipments added, and the inventory forecasting module refined once those other modules are completed.

    As a stand-alone multi-channel listing solution it can't be beat by anything out there.

  • Medisouth

    Overall rating

    Take your sales to the next level!

    What were the positives?

    - It allowed us to expand our sales portfolio and grow quicker. We had second thoughts at the beginning but are so glad we chose them and stuck with them.

    Any negatives?

    - As a customer we are always going to complain however Zentail has helps us a lot! Much more than we would have accomplished especially in the amount of time!


    - They are always there to answer questions and help when needed. Hats off to them.

  • DHardware

    Overall rating

    Great Product

    After searching for a solution to listing our products on multiple sites we finally found one that works.. Zentail.. and the support and training are outstanding. Zentail also works for processing orders. We listed our products on Walmart, Bigcommerce,, and two different ebay stores. Our product information was imported from our FBA Amazon listings and then we were able to list the products to the other sales channels. If you are looking for a solid ecommerce solution for listing your products look no further.

  • masterpiecemedia210

    Overall rating

    We doubled online sales within 30 days of installing Zentail

    Zentail allows my clients, with the click of a few buttons, to post their products across many different eCommerce channels. What previously would take hours now has been shortened down to minutes. The best part is when a client recently installed the Zentail software, they saw their online sales double in 30 days. I am very impressed not only with the ease of use but the ease of getting up and running. The staff is awesome to work with. With a couple of conference webinars, we were fully installed across multiple sales channels. I did my research and found several options in the multi-channel market but kept coming back to Zentail. I am glad I did because it could not have worked out better.

    There aren't any cons about Zentail itself but just from the perspective of going from posting in each individual channel one at a time and monitoring your inventory one product and one channel at a time, going to a multi-channel solution will take some forethought and effort to get all your products that are posted across various channels posted into one location, Zentail. Each channel has its own way of doing things, so you have to be prepared to walk through making things uniform. Fortunately, the Zentail software is friendly to this and the on-boarding team is amazing at walking you through the steps.

  • rberman37

    Overall rating

    Great Software. Easy to use

    What were the positives?

    Zentail helps us seamless manage all of our multichannel stores. They have a robust software with a very easy to navigate UI.


    The support was responsive and very much in-tuned to the needs of their clients.

    Zentail management has many years of selling history under their belts, which I can clearly see goes directly into how they design their software and systems.
    As they are always looking to improve their software, I find that they are super responsive to feature requests.

  • renewabletech

    Overall rating

    Zentail for the win!

    Zentail is awesome!!! The product is helping us get more exposure on multiple ecommerce sites and the customer support could not be better.

    We were fortunate enough to have Daniel for the onboarding process and Amar and Jasmine have been great with addressing any questions we have. Great product and great customer support.

    Being able to list items to ebay, walmart, amazon, and our website from one location at the same time is great.

    Zentail for the win!!!

  • tom191

    Overall rating

    Perfect Multichannel Management Software

    What were the positives?

    In using other platforms we were continually running into roadblocks. Zentail has removed all of these for us. We spun our wheels for a year reviewing other products. They all did some of what we needed but only Zentail covered everything. From pushing listings, repricing, inventory management and reporting. And all of this on every channel we sell on. It is simple to use and works flawlessly.

    Any negatives?



    Couldn't be happier with the support. They got us up and running quickly. If there are questions they are answered to our satisfaction promptly. Most impressive is the willingness and responsiveness to any change requests. I would highly recommend Zentail!

  • dblack

    Overall rating

    Incredible multi-channel ecom software with a bright future.

    We have thousands of products across multiple channels and Zentail makes it incredibly easy to manage - from the initial listing of a product all the way to their performance reporting. The Customer Success team takes a genuine interest in your success and the Dev team constantly cranks out new features which is a necessity in a landscape that changes so rapidly. Both are thorough, attentive to detail and accessible. If you take (or are thinking of taking) your Ecommerce efforts seriously, go with Zentail.

  • naftali1885

    Overall rating

    Amazing customer service, very easy to use platform

    What were the positives?

    It helped us organize our inventory, and sell seamlessly on multiple channels

    Any negatives?



    The support was 1,000,000% excellent, quick response, very helpful, always tell us in advance whenever there is any issue we need to know about on any of the channels. Whenever I have a problem, I email people on the Zental team and I always hear from them on the same day. After they help me, they follow up to make sure everything is good.

  • sportify

    Overall rating

    Blown away!

    We are blown away by Zentail's platform to make multichannel online selling easy, especially their listing capabilities with smart-type technology. You can tell these guys were former ecomm retailers themselves as they have thought of everything. We were on a small platform which we quickly outgrew. And then we moved to one of the largest most expensive platforms but were bogged down by the unnecessary complexity of the system. But Zentail has solved all our problems and made everything simple. And our onboarding manager Michael was exceptional and held our hand through the entire process to make sure we didn't get lost along the way. Of all the different pieces of software we use daily to manage our ecomm business, Zentail is by far the most crucial to our success.


    Overall rating

    Zentail is great!!!

    Zentail is a great service and I would highly recommend them.

    They are extremely knowledgeable and do not have a "schedule" or treat you like a random customer. They are always there for you and take care of your needs.

    If there is anything you think they do not have, they are always there for you. Their system is easy to use and understand. It makes selling across a variety of marketplaces easier. In addition, they have established contacts at these marketplaces to help boost your business

  • mccombs

    Overall rating

    Multi Channel Selling Made Easy and Fun and Profitable

    What were the positives?

    Zentail strives to make our business run smoothly. They have helped us automate everything from inventory management to pricing to shipping.
    The newly launched analytics tool makes seeing my products profitability easy at a glance. Listing Items to All channels is a breeze with a click of a button. Set your prices and let the re pricer do its work. Zentail has helped my business grow to the next level.

    Any negatives?

    I have been a happy Zentail user for 2 years now. The one thing that could be better is the picture management. A cropping/contrast and picture mover would be a good addition to the platform.


    The support is second to none. The Zentail team addresses issues quickly and seamlessly.

  • Kthocken

    Overall rating

    I could not have made a better choice for a program.

    I could not have made a better choice for a program. I'll start by saying I looked at many programs. First, the support team is fantastic, seriously, the team is located in the US, knows their program, and they provide both great phone and chat support. Second, the software actually works. Yes, their software does what it say it will. Read the reviews for many of the other companies in this space and see what they say. I went with Zentail because I thought they could perform what they said they could. After some time using the software, they deliver on what they say. Third, the software is simple! Let me clarify that, the software is solving an extremely complex problem. They have created the system and interface to be very user friendly. They do not bog you down with information you don't need to see but give you what you need. Forth, Its a life saver for listing on multiple channels. Their listing system is simple. Add it to Zentail, push to all channels (and it works). Fifth, they are continuing to add new features. This is great. They are also receptive to feedback. In the time i've been using the software i've already had feedback i've left implemented into the software. Wow! In summary, get a demo from Zentail and let them show you what they can do.

  • bossbatt

    Overall rating

    Best experience yet!

    Multi-channel retailing at it's best. I will never go back to any other way other than using Zentail. I created my store once, and Zentail distributed my products onto Amazon, Ebay and My sales have increase 350%. Plus, their interface is better than my regular e-commerce content management system for my own store.

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