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Professional Logistics Services

The best thing about this company is that they allow integration with our ecommerce solution. In my opinion, this is a headache free solution, designed to speed-up deliveries and increase efficiency. I didn't really wanted to post this review because I am quite scared that many people will start ... more

Excellent customer support

They deliver an incredible customer support. I needed to get in touch with them at different hours during the day and they have always been very responsive. Furthermore, they have never failed when it came to offer me some good solutions to all kind of logistics related problems. The service itse... more


What was good about this product or service overall? My customers are happy so I'm happy to. Before signing with these guys, logistics was my worst nightmare, because I wasn't able to deliver on time and my customers were always angry. But, after I let floship manage my logistics, everything work... more

They did a good job

The best thing about this service is that they will completely take care about your logistics, letting you focus on other important parts of your business. For example, I now have time to keep up with my accountant and that's a an area where my input is definitely very important. Their website ... more

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Floship provides international ecommerce order fulfillment from Hong Kong.

Discounted bulk rates are available for a range of international carriers and shipping services. Floship manages the end-to-end delivery process.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (24 reviews)

Using them since 2013

When I started working with this company I had the feeling that I could find a cheaper order fulfillment service. But,... more

5 star service

These are the reasons for which I gave Floship a 5 star rating for their services: 1. The guys behind customer support... more

Floship Review

What I like most about this company is that they are always oriented towards providing customer satisfaction. We have ... more


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The Supplier Says

Global e-Fulfillment Logistics Made Simple from Hong Kong

* Outsourced fulfillment with no lengthy contracts, no hidden fees. Pay for only what you use and consume.
* Deliver goods worldwide from Hong Kong, just like how Apple does it. We manage end to end delivery.
* A full suite of courier rates attainable only by the largest enterprises.
* Discounted bulk rates for crowdfunding fulfillment projects.
* A total-solution for outsourced international fulfillment to all major markets. From the supplier's website
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Added 3 Aug 2016. Last updated 30 Sep 2016.
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