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Reply Manager is a gift of god

We manage over 40 stores on different marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Fnac, Priceminister, Rue du Commerce, Cdiscount etc. And we receive up to 200 emails / day. Previously we managed our email client with gmail and outlook because the others solutions we found was too expensive and no-one was co... more

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ReplyManager is an email management tool that combines eBay integration and multi-channel support with features to improve response rates and simplify message management.

- Integrates with eBay My Messaging, Resolution Center & After-Sale Returns/Cancellations
- Supports multiple channels (Amazon, your website & more)
- Automatically routes & prioritizes email
- Standard replies & auto-responders create timely responses
- Provides detailed reporting
- Integrates with Linnworks & ChannelAdvisor

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Average Rating: starstarhalf stardim stardim star (21 reviews)

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
What a worst application

What a worst application We have tried to integrate and keep on tried 4 days but no luck and they dont eve... more

From Old To New We Haven't Had Any Issues.

Yes it was a pain migrating over to the new platform but the company changed hands to what do you expect? For those c... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
Complete DISASTER! Does not work

The old system had it's problems that we could, at least, patch over with procedure fixes, but the so-called 'upgrade'... more

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ReplyManager Releases New Message Filters, Templates, Reports and More

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has released a number of new features. Folder... more

ReplyManager Releases One-Click eBay Order Search

Ecommerce customer support management tool ReplyManager has added a new feature which finds e... more

ReplyManager Launches eBay Returns and Cancellations Processing

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has added support for eBay returns and cancellat... more

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Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites
eBay Sites All
Multichannel ChannelAdvisor


Trial: 15 days

Prices start at $49


Feedback & Reputation » Message Management Tools

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has released a number of new features.

Folders, Labels and Rules streamline operations by automatically filtering, sorting and organizing incoming messages according to preset conditions.

Templates make responses more efficient by pre-populating information for common replies. Templates can be customized by sales channel and edited manually, or set to auto-respond using conditions.

SmartTags automatically input data from the customer query, such as name and order ID, to create a personalized response at a faster rate.

A new Reports Dashboard tracks activity across multiple marketplaces, and generates graphs to help identify areas of success and areas for improvement, and measure compliance with marketplace performance requirements.

ReplyManager's Message Dashboard is fully integrated with Amazon and eBay, providing direct access to customer and order details from within a single interface.

Source: ReplyManager

Ecommerce customer support management tool ReplyManager has added a new feature which finds eBay orders from within the ReplyManager system.

The new eBay Order Search allows ReplyManager customers to search for orders by Buyer ID or email address without having to leave ReplyManager, saving time when answering eBay customer support queries.

Order data can be viewed including name, address, payment, shipping and tracking information, and the search can run across multiple eBay accounts.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "eBay Order Search offers ReplyManager customers a simple, but powerful integration that will increase response times when buyers ask order specific questions, like whether a package was shipped, the tracking number and much more. It is our goal to build scalable, powerful customer support tools for online sellers. Giving ReplyManager users instant access to essential customer data through eBay Order Search is another step towards that goal".

The new feature is only available to ReplyManager customers on an upgraded plan.

Source: ReplyManager

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has added support for eBay returns and cancellations.

ReplyManager version 6.5 can now handle all eBay communications - for sellers in the US, UK and Germany.

ReplyManager CEO and co-founder Jodi Gaines Pereira said, "The ability to process returns from ReplyManager was one of our biggest feature requests and has been very well received by customers already involved in the testing process. We see some really positive changes coming out of the recent announcement. But it will be more important than ever before to handle Returns and Cancellations in a timely manner. That's why we've pushed so hard to make this available to sellers now."

Under new eBay Seller standards starting in February 2016, the maximum defect rate for Top Rated Sellers will drop to 0.5%. Although buyer feedback, DSR's, successful returns and other resolved issues will no longer impact the defect rate, Top Rated Sellers will be required to accept 30-day returns and process them quickly.

ReplyManager 6.5 also includes the ability to add notes to cases in the Resolution Center. The new version will be immediately available to new customers and rolled out to existing customers between September 16th and 23rd.

ReplyManager also has plans to enable Amazon and eBay order searches from within messages to make researching order status, shipping status and more easier than ever. The feature is scheduled for release in October 2015.

Source: ReplyManager

An interview has been published with XSellco's founder Ray Nolan and CEO Victor Corcoran.

Price and Reputation: An Interview with XSellco's Ray Nolan and Victor Corcoran

We talked about XSellco's history, their tools Fusion, Price Manager and High5, and their plans for the future.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Provider of cloud-based tools for marketplace sellers XSellco has acquired rival business ReplyManager.

Both companies provide customer support tools for marketplace sellers: XSellco Fusion and ReplyManager. The acquisition will allow them to share best practices, further develop their tools, improve customer support and expand globally.

"We're very excited to become a part of the XSellco team," said Jodi Gaines Pereira, founder and CEO of ReplyManager. "Joining with XSellco was the next logical step to foster continued growth. It allows us to further extend our market reach into Europe and Asia. Most importantly, we'll be able to provide our customers with cutting edge, integrated tools that will make selling online more profitable and more efficient than ever before."

Ray Nolan, founder of XSellco said "ReplyManager has significant market penetration in the US and overseas markets and we believe it can help XSellco further accelerate the pace of growth of our rapidly expanding customer base. In Jodi and her team, we have found truly motivated and knowledgeable partners on whose years of market expertise we can draw to help us improve our products and design new ones."

XSellco, based in Dublin, Ireland, acquired Florida-based ReplyManager for an undisclosed sum. Both companies are privately held. ReplyManager founder Jodi Gaines Pereira will remain as CEO and along with her team continue to support ReplyManager customers and continue developing the product.

Alongside their customer support tool, XSellco also provide an automated repricing tool called Price Manager. XSellco is owned by Irish entrepreneur Ray Nolan who previously built the brand, and chaired and amongst others.

ReplyManager was created in 2001 and is the world's leading customer support tool for businesses selling through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Source: ReplyManager

eBay and Amazon customer support tool ReplyManager has released a direct integration with channel management software Linnworks.

Users of both systems can now search Linnworks order data without leaving ReplyManager, finding orders using the buyer's eBay ID or email address (including anonymous addresses from Amazon).

The last 60 days of orders are searched, and users can view order notes, shipping details, customer data and products ordered.

Source: ReplyManager

ReplyManager CEO and Co-founder Jodi Gaines Pereira has been interviewed by Griff and Lee of eBay Radio.

Jodi talked about the importance of customer support, the ReplyManager application, and how the company got started.

The interview segment is embedded above and a full transcript is available on the ReplyManager blog.

Source: ReplyManager

Version 6 of ecommerce customer support solution ReplyManager is integrated with eBay's resolution center, and also marketplace management tool ChannelAdvisor.

The new eBay Resolution Center integration allows users to view and respond to eBay cases directly from ReplyManager. Users are also able to organize cases using tags and respond with standard replies.

The ChannelAdvisor integration allows users of both systems to access ChannelAdvisor order data from within ReplyManager. The customer's eBay ID or email address (including Amazon's anonymized addresses) is used to find orders in ChannelAdvisor and show the results in ReplyManager.

Other features of the new version include simplified creation of filtering rules and auto-responders, and a report on the average amount of time spent handling customer emails.

Source: ReplyManager

A new Web Retailer blog post covers a number of areas related to marketplace feedback, reputation and seller performance.

Related categories in the directory include:

Read Feedback & Reputation: The Ultimate Guide.

Ecommerce email management system ReplyManager has been updated to version 5.6, with new features including eBay image upload and improved auto-responders.

The features include:

  • eBay photo sharing — eBay buyers and sellers can now exchange photographs
  • Simplified auto-responders — users have more options and improved functionality to create more precise conditions
  • Login using a Google account; mouse-over email preview; and a new HTML Editor

ReplyManager has also announced plans to work more closely with multichannel management tool Linnworks, and expects to launch a new integration in the first quarter of 2014.

"We've been working toward an integration with Linnworks for quite a while and are very excited about this happening in the very near future. Linnworks provides a very useful tool that helps online sellers manage and grow their business. Plus, the UK has been our fastest growing market. Integrating ReplyManager and Linnworks seems like the logical next step," said ReplyManager co-founder, Jodi Gaines Pereira.

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Re: eBAY SEO and other stuff

...follow up[/i][/b] Reply Manager [b][i]Automatic customer database... more

Re: Part time eBay seller, full time job.

...such as Linnworks for stock control, Reply manager for customer service and possibly a... more

Re: Cloud Commerce Pro

...service I would certainly recommend Reply Manager which links to eBay, Amazon as well as... more

Re: Introduce yourself here

...eBay, Amazon, Prestashop, MeanRepricer, ReplyManager and Joomla to name but a few. More... more

Re: Amazon Unified account, how to support multi languages tools for marketplace sellers, ReplyManager is a popular one then there's Xsellco... more

Re: Developing Channel Management Software

...(maybe integrate into something like replymanager) 12. Re-pricing function or... more

Re: Do you use any ecommerce software or services?

...marketplaces Shopify for our websites Reply Manager for multi platform... more

Re: What software integrates " Ask Seller a Question"?

UPDATE: Saeven|CRM and ReplyManager are now in the directory. Reviews would be much... more

Re: Questions for eBay Sellers RE: Email, Accounting, and Ph

...integrates with eBay's "My Messages" ReplyManager - currently email templates only but... more

Re: What software integrates " Ask Seller a Question"?

...integrate. I am crossing my fingers Replymanager- I contacted them which they... more

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Manage Buyer Emails - Improve Response Times - Increase Ratings

ReplyManager is a web-based email management program created by iguanafarmGroup, a web-development company established in 1999.
The ReplyManager tool was created in 2001 to help customers manage high volumes of incoming email and later expanded to include integration with eBay's Ask the Seller API. Today, the software is positioned to support multiple channels (in addition to eBay) by reading from POP3 (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) and IMAP accounts. With customized rules and Amazon templates, email is automatically distributed among folders where users can repond quickly and credibly with standard replies and auto-responders. xSellco, 23 August 2012
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