The World’s Top Online Marketplaces 2022

The global eCommerce market is expected to reach $5.5 trillion in 2022 and continue growing over the next few years, proving that online shopping has become an increasingly lucrative option for businesses across all sectors of industry.

It’s estimated that by 2025 world online shopping could exceed $7 trillion, and it will account for almost one quarter (23.6%) of all consumer spending on earth.

We are well acquainted with marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and Alibaba – the giants of online retail – but who are the rising stars? Who are the other big players around the world? Which are the best places to sell niche products?

In this post, we have compiled a definitive list of all the online marketplaces around the world, and we answer those questions and more.

We start with 151 marketplaces that have more than one million visits per month, then we look at the most popular product categories, followed by the best-served regions and countries. We include a detailed breakdown of the top four product categories – fashion, books, homewares, and electronics – and finally, take a look at the top marketplaces by country and region.

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What is an online marketplace?

There are two key features that define an online marketplace:

  • There are many sellers and buyers trading through the same website.
  • Buyers are able to purchase products without leaving the site (or app).

This excludes price comparison sites like Although they have products from many sellers, you cannot make a purchase without leaving the site. They are advertising channels rather than an online marketplace.

It also excludes sites where you sell used products directly to the company operating the site, such as decluttr and ubup. As you can only sell directly to the company, there is only one buyer. They are sourcing products from consumers to resell themselves (often through online marketplaces!)

For this article, we have focused on the type of marketplace website that meet two further criteria:

  • The buyers are mainly consumers, not businesses.
  • The marketplace sells physical products, not just digital downloads or services.

This means that marketplaces that only support business-to-business (B2B) trade, such as diamond trading site RapNet, are excluded. Marketplaces specializing in services such as freelancing website Upwork and also excluded.

In summary, we are looking at true online marketplaces where you can sell physical products to consumers.

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The world’s top online marketplaces

#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
3peopleShopeeSoutheast AsiaGeneral631.19M
6peoplecartWalmartNorth AmericaGeneral514.03M
7peopleMercado LibreLatin AmericaGeneral446.97M
8peopleEtsyGlobalArts, Crafts & Gifts397.5M
13peoplecartTargetUSA, AustraliaGeneral206.5M
20peoplecartLazadaSoutheast AsiaGeneral144.22M
21peoplecartWayfairNorth America, EuropeHomewares143.14M
22peopleMercariJapan, BulgariaGeneral139.52M
25peopleCoupangSouth KoreaGeneral86.7M
29peoplecartKauflandGermany, EuropeGeneral73.25M
32peoplecartCasas BahiaBrazilGeneral56.0M
34peoplecartOTTOGermany, NetherlandsGeneral53M
35peopleDiscogsGlobal / USAMusic50.0M
36peoplePoshmarkGlobal / USAFashion49.92M
40peoplecarteMAGEastern EuropeGeneral44.73M
45peoplecartKroger ShipUSAGeneral34.7M
47peoplePayPay MallJapanGeneral34.0M
50peopleStockXGlobal / USAFashion30.24M
52peoplecartDafitiLatin AmericaFashion29.01M
53peoplecartOverstockUSA, CanadaGeneral28.81M
55peoplecartLa RedouteGlobalGeneral27.11M
61peoplecartBarnes and NobleUSABooks22.2M
63peopleQoo10Southeast AsiaGeneral20.77M
65peopleTrade MeNew ZealandGeneral20.0M
66peopleReverbGlobalMusical instruments17.69M
67peoplecartBest Buy CanadaCanadaElectronics17.9M
68peoplecartnoonMiddle EastGeneral17.6M
71peopleQoo10 JapanJapanGeneral15.5M
76peopleLinioLatin AmericaGeneral13.94M
80peoplecartTakealot.comSouth AfricaGeneral12.74M
90peoplecartSearsUSA,Latin America, North AmericaGeneral10.56M
92peopleDesert CartMiddle East, GlobalGeneral9.66M
97peoplecartThe IconicAustralia, New ZealandFashion9.32M
98peoplecartSouqEgypt, SwedenGeneral9.32M
102peoplecartZaloraSoutheast AsiaFashion8.4M
105people1stdibsUSAArts, Crafts & Gifts7.0M
107peopleAukroCzech RepublicGeneral6.9M
109peoplecartPrivaliaBrazil, Mexico, Italy, SpainFashion6.17M
110peopleVestiaire CollectiveUSAFashion5.5M
114peoplecartePRICEItaly, GlobalGeneral4.69M
115peoplenotonthehighstreetUKArts, Crafts & Gifts4.1M
118peoplecartKongaNigeria, Russia,General3.88M
119peoplecartGaleries LafayetteFrance, Middle EastFashion3.56M
120peopleDelcampeGlobalCollectibles & Antiques3.5M
121peoplecartRue La LaUSAFashion3.4M
123peoplecartRue du CommerceFranceGeneral3.3M
130peopleeCRATERUSA, UK, AustraliaGeneral2.55M
142peopleRuby LaneUSA, AustraliaCollectibles & Antiques1.51M
146peoplebidorbuySouth AfricaGeneral1.5M
147peopleAlibrisUSA, UKBooks1.5M
148peoplecartmumzworldMiddle EastBaby1.3M
149peoplecartNature & DécouvertesFranceHomewares1.2M
151peopleModa OperandiGlobalFashion1.0M

Estimated monthly visits for July 2022, from SimilarWeb. Traffic to different domains for the same marketplace (e.g.,, etc.) has been combined.

Key: = marketplace and = retailer

It’s no surprise that Amazon and eBay top the list, with Amazon pulling in over five and a half billion visits per month and eBay getting almost 3 billion visitors each month. You can find the biggest sellers on these marketplaces in our articles on the world’s top Amazon sellers and the world’s top eBay sellers.

Only Amazon and eBay break the one billion visits mark, although Shopee, Mercado Libre, Rakuten, Walmart, and AliExpress aren’t too far behind, with around 500 million visits per month each.

Latin America’s Mercado Libre is seventh on the list, which may come as a surprise to many westerners who have never heard of them before. Mercado Libre is the biggest marketplace in Latin America. This is a world marketplace chosen by many companies that are looking to target Latin American markets.

Looking at the product categories, the top 20 market places overwhelmingly sell general merchandise, with only two specializing in a specific product category – Etsy and Zalando. 

Etsy is the largest of the non-general marketplaces, underscoring the popularity of handmade and craft items. It’s an incredibly strong niche, especially when you consider that competing marketplaces are trading in mass-produced products such as electronics and clothing.

In the top 20, there is a 40/60 split between marketplaces that are retailers themselves, and those that are only marketplaces. The best known retailer with their own marketplace is Amazon, where over 50% of sales are now made by marketplace sellers. But it also includes companies like Walmart,, and Target. 

These companies have added marketplaces to their existing retail websites, giving shoppers greater product choice and creating price competition between sellers.

When it comes to geographic regions, there is a diverse mix represented in the top 20 international marketplaces. Five are global brands (Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, AliExpress, Etsy), but there are also marketplaces from Latin America, China, North America, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe, all represented in the top 20.

It’s important to note that this list is ranked by estimated monthly website visits using SimilarWeb data. While GMV (gross merchandise value) would be an ideal measure of marketplace size, this is not reliably available for most online marketplaces. Traffic data provides a consistent measure of popularity that can be applied to all marketplaces worldwide.

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What has changed in 2022?

Marketplace closures included:

  • After 23 years of operation, the Chinese e-commerce website officially shuts down. Eachnet was once owned by the US online marketing powerhouse eBay.
  • Less than six months after its debut in India, the social commerce network Shopee is leaving the nation due to “global market uncertainty.” Shopee immediately became popular in India thanks to its broad selection of affordable items. The Shopee app is no longer available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Shopify, the leading eCommerce platform, is discontinuing Oberlo. Oberlo was Shopify’s dropshipping extension. Shopify is switching to a different dropshipping program created by DSers.
  • According to Facebook, its live shopping function will be discontinued on October 1 in favor of Reels. Facebook originally introduced live shopping in 2018 and has been experimenting with methods to make it more user-friendly and well-liked over the last few years.

There were also a number of high-profile brand and company changes:

  • H&M returned to China a year after it left the country over forced labor in Xinjiang. The H&M store is available on Tmall, an Alibaba-owned marketplace. 
  • Authentic Brands Group Inc. bought Ted Baker Plc. for around $254 million.
  • Amazon acquired iRobot for $1.65 billion. iRobot manufactures a popular Roomba vacuum cleaner. Most analysts believe Amazon wants to use Roomba to get better insights into how people live to push their Alexa smart home products. 
  • By October 15, WHP Global and Macy’s Inc. hope to have a Toys R Us store inside each Macy’s location. The stores will range in size from 1,000 square feet for “flagship” sites to 10,000 square feet for locations in multiple cities.
  • Amazon decided to shut down Selz, an e-commerce startup that helps entrepreneurs sell products online. Amazon acquired Selz last year.

Top product categories sold by online marketplaces

#Product CategoryMarketplaces (1)Visits/month
3Arts, Crafts & Gifts3408.6M
9Musical instruments117.69M
10Toys & Baby27.8M
11Collectibles & Antiques25.01M

1 – Includes only marketplaces with more than one million visits per month.

General marketplaces, where a very wide range of products are sold, are by far the most common type, comprising nearly 60% of all marketplaces and 18 out of the top 20.

Online marketplaces selling mainly fashion take the second spot, despite only being featured at number 18 in the main list, with Zalando. Compared to 2020, Zalando climbed to the number 18 spot from the 20th place by improving their overall traffic by more than 20%. 

The Arts, Crafts & Gifts category comes next, although this is mainly down to Etsy. Only two other marketplaces feature in this category – the UK’s notonthehighstreet and global site 1stdibs

Electronics, Homewares, and Books all ranked above Arts, Crafts & Gifts in previous years, but the explosive growth of Etsy starting in 2020 has moved the entire category with it.

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Fashion online marketplaces

5peoplePoshmarkGlobal / USA49.92M
8peopleStockXGlobal / USA30.24M
9peoplecartDafitiLatin America29.01M
18peoplecartThe IconicAustralia, New Zealand9.32M
19peoplecartZaloraSoutheast Asia8.4M
14peoplecartPrivaliaBrazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain6.17M
20peopleVestiaire CollectiveUSA5.5M
25peoplecartGaleries LafayetteFrance3.56M
22peoplecartRue La LaUSA3.4M
31peopleModa OperandiGlobal1.0M

Clothing and accessories are one of the most popular online marketplace niches. Zalando leads this category, followed by Vinted, ASOS, Myntra, Poshmark, ZOZOTOWN, Netshoes, and StockX, which all ranked in the top 50 biggest online marketplaces. 

Most fashion marketplaces are focused on customers in the USA, Europe, Latin America, or worldwide, but Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and Russia also feature. We looked into the best places to sell clothes online in a previous article.

Homewares online marketplaces

1peoplecartWayfairNorth America, Europe143.14M
7peoplecartNature & DécouvertesFrance1.2M

When it comes to homewares, Wayfair takes the top spot by a large margin. It gets three times the traffic of the second biggest homeware marketplace ManoMano. 

At #3 on the list, Houzz highlights another important trend in creating new online marketplaces, which is the community-driven marketplace. Houzz began as an online community about architecture and interior design, with tools to help users plan renovation and design projects. It later added an online marketplace website as well as retailing products itself using a dropshipping model.

Five out of the seven top homewares marketplaces are European. Although Wayfair’s websites in the US and Canada have the highest traffic, they also have a strong presence in Europe.

Electronics online marketplaces

2peoplecartBest Buy CanadaCanada17.9M

Electronics is perhaps a surprising product category for marketplaces to target, given that electronic goods are typically commodity products that are easily available and very price-sensitive.

However, for many of these marketplaces, the driver is video games rather than electronics in general. Newegg has its roots in PC components and systems for gaming, while is an online gaming marketplace, and GAME is a UK-based retailer selling video games, consoles, and accessories.

While electronics as a whole is a commoditized product category, video gaming is an area with a lot of innovation and enthusiastic communities.

Note that although is best known for digital products such as video game registration codes, it does also sell physical products, including merchandise and electronics, qualifying it for inclusion here.

Books online marketplaces

1peoplecartBarnes and NobleUSA22.2M
3peopleBiblio.comUSA, UK, AU, NZ1.8M
5peopleAlibrisUSA, UK1.5M

Books is perhaps an unlikely category for this list simply because it’s difficult to think of buying books online anywhere other than Amazon. For its first four years, Amazon sold nothing but books and marketed itself as “The world’s largest bookstore”. They have come to dominate book sales both online and offline.

So what is keeping online marketplaces selling books alive? There are two main trends:

  • Rare books (including antiques and collectibles, as well as out-of-print books)
  • Textbooks

Retailer Barnes and Nobles takes the top position in this category, closely followed by Amazon-owned AbeBooks. AbeBooks has global coverage, but the majority of the book marketplaces are focused on the US, with only Germany’s ZVAB targeting any other region (incidentally, ZVAB is AbeBook’s brand in Germany).

Note that textbook marketplaces and TextbooksRush do not feature here as they have under one million visits per month.

Community-driven online marketplaces

Marketplaces with a strong community-driven atmosphere feature several times in the smaller product categories. Examples include:

  • Reverb, for musical instruments and related equipment.
  • Bandcamp, for bands to sell music and merchandise.
  • BrickLink, specializing in collectible Lego.

These marketplaces work because they relate directly to hobbies and pastimes that people are passionate about and also meet a strong need to trade products that are collectible, esoteric, or simply hard to find.

Two product categories that are in some ways similar are:

  • Arts, Crafts & Gifts
  • Collectibles & Antiques

Etsy, and its much smaller competitors, also tend to have a community feel, although not quite to the extent of Reverb, Bandcamp and BrickLink mentioned above. These include notonthehighstreet and Folksy in the UK, and ArtFire and Ruby Lane in the US.

The release of Amazon Handmade in October 2015, for craftspeople to sell directly through Amazon, competes directly with Etsy, showing just how large this category is.

Top online marketplaces by country and region

#RegionMarketplaces (1)Visits/month
1North America485.54B
3East Asia152.51B
4Latin America181.53B
5Southeast Asia12837.04M
6Southern Asia9654.53M
7Middle East7470.97M
10Central Asia17.1M

1 – Includes only marketplaces with more than one million visits per month.

The top four regions

North American consumers generate the most traffic to online marketplaces, with 5.4 billion visits per month and 48 different marketplaces having one million or more visits each.

This is followed by Europe, which has the highest number of different marketplaces – 57 had over one million monthly visits and generated a total of over 3.8 billion visits from European shoppers.

Third in the table is East Asia, primarily China and Japan, with 2.5 billion visits, but a less diverse landscape with only 15 sites having more than one million visits each.

Fourth is Latin America, with 1.5 billion visits per month from 18 different online marketplaces.

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Smaller regions: emerging markets and Australasia

After these big four regions, which include most of the developed economies of the world, traffic levels drop substantially.

Southeast Asia and Southern Asia (primarily India) both have over 500 million visits to online marketplaces each month. The Middle East and Australasia fall into the 100 million to 500 million range. Africa has only 52 million visits to online marketplaces per month, and just six marketplaces breaking the one million visits mark.

Online marketplaces in emerging markets

In the developing world, marketplaces are often mobile-centric because consumers are less likely to own a desktop or laptop computer. In 2015, India’s Flipkart went so far as to shut down its mobile website and force users to download their app (although it later reversed this decision).

Ecommerce faces challenges in many developing countries due to low adoption of credit cards, slow internet access, and patchy delivery logistics. Despite that, online marketplaces are growing strongly in all regions, with Southeast Asia, India, and Russia leading the way.

Middle Eastern ecommerce is also building up momentum (front-runner Souq was acquired by Amazon) and is attracting interest from European online sellers. There are a growing number of affluent consumers there, a demand for western products, and the Middle East is geographically close to Europe.

United States

#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
3peoplecartWalmart.comNorth AmericaGeneral443.3M
5peopleEtsyGlobalArts, Crafts & Gifts397.5M
7peopleMercariJapan, USAGeneral138.4M
8peoplecartWayfairUSA, EuropeHomewares106.3M
12peoplecartKroger ShipUSAGeneral34.7M
18peoplecartBarnes and NobleUSABooks22.2M
19peoplecartNeweggUSA, CanadaElectronics20.02M
21peopleReverbGlobalMusical instruments17.6M
30people1stdibsGlobalArts, Crafts & Gifts7.0M
33peopleVestiaire CollectiveUSAFashion5.5M
34peoplecartRue La LaUSAFashion3.4M
37peopleDesert CartUSA, Middle EastGeneral3.05M
38peopleeCRATERUSA, UK, AustraliaGeneral2.2M
41peopleRuby LaneUSACollectibles & Antiques1.5M
42peopleAlibrisUSA, UKBooks1.4M

This table shows the most popular sites used by people based in the US. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from American customers.

Shoppers based in the US visited numerous different marketplaces – there were 42 with over one million monthly visits.

The US has a richer range of niche marketplaces than Europe, with 62% of US marketplaces focusing on specific product categories versus 40% in Europe. This is particularly apparent in the top ten, with homewares, music, and crafts all present. Further down the list, there are multiple websites specializing in fashion, books, homewares, music, and sports.

Amazon still dominates in the US, and we can see they received over two and a half billion monthly visits from American customers.

Also see Online Marketplaces in the USA: Amazon is Not The Only Show in Town.

United Kingdom

#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
4peoplecartWayfairNorth America, EuropeHomewares17.7M
8peoplenotonthehighstreetUKArts, Crafts & Gifts4.1M

This table shows the most popular sites used by consumers in the UK. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from British customers.

Shoppers in the UK favored 12 marketplaces, the majority of which are global sites. Amazon and eBay are in the top two positions. Amazon received more monthly traffic than the next ten marketplaces combined and is considered the “go-to” site for many British shoppers.

There are several different product categories reflected here – three fashion sites, one arts and crafts site, and two sites selling homewares. Perhaps this indicates that customers visit Amazon for most of their requirements, but when it comes to a particular niche that is not well-served by Amazon – such as fashion – they prefer a more specialized site.

Only three of the top marketplaces visited by British shoppers are mainly focused on the UK market – OnBuy, notonthehighstreet and GAME. The majority are global sites, with a few based in Europe.

Also see Online Marketplaces in the UK: Amazon and eBay Dominate.


#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month

This table shows the most popular sites used by Chinese consumers. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Chinese shoppers.

Chinese shoppers visit a variety of different marketplaces. All of them are Chinese companies. Regional giant Rakuten (Japan) and two Southeast Asian websites (Shopee and Lazada) along with eBay had a stronger presence in China in previous years when these companies surpassed one million visitors per month. 

All of the marketplaces visited by Chinese customers sell a variety of goods and so are categorized as “General”.

Also see Online Marketplaces in China: The Land of The Giants.


#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
3peopleMercariJapan, USAGeneral139.3M
5peoplePayPay MallJapanGeneral34.0M
6peopleQoo10 JapanJapanGeneral15.5M

This table shows the most popular sites used by people based in Japan. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Japanese customers.

Only six marketplaces are visited by more than one million Japanese shoppers per month – Amazon is top with 626 million visits, Rakuten has 512 million and Mercari has139 million.

Japan has a surprisingly narrow range of popular online marketplaces, despite being a developed economy and the third-largest by GMV globally.

Also see Online Marketplaces in Japan: Rakuten, Amazon and PayPay Mall.


#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month

This table shows the most popular sites used by people based in India. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Indian customers.

Amazon tops the list, with 2339 million monthly visits from Indian consumers. Walmart-owned Flipkart has 202 million visits per month.

The majority of these online marketplaces are Indian companies, and all but Pepperfry are pure-play online marketplaces without retail operations of their own in India. For foreign-owned companies such as Amazon, Indian regulations forbid them from selling online directly – they are only allowed to operate a marketplace.

Also see Online Marketplaces in India: Amazon and Walmart Evenly Matched.


#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
3peopleEtsyGlobalArts, Crafts & Gifts397.5M
16peoplecarteMAGEastern EuropeGeneral44.73M
20peoplecartLa RedouteFranceGeneral27.11M
22peoplecartWayfairNorth America, EuropeHomewares24.44M
35peopleAukroCzech RepublicGeneral6.9M
39peoplenotonthehighstreetUKArts, Crafts & Gifts4.1M
42peoplecartGaleries LafayetteFranceFashion3.51M
43peopleDelcampeGlobalCollectibles & Antiques3.5M
44peoplecartRue du CommerceFranceGeneral3.3M
56peoplecartNature & DécouvertesFranceHomewares1.2M

This table shows the most popular sites used by people based in Europe. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from European customers.

People across Europe use a huge range of different sites – there are 57 on our list.

Why do European customers use so many online marketplaces? It is likely because Europe consists of many developed economies with good transport, internet, and payments infrastructure, but also many different languages and cultural differences.

The most popular marketplace website in Europe is Amazon, with 1.07 billion monthly visits. eBay’s traffic is around half of this, with 534 million visits.

Etsy is the third most popular European marketplace, with 397 million visitors. Wildberries, a Russing marketplace, sits in fourth place with 279 million visitors. It will be interesting to see what happens to Russian marketplaces in the coming months because of the sanctions against Russia from almost all European countries. 

Fourteen of the top 20 marketplaces visited by European customers specifically target the region (or individual European countries), while the remainder are global sites.

70% of the top 20 marketplaces are categorized as General, selling a wide range of different products. Fashion marketplaces Zalando, Vinted, and ASOS feature in the top 20, as does the homewares store ManoMano, and crafts giant Etsy.

Also see Online Marketplaces in Europe: Dynamic, Diverse and Disjointed.

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Latin America

#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
1peopleMercado LibreLatin AmericaGeneral446.97M
4peopleShopeeSoutheast AsiaGeneral96M
6peoplecartCasas BahiaBrazilGeneral56.0M
9peoplecartDafitiLatin AmericaFashion29.01M
10peopleLinioLatin AmericaGeneral13.94M
16peoplecartPrivaliaBrazil, Mexico, Italy, SpainFashion5.99M
17peopleSearsUSA,Latin America, North AmericaGeneral4.72M

This table shows the most popular sites used by shoppers in Latin America. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Latin American customers.

The majority of Latin American traffic goes to 18 different marketplaces. Mercado Libre takes the top spot here, with AliExpress and Amazon taking second and third place. Submarino (owned by the same company as Americanas) features at number 14.

Latin American marketplaces are split between generalists and fashion retailers, which include Dafiti, Netshoes, Zattini, Privalia, and Kanui.

Ten marketplaces on this list focus on Brazil. Only four have a wider Latin American market, two are categorized as global, and one is Southeast Asian.

Also see Online Marketplaces in Latin America: Mercado Libre the Clear Leader.

Southeast Asia

#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
1peopleShopeeSoutheast AsiaGeneral445.2M
3peoplecartLazadaSoutheast AsiaGeneral142.1M
7peoplecartZaloraSoutheast AsiaFashion7.68M
11peopleQoo10Southeast AsiaGeneral2.93M

This table shows the most popular sites used by shoppers in Southeast Asia. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Southeast Asian customers.

The majority of Southeast Asian traffic goes to 12 different marketplaces. Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada dominate here, with Bukalapak in fourth place but receiving less than a quarter of the traffic of Lazada.

All but one of the Southeast Asian marketplaces are in the General category, with the only exception being fashion retailer Zalora.

The majority of the traffic from Southeast Asia goes to marketplaces targeting the region, but two are categorized as global, and one is focused mainly on China.

Also see Online Marketplaces in Southeast Asia: A Unique Region for Ecommerce.

Middle East

#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
6peoplecartnoonMiddle EastGeneral17.6M
7peopleDesert CartMiddle EastGeneral2.47M

This table shows the most popular sites used by shoppers in the Middle East. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Middle Eastern customers.

The majority of Middle Eastern traffic goes to only seven different marketplaces, four of which are Turkish sites, reflecting Turkey’s rapidly developing economy.

Trendyol, Hepsiburada, and Amazon are the three most popular marketplaces visited by shoppers in the Middle East, with 222 million, 97 million, and 88 million visits, respectively. Amazon surpassed n11, which was the third largest marketplace in the region in previous years. N11 sits in fourth place and receives 36 million visitors per month. 

All these marketplaces sell goods in the General category, and all but two (Amazon and noon) are pure marketplaces with no retail operations of their own.

Also see Online Marketplaces in the Middle East: It’s Only Just Getting Started.


#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
3peopleTrade MeNew ZealandGeneral20.0M
4peoplecartThe IconicAustraliaFashion9.32M
6peoplecartTarget.comUSA, AustraliaGeneral7.8M

This table shows the most popular sites used by shoppers in Australia and New Zealand. We have only included those with more than one million monthly visits from Australasian customers.

The majority of Australasian traffic goes to seven different marketplaces, with eBay and Amazon topping the list. This is the only place we see eBay’s traffic exceeding Amazon’s. But, Amazon is quickly closing the gap when it comes to monthly visitors. Amazon Australia only launched at the end of 2017, but quickly became an important player in the Australian market. 

Australia also has significant domestic marketplaces, The Iconic, and New Zealand has a homegrown eBay equivalent in Trade Me, dominating ecommerce in the country. US-based Target also featuresin the list the list with close to 8 million visits.

One marketplace is categorized as Fashion (The Iconic), and the remainder sell General goods.

Also see Online Marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand: eBay and Trade Me Lead.


#TypeNameRegion/CountryProduct CategoryVisits/month
2peoplecartTakealot.comSouth AfricaGeneral12.7M
3peoplecartSouqMiddle East, EgyptGeneral9.28M
6peoplebidorbuySouth AfricaGeneral1.5M

This table shows the most popular sites used by people based in Africa. For this table, we have included sites with more than 250 thousand monthly visits from African customers to reflect the developing nature of Africa’s infrastructure and economy.

Africa has probably the greatest challenges for ecommerce of all regions, with many countries and languages, low trust in online payments, and very variable logistics. 

Still, those factors are more consistent in the largest cities, and innovations such as paying by cash in local stores are helping to address these issues.

Africa-wide marketplace Jumia is first on the list, with 23.5 million visits per month. Next is South Africa’s with 12.7 million monthly visits, and then Souq with 9.3 million. Souq is now owned by Amazon but continues to operate in Egypt under its own brand. Amazon sits at fourth place with 9.1 million visits. Nigeria’s Konga is fifth with 2.3 million visits per month.

Most of these marketplaces sell general goods, with fashion website Zando the only exception. Many of the sites are retailers themselves as well as marketplaces, with just Jumia and bidorbuyadopting a pure-play marketplace model.

Also see Online Marketplaces in Africa: Fast Growth, Enormous Potential.

About the data

This is the fourth edition of the World’s Top Online Marketplaces.

The lists are ranked by estimated website visits, based on SimilarWeb data for July 2022. Traffic to different domains for the same marketplace (e.g.,, etc.) has been combined and allocated to the top five countries from which the traffic was generated. Marketplaces with under 50,000 monthly visits have been excluded entirely, and only websites with more than one million visits per month are listed (except for Africa).

While GMV (gross merchandise value) would be an ideal measure of marketplace size, this is not reliably available for most online marketplaces. Traffic data provides a consistent measure of popularity that can be applied to all marketplaces worldwide.

“Online marketplaces” are defined in the main text above. We have excluded some marketplaces which are only a small part of the overall offering from much larger websites. These include Facebook Marketplace and Buy on Google. It is not possible to separate marketplace traffic from other website traffic for these sites.

We have not included app-only marketplaces such as WeShop and Shop Seam due to a lack of reliable traffic data.

We define a marketplace as “global” if it:

  • Sells worldwide, with no specific country targeting; or
  • Targets five or more countries across three or more major geographic regions.

For companies that own multiple marketplaces, we have included them separately if they use different brands. For example, eBay-owned Gmarket and GittiGidiyor have their own unique branding, so they are included separately. Where brands are simply localized for different countries, they are included with the main brand. For example, AbeBooks is known as IberLibro in Spain, but the brand is identical in every other way.

Have we missed any marketplaces or made any mistakes? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!



There is a pure online marketplace in Kazakhstan with wide general assortment and more than 3.5M users in February 2019. App is TOP 1 App in the country.

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Many thanks for this. We will add at the next update.


What about online classified sites, like Gumtree, Preloved and Vivastreet?

You made a mention to exclude sites that only have sales of used goods to the publisher, but c2c should thus be fine to be in the list....right?

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Hi Paul, thanks for the comment.

Classified sites don't fit the definition for online marketplaces, because you can't make a purchase online - there's no checkout function. You have to go and meet the buyer.

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld

Isn't a marketplace? Or is it considered an aggregator?

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

We'll add Farfetch at the next update.

Thanks for dropping by Karl! ;-)

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld

I think you are missing
Nordic marketplace

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld

I think Lamoda is a marketplace is a nordic marketplace and retailer

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Yes, makes it clear that it's a marketplace.

After some research, I can see that Lamoda is also both. They don't make it obvious at all!

Thanks again for your input.

FYI here is our current list of ones to add:
ttHigo (change from JD Worldwide to be consistent with Tmall)
SF Best

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld

Hi again

Coulnd't find



KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld

Trendyol seem to be a marketplace aswell

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld

Yet another one southeast asia

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Thanks, added. Where are you getting these?!

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld


Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

So for WeChat, do you mean WeShop?

For Seam, I can find very little information although it does seem to be a marketplace.

Both of these are problematic, because SimilarWeb doesn't report traffic well for apps. Seam has zero estimated traffic, and WeShop only 20.2K, which is way too low. I think we might have to exclude app-only marketplaces.

KArl Lagerfeld
KArl Lagerfeld


I have a few more

The realreal

I'm just curious how many there are out there! Let me know if you want me to stop :)

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

No it's great, thanks for your help. Although if you could provide them by email that might be better as the comments thread is getting a bit overrun. I'm [email protected] (this website). Or I could share a Google sheet to add them to.

We already have Bonanza by the way.

I think we found The RealReal before and we should have included them as they do have a B2C model as well as consignment for C2C.

Yu Shik Kim
Yu Shik Kim is the biggest marketplace (pure) in turkey. pls add it also on the list

Darya Gonchar
Darya Gonchar

Look through European Wholesale Marketplace Fetery. Its mission is to create a place where independent retailers can easily connect with local makers, artists, craftswomen, and men and prosper together.


You should add Happeno. They are killing it! Best eBay alternative located in Europe, but for selling worldwide:


I think PDD is sharply growing and bigger than the top20


nothing beats good Yook though. definitely more of a hunt but also has some serious deals.


Unfortunatelly, this rating is irrelevant, because it's based on SimilarWeb data, which includes desktop & mobile web only.
Most of the players have their own apps and app traffic share could be close to 100%.
For example, real traffic is 20 times higher than shown in SimilarWeb data.
I think you should consider revisiting the rating and build it based on top apps data.

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Hi David, thanks for the comment.

As you point out, SimilarWeb includes desktop and mobile web traffic so this will include a lot of mobile use - both through mobile browsers and through mobile apps that access the marketplace by wrapping HTML data from the same domain. The majority of apps wrap an existing website for at least part or their functionality.

We would not consider re-doing this research using only app data, as that would exclude desktop and mobile browser use. I appreciate this varies in different countries, but on the whole people use their mobile browser as well as site-specific apps.

There is a good case for adding in app data that is not already captured here, if we can identify a source of monthly visits data and somehow ensure we are not double-counting.

I assume you work at and have access to your app traffic data, but what you have found for your own site will not apply to all sites.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton

Hi David. Thanks for this! We agree that Yandex should not have been on the list as it is not a true marketplace. We have removed it and amended the article.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton

Hi Joesie. Thanks for your question. I'm sorry but we don't give out advice and do not offer consulting services so can't answer your question other than to suggest you investigate those marketplaces in our list that focus on Homewares. We do list ecommerce consultancies and agencies in our directory though:

Good luck!


Thank you for the article
Is there a meta search engine in which you could do one search for all those marketplaces? (Like simultaneously search on eBay, Artsy, Invaluable, DBA, LeBonCoin, Subito, Vinted...)


Hi there is a new bestseller Grand mall platform coming up



Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Thanks for the comment. Shopify is not a marketplace, it's an ecommerce platform (shopping cart) to run your own independent webstore.

A marketplace is a website or app where many businesses can complete sales to many customers.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton

Hi. Thanks for your comment. There is no SimilarWeb traffic data available for nedenbiz and it looks like an online store rather than a marketplace.


Hi Andy,

Are the Europe Visits/Month figures inclusive of the United Kingdom visits/month numbers? Thanks!

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Hi Brian, yes the UK is included in Europe for the table under "Top online marketplaces by country and region" and there are also UK marketplaces in the table of European marketplaces.

We have a more detailed analysis of marketplaces in the UK here:


Hi, do you have information on Facebook Marketplace and Google Shopping? Such as their visits per month.

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Hi Juan, unfortunately not as we are unable to separate Facebook Marketplace and Google Shopping from Facebook and Google traffic overall.

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman

Thanks for letting us know. We'll research it for the next update.


Hi, I believe you're missing
and also, didn't BestBuy's marketplace shutdown? at least the one for USA

Kate Merton
Kate Merton
In reply to Kate Merton

Thanks. We have on our list to research for next time, and will also look into BestBuy.

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

The Best Buy marketplace is just in Canada - . Best Buy as a whole operates in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll research it for the next update.


Could you add Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards into next edition?

Andy Geldman
Andy Geldman
In reply to Andy Geldman

Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards don't have online marketplaces so they don't qualify to be listed here.

monika Wilsone
monika Wilsone

Hi, Hope you will ad these sites also

Kate Merton
Kate Merton
In reply to Kate Merton

Hi Monika, thanks for your comment. Tradesy is on the list at number 132. Druzza did not make the list this year due to insufficient monthly traffic.

Mothilal De Silva
Mothilal De Silva

Please let me know whether Shopee of SEA operate in Latin America. According to your tables, they have over 40million site visits in Latin America.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton
In reply to Kate Merton

Hi Mothilal. Yes Shopee have sites in Brazil and Mexico, in addition to their Southeast Asia focus. You can see all their regional/country marketplaces here:

We will be updating our article on Online Marketplaces in Latin America shortly, so Shopee may be covered in the update.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton

Shein is a retailer, not a marketplace.

Reza Khavari Khorasani
Reza Khavari Khorasani

you can add digikala, digistyle, snappmarket, baya and other marketplaces which are active in iran with millions of visitors.

Kate Merton
Kate Merton
In reply to Kate Merton

Thanks! We'll check those out next time.


wow. i am surprised to see the amount of international ecommerce website. thanks for sharing the information


Great list of online shopping sites. Really liked it. please check LibraBazaar.

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