$50 Free Credit to use on Freelancers and VAs

$50 Free Credit to use on Freelancers and VAs

FreeeUp connects ecommerce business owners with pre-vetted Amazon, ecommerce, Shopify and marketing freelance talent online.

FreeeUp vets thousands of freelancers each week then allows only the top 1% into the network.

Through the FreeeUp platform business owners can:

  • Create an account for free
  • Request the talent they need
  • Interview and hire freelancers
  • Manage all billing

In the rare case that a freelancer has to quit, FreeeUp will replace them immediately and cover any replacement costs.

What's the offer?

This week only, FreeeUp is offering a special $50 coupon code to the Web Retailer community.

Spend the credit with any freelancer, VA or agency on the FreeeUp network.

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