Top 6 Best Alternatives for DSers

With Oberlo gone from the Shopify platform and all accounts shut down as of June 15th 2022, dropshippers around the globe are scrambling for an alternative. Back in May, DSers announced that it had partnered with Oberlo on a speedy migration solution and would be Shopify’s recommended alternative. 

If you’re not sure of which one would work best for your business, don’t worry. Our list of the Top 7 DSers alternatives lays out key points that make these options potentially a better selection for your business objectives. 

But what if DSers isn’t the right alternative for your business? The news of Oberlo’s exit came as a surprise to many dropshippers. But you can rest easy knowing you have a lot of options outside of DSers. 

Oberlo is officially offline, so now is the time to weigh your options and figure out which supplier will best suit your dropshipping needs.

Top List of the Best Alternatives for DSers

Review the list below to find the best alternative dropshipping tools to DSers.

How Do We Rank Our Results?

We rank our results from a comparison of 50 to 100 high-ranking competitors within a specific niche and from a variety of software ranking services. 

Upon compiling the list, we sift through expert and user testimony to figure out the metadata and key product features consumers care about. We also bring in our own experts to test the products and provide insights regarding the UI, UX, and overall usability.

With expert reviews in hand, we compile Google trends, search intent data, website traffic trends, and data from Social Listening tools to rank each product and create a final score.

This list represents the best choices from a wide range of competitors within the dropshipping space. To recap, we’ve taken analysis from multiple third-party reviews, demoed the product ourselves, and had our own experts demo and review these dropshipping tools.

Each tool could be a potential dropshipping solution for your business based on its needs. But to be sure, always utilize a demo or free trial of any solution before deciding on an application. Don’t just take our word for it — no matter how good that word is.

Before we move on to the list, let’s review the basics of dropshipping so both experts and beginners are on the same page. It’ll help everyone to identify the potential best usage from this list of DSers alternatives.

What is Dropshipping?

Running a successful eCommerce business requires that you can store and keep track of products and fulfill orders in a streamlined process. Dropshipping is a popular eCommerce fulfillment model that allows you to sell products without having to keep it in stock at your own business or warehouse. 

This model allows businesses to purchase inventory from a manufacturer as the customers place orders and purchase the products from your eCommerce site. In this instance, you would never actually own or store the inventory. And instead, you’re a middle-person in the buying process that requires a smaller initial investment than a traditional model. 

Dropshipping through Shopify requires tools or applications that facilitate a connection between your site and the databases of suppliers from all around the world. AliExpress is the world’s most popular supplier. Because of this, many dropshipping applications — like DSers — feature their database. But you don’t have to work with AliExpress to be successful in this space.

There is a wide variety of product suppliers around the world. And this list of DSers alternatives will connect you with top-tier supply companies willing to work with your business.

Spocket: Best DSers Alternative For North American and UK-based Merchants

If you’re a merchant selling within North America and the UK, you may want to stick with a supply chain that’s a little closer to home. If that’s optimal for your business, then Spocket is the best choice from this list. 

The program is only five years old and has racked up over 60,000 subscribers. It’s a dropshipping platform that gives you a lot of sales platform options including Shopify, Ecwid, WooCommerce, Wix, and BigCommerce. However, its closest ties are with WooCommerce as the platform includes an integrated sales boosting module.

The tool connects you with over a thousand suppliers with 80% of their partners located in the US or Europe. The proximity provides quick delivery times that easily beat DSers and Oberlo for North America and the UK.

For automation, Spocket will update your inventory automatically, but when you look at the entire sales process, it’s really semi-automatic. You’ll need to be a little hands-on using the platform, but it has fully automated monitoring and repricing functions.

With $29.99/month for 25 unique products as their lowest pricing tier, there’s no denying Spocket is more expensive than other products on this list. But you know what you’re paying for when you sign up. It makes the list because it has a super selection of US and European supplies that enables local dropshippers to process orders quickly. 

Selling PlatformsSpocket connects with eight online selling platforms.Spocket doesn’t have the Shopify specialization features offered by DSers.
AutomationThe platform enables fully automated repricing and monitoring.It has semi-automatic inventory features.
Delivery timesProximity gives an advantage to US and UK-based sellers for delivery.Dropshippers who like to work in Asian markets need not apply.
Pricing plansYou have access to multiple payment tiers that come with a free trial and customer support.All pricing tiers are more expensive than their competitors.

Dropified: Best DSers Alternative for Platform Integration

One of the big perks of DSers is that it offers additional sales platforms outside of Shopify. But if you want wider platform integration and access to even more suppliers and tools, then Dropified could be a better option. 

Dropified offers integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, gearbubblePRO for sales platforms. And you also get the perks of additional supplier and marketplace integrations through Alibaba, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. 

You’ll also find a more robust list of suppliers on Dropified that compliments the wider range of features on the platform. In fact, you’ll need to take some time to learn how to fully utilize the platform. But when you understand how everything works, you probably won’t want to switch.

Dropified also adds value over DSers with its pricing plans. Their Free tier offers three stores with 4,000 product imports — you only get 3,000 with DSers — and taking a step up to their $17.99 per month plan gives you 10 stores and 20,000 product imports. Plus they offer discounts on annual rates. 

If you’re looking for more integrations and features, then Dropified is a solid choice over DSers. 

Selling PlatformsFive platform options plus Facebook Marketplace and eBay integrations gives you a lot of choices. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you use Wix. 
AutomationDropified offers a tracking system and automated price multiplier.Dropified is not the best in terms of automation features, but it has enough other features to make up for it.
Pricing plansYou’ll find more multiple pricing tiers on Dropified including a free tier. And paid tiers have both monthly and discounted annual rates. There aren’t really any cons when compared to DSers. Dropified is cheaper and offers more product imports in every tier.

AutoDS: Best DSers Alternative offering Fully Automated Features

If you’re an experienced dropshipper and are ready to update your stores to a fully-automated process, then AutoDS is worth your attention. It’s a hugely popular dropshipping application that boasts over 67,000 sellers and 10M products. The company has partnerships with suppliers from all over the world and works on Shopify, Wix, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. 

What AutoDS offers is all in its title. The ‘Auto’ aspect of AutoDS is the ability to fully control the automation settings on the platform. It works through both Amazon and AliExpress and allows merchants to set your system to auto-order and streamline your fulfillment process. DSers and most alternatives on this list don’t offer this feature.

AutoDS has a well-laid out interface and comes with a variety of helpful tools. You’re able to find high-ROI products, monitor site performance, and handle customer service all in one spot.

For pricing, AutoDS offers a standard three-tier pricing system that varies based on your selling platform. And you get more products and features when you jump up a tier. However, AutoDS also offers custom pricing packages based on the number of products you want to import. This makes scaling very easy.

Overall, this is a solid DSers alternative for advanced users who know how to use automated systems to their advantage.

Selling PlatformsYou can use AutoDS with Wix, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace and eBayWooCommerce and BigCommerce are popular and don’t integrate with AutoDS.
AutomationIt’s AutoDS’s primary selling point, so full-automation is definitely a pro.You’ll want to use full-automation features with caution as they’re for experienced dropshippers.
Pricing plansHaving that many pricing plans is a huge advantage for dropshippers looking to scale.Every tier has a fair price point and they offer tons of options. There’s nothing negative to say.

SaleHoo: Best DSers Alternative For Vetted Suppliers — and it has amazing customer service

We’ve scored SaleHoo as one of the top alternatives to DSers. And with 8,000 vetted suppliers, over two-and-a-half million products, and integration with multiple sales platforms, it’s a superb DSers alternative.

SaleHoo’s top selling point is that the company takes great effort in vetting and verifying their suppliers. Many suppliers can’t get through their process, and it’s definitely not a process followed by DSers. 

The platform has two dropshiping products — SaleHoo Dropship and Salehoo Directory — that you can use separately or in tandem. Directory is what gives you access to their suppliers list and marketing features. And Dropship provides automated dropshipping support, but only through Shopify. 

This is definitely a bang-for-your-buck platform for all of the features and vetted suppliers. Dropship costs $27/month for 500 products or you can upgrade to Premium for $97/month with unlimited products. Directory is $67 annually or $127 for a lifetime membership. If you know SaleHoo is for you, then just pay the lifetime rate.

Both DSers and SalesHoo offer one-click importing and integration with AliExpress and Shopify. But SalesHoo takes the advantage because of its vetting process and highly-rated customer service.

Selling PlatformsYou can work on multiple platforms through SaleHoo Directory.SaleHoo Dropship is Shopify exclusive.
AutomationThe Dropship tier offers a variety of automation tools.However, full-automation isn’t available on the platform.
Customer ServiceWith excellent availability and high rankings across the board, their customer service is top-tier.DSers also offers 24/7 live chat support, but SaleHoo is known to be more responsive. Regardless, nothing negative here.
Pricing plansSalesHoo offers affordable pricing tiers with annual payment discounts.At a meager 500 products the Basic tier truly fits the name.

Sellvia: Best DSers Alternative For Supplier Risk Reduction

US-based Sellvia is an excellent DSers alternative that can help you reduce the risk of issues with your supply chain. Since launch, the company has processed orders to over 250 million shoppers with a grand total of over 5.9 billion orders.

It’s possible to integrate the Sellvia application with WooCommerce or Shopify. However, a real perk of using Sellvia is that it offers a website building service that will take care of everything from layout to branding for your store. 

Sellvia has one of the best auto-ordering systems on the market, and it’s the key feature that we’ve highlighted in this section. The company has a giant warehouse located in Irvine, California where they store every item in their catalog. This gives you access to an unparalleled tracking system with on-site picking and shipping.

Another perk is that Sellvia handles fulfillment from start to finish and even offers no-label packaging on shipments. If you’re like most dropshippers, you probably want to keep the original labels off your packaging. 

The base app offers a 14-day trial and costs $39/month. But if you want access to tools that can help you build your online store, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro tier at $399 per year — also comes with a 14-day trial. Neither pricing tier is as good as DSers, but you’re paying for the security on your supply chain.

If you’re tired of hassling with suppliers overseas and want to fulfill every order on time, then Sellvia could be the DSers alternative for your business.

Selling PlatformsSellvia integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce.DSers and other platforms on this list offer integrations to a wider range of platforms.
AutomationThe platform has both spitfire fulfillment and shipping and offers auto order placement.There’s nothing negative to say. DSers has semi-automatic ordering.
FulfillmentSellvia guarantees discrete, fast shipping for North American customers.They fulfill from their warehouse in Irvine, so global shipping can add time and cost.
Pricing plansWith guarantees on supplies and limitless product importing, this is a low-cost application.The pricing plans limit you to the product line they have in their warehouse.

Importify: Best DSers Alternative with a User-friendly Interface

You may not have heard of Importify yet, but the dropshipper is increasing its customer base every day. Their platform integrates with Shopify, Wix, Jumpseller, and WooCommerce and provides access to over 30 top-tier suppliers.

Importify’s research capabilities can give you an enormous advantage over your competition as it comes with tons of filtering and spy features to help you find top products that ship quickly. Importing is easy on the platform and allows you to customize your product descriptions. 

The platform is only semi-automated, so you’ll need to confirm your orders with suppliers. But everything on the platform is intuitive and user-friendly, so it isn’t a tedious process.

The pricing for Importify is lower than many of the competitors on this list. But you’ll need to look closely at each tier to be sure it will fulfill your business needs. The Basic plan costs $14.95/month, but you can’t import from Amazon or AliExpress — which is a point for using DSers. The Premium tier doesn’t include the semi-automatic ordering features and jumps to $27.95/month. You’ll need to upgrade to the Gold plan at $37.95/month.

Importify is an easy-to-use platform that’s full of potential and worth consideration for any dropshipper. But serious dropshippers must sign up for the Gold plan to access the key features.

Selling PlatformsImportify offers a solid slate of sales platform integrations.DSers and some of the competition on this list offer more platform choices.
AutomationThe platform doesn’t run full-automation, but the interface makes running an online store easy.The features that make things easy are available through the most expensive pricing plan.
InterfaceThis platform is perfect for beginners with its ease-of-use.DSers has a learning curve, so there’s no disadvantage here.
Pricing plansEach pricing plan is straightforward and doesn’t have hidden fees.Again, you have to go with the Gold plan to get everything the platform has to offer.

How to Choose Dsers Alternatives

If you want to open an online retail store that breaks the mold and goes outside the traditional retail model, then dropshipping could be a viable option. It allows you to open a business with little startup costs, and you won’t have to worry about storing bulk amounts of products in your garage or storage space. 

Whether you are getting a dropshipping business off the ground or have an established company, there are specific traits to look for in a dropshipping application. You must be able to connect with a variety of suppliers who you can trust to fulfill your orders. And you’ll need superior dropshipping tools to ensure you keep your margins low and make a profit.

DSers is a great option, but there are a lot of things to consider before making them your dropshipping partner. When looking at alternatives be sure to consider things like:

  • Pricing plans
  • Quality of their products
  • Shipping times
  • Tracking and updates
  • Interface ease-of-use

What are the best Dropshipping tools for you?

Deciding on the best tools is relative to the needs of your business. Here’s how each of these top DSers alternatives could be advantageous for your business.

  • Spocket works well for US and UK-based sellers. Over 80% of Spocket’s supply partners operate from there and that will provide you with fast fulfillment and shipping. 
  • Dropified integrates with many seller platforms and offers both eBay and Facebook Marketplace integrations. This is a versatile platform that connects you with a variety of big-name suppliers like Walmart, Amazon, Alibaba, and AliExpress.
  • If you have experience in dropshipping, AutoDS could be a great option for you. It allows you to go fully-automated with your products which can help you to scale things quickly.
  • SaleHoo is great for Shopify users who use AliExpress — just like on DSers. But it also has a strong network of vetted suppliers, and the company has a solid record for top-notch customer service.
  • Many dropshippers have issues with suppliers. And while experienced dropshippers know how to maneuver and deal with issues, this isn’t always the case for everyone. Sellvia’s supply chain process significantly reduces the risk of supplier issues.
  • If you and your team are not as tech-savvy as you’d like, then Importify could be a great alternative to DSers. The interface is straightforward and easy for beginners to pick up.

Any of these dropshipping tools would be an excellent selection for your online store based on your needs.


With Oberlo offline, many dropshippers are taking the advice from Shopify to go to their preferred partner, DSers. But that may not be a viable option for your dropshipping business.

With this list of the top 7 DSers alternatives, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make a wise decision for your business. Before starting with a new dropshipping application, be sure to bookmark this page and review our list. And if possible, always make use of a free trial or free pricing tier. First-hand experience is always best when choosing which software to work with.


Why use a dropshipping automation tool?

For businesses only listing a few items, a dropshipping automation tool may not be necessary. You’ll just monitor the items you sell and order them as needed. But when you want to manage hundreds of thousands of products in a store, you’ll need something to keep things running smoothly.

All of the alternatives on this list offer automated dropshipping features to some degree. Some are fully automated, and others just semi-automated. It’s up to you to determine what you need for your business.

What is the best free DSers alternative?

Spocket and Sellvia both offer a free trial, but that doesn’t really answer the question. 

The top DSers alternatives on our list offer only paid subscription plans. However,  CJDropshipping and HyperSKU both have free-to-use platforms with no subscription fees. Instead, you pay based on your product orders. 

These two platforms could be viable DSers alternatives for established businesses, as that payment model is only cost-efficient for high-volume dropshippers.

What is the best DSers alternative for US sellers?

Spocket is the top recommendation from this list of DSers alternatives. But many of the other dropshipping applications on this list can connect you to US based suppliers who can get things to your US customers quickly..

What is the best DSers alternative for AliExpress?

To start, DSers is a trusted AliExpress partner with a direct integration, so they’re a great choice for Shopify users who deal with AliExpress. However, SaleHoo is the alternative you’d want to use from this list. The Salehoo Dropship tier has the same type of integration and allows one-click ordering between AliExpress and Shopify.

What is the best DSers alternative for WooCommerce?

Spocket and Syncee are the two best alternatives for WooCommerce from our list. Based on your location, you can determine which one of the two might be best for your needs. 

The other tools also work with WooCommerce, so be sure to look at all features before making a choice. 


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