How To Diversify Your Amazon PPC Strategy and Dodge the Competition

Your Amazon PPC strategy needs more than keyword research. You need to understand buyers, create more ads, and create better ads. Here's how.

By Ritu Java

How to Build an Audience of Raving Fans for Your Amazon Brand

Get free Facebook traffic and build your own niche audience to launch a genuine Amazon brand and product that competitors can’t touch.

By Pilar Newman

Selling on Facebook Marketplace and Daily Deals for Retailers and Brands

Facebook finally has a marketplace where businesses can sell directly to consumers. Here’s how it works and how to get started selling.

By Daniel Sperling-Horowitz

Start Your Own Subscription Box Business: Your Questions Answered

We spoke with Sophie Howard about the subscription box business model, and answer the top questions about starting your own subscription business.

By Alex Knight

How to Make Amazon’s Customers Your Customers Using Facebook Ads

Anthony Lee explains step-by-step how to use Amazon buyer data to create targeted Facebook ad campaigns, and go direct to customers.

By Anthony Lee

How to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Business From Your Competitors

Travis Romine suggests ways to set your business apart and raise the barriers to entry, and make it harder for competitors to copy you.

By Travis Romine

Black Friday: Should I Follow the Sales Frenzy or Hold My Nerve?

Amazon want Keith to run Black Friday promotions. But will he benefit from taking part, or are Amazon just squeezing him to give lower prices?

By Matthew Ferguson

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive External Traffic to Your Listings

Alex Knight talks to Katie Palmer of etailz about the most effective way to generate external traffic and sales: working with “influencers”.

By Alex Knight

How do I Expand to Facebook, Instagram and my own Ecommerce Site?

Take your partner by the hand, and do-si-do your way through Matt’s advice on building sales using social media and blogging.

By Matthew Ferguson

So, You Got Funded on Kickstarter – Now What?

How to leverage a Kickstarter campaign using Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Launchpad, email marketing and Facebook.

By Ivelin Demirov

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