Editorial Principles 

Our editorial principles set the standard for delivering best-in-class Webretailer content. From being simple and straight-forward to being transparent about how we make money and sharing data you can trust, our principles tell you how everything editorial works here at Webretailer.

Simple and Straightforward

We want our support to be available to everyone, so we always write simple product overviews, trending product details, tips for sellers and buyers, and news content that everyone can understand. 

Facts You Can Rely On

To create content you can trust, our editorial team quality and fact-checks every article we publish. We use market-leading data from tools such as Statista and directly from partners to help enhance the content we write. And the articles are regularly refreshed to update the details. 

Industry-leading Market Research 

Our team of eCommerce specialists are passionate about helping businesses sell online and make their businesses as profitable as possible. To support you, we research the latest eCommerce trends from Amazon, eBay, leading online marketplaces,  shipping, dropshipping and many more. And we keep our data up-to-date so you can rely on us to help you make those critical business decisions. 

Extra Value 

We strive to be a world-leading resource for eCommerce businesses – and our team of experts has decades’ of experience in eCommerce to offer easily digestible content and actionable tips. We are always looking for new ways to help online businesses grow by sharing industry trends and growth areas. 

Communication is Important to Us 

We like to keep in touch with the online retailers we support by delivering the latest news and actionable tips via our weekly newsletters and social media sites. 

Transparent Business Guidelines 

We are happy to share how Webretailer makes money. We make money through affiliate partnerships and links within some of our articles. For more information, you can read more about how we are funded. However, it’s worth noting that affiliate partnerships have no influence on what we write about in our reviews and guides. And we always write about what is in the best interest of our customers. 


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Katrina Haggarty

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