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Web Retailer is the world’s leading resource for businesses selling through online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Our work is to help online sellers succeed and grow in an environment that has intense competition and strict performance standards.

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Our Readers

Businesses of every size and type sell through online marketplaces, from individuals working at home to multinational brands with whole teams dedicated to marketplace ecommerce. We cater to all genuine businesses who want to improve and grow their online sales. Web Retailer has a global audience, but focuses mainly on the USA as that is where most of our readers are based.

Online Retailers

Many of our readers are retailers, buying existing branded products from wholesalers and distributors. They are often multichannel sellers, trading through several marketplaces and their own ecommerce stores. Operational challenges dominate for these businesses.

Private Label & Brands

A large part of our audience are businesses who create their own products, ranging from simple white labeling of generic items to designing and building completely new brands. Amazon is the main sales channel, and marketing and differentiation are key.

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Established Businesses

Our readers also include brick-and-mortar retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, looking to diversify and grow through online marketplaces. Challenges include a steep learning curve, lack of customer contact and less control over how they sell.

Solo Entrepreneurs

People starting out in business make up a diverse and exciting part of the Web Retailer audience. They often begin on Amazon using FBA, and sometimes use retail arbitrage or dropshipping. Business fundamentals need to be learned to avoid costly mistakes.

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Our Values

Web Retailer is a trusted resource for thousands of businesses, providing in-depth, practical information that helps them improve and grow. We take that responsibility seriously. Our values help us put our readers first, maintain trust, and keep on making the right choices.


We always strive to get our facts rights, with careful research and the help of industry experts. We are quick to correct mistakes.


There are no agendas or tricks here. We are open about how we work and we always flag up sponsors, advertisers and affiliates.


We believe in education. By continuously learning and improving, we can help our readers succeed and grow. There’s always more to learn.


Differences of opinion are encouraged and valued. Discussions can get heated, but should never become personal or agressive.


Selling through online marketplaces is a tough business. We should always focus on the next steps, and finding good solutions.


We want our readers to build great businesses, to sell more, profit more, enjoy their work and have better lives. It’s why we do what we do.

Our Network

We reach far beyond our own company to produce the content that you see here. Our own office-based staff play a crucial part, looking after day-to-day planning, management and coordination, but our success is also down to:

  1. A remote team working on articles, design, business development and directory updates.
  2. Ecommerce industry companies providing contributors, expert advice, research data and sponsorship.
  3. Our readers, from busy business owners taking the time to submit reviews to twenty-year veterans who are profiled in-depth.
Our network covers every aspect of ecommerce and online marketplaces, providing a remarkable depth of experience, knowledge and expertise.

Our Founder

Andy Geldman is Web Retailer’s founder and editor-in-chief, with overall responsibility for the site.

Over the course of 16 years, he has edited over one million words of in-depth content, spoken with hundreds of industry experts, and curated close to one thousand directory listings.

Before Web Retailer, Andy’s career spanned retail industry research, software development and professional services. He lives in Hitchin, England.

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

Andy Geldman

Regular Contributors

We have worked with over one hundred authors, from all parts of the ecommerce world. Many contribute one article on the topic where they have the greatest knowledge to share, but some have gone on to write more than twenty posts. These are the authors we work with most often today.

Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe

After working for Amazon for many years evaluating seller account performance and enforcing Amazon’s policies, Chris launched ecommerceChris where he teaches sellers how to protect their accounts, and appeal listing restrictions and suspensions. Read Chris’s posts.

Gary Huang

Gary is the founder of the 7 Figure Seller Summit and 80/20 Sourcing and has helped thousands of ecommerce businesses save time and money when sourcing products from China. Gary is a seller himself, and has sold private label products on eBay, Amazon, and his own websites.

Gary Huang

Lizzie Davey

Lizzie is an award-winning technology, marketing, and ecommerce writer. She creates data-driven, actionable content, and has been published on Econsultancy, National Geographic, and The Huffington Post. Read Lizzie’s posts.

Paul Maplesden

Paul is a freelance writer specializing in business, technology and finance. For Web Retailer he specializes in reviewing ecommerce software, tools, and processes and making them easy to understand for online sellers. Read Paul’s posts.

Paul Maplesden

Industry Experts

Our contributors, advisers and interviewees include some of the world’s largest marketplace sellers, alongside ecommerce consultants who have helped hundreds of different businesses succeed, and service providers with an amazing depth of knowledge in their area of expertise. Here is just a sample:

Manuel Becvar
Manuel Becvar
Matthew Ferguson
Matt Ferguson
Connor Gillivan
Connor Gillivan
Franz Jordan
Leah McHugh
Leah McHugh
Danny McMillan
Greg Mercer
Chris Rawlings
Chris Rawlings
Chad Rubin
Chad Rubin
Claire Taylor
Claire Taylor
James Thomson
James Thomson
Will Tjernlund
Will Tjernlund

We are always looking for more experts to contribute in-depth, practical, and insightful articles that bring something new to the site. Find out more on our Write For Us page.

Proud to Support

Live events provide a fantastic opportunity for education, discovery and networking. We support a number of industry conferences that focus on online marketplaces, and share our values of accuracy, transparency, learning, respect, positivity, and growth.

Prosper Show

Prosper Show

Prosper is an annual conference in Las Vegas, focused on sharing best practice education and providing networking opportunities for established Amazon sellers.

Seller Sessions Live

Seller Sessions Live is a fun and interactive learning experience in London, England, providing effective marketing strategies for selling both on and off Amazon.

Seller Sessions Live
European Seller Conference

European Seller Conference

The European Seller Conference takes place annually in Prague, and covers SEO, social media, Amazon FBA compliance, emerging markets, PPC campaigns and more.

How It All Began

Andy Geldman caught the eBay trading bug in 2003, while working as a software developer. He soon cleared his London flat of unwanted items, then spent months looking for new products from liquidation and wholesale sources.

Crying baby

He settled on an unusual item: CDs of vacuum cleaner noise, sold to calm crying babies who don’t respond to the usual routine of rocking and nursery rhymes.

Andy already had a CD duplicator from another project, and vacuum cleaner noise was easy to come by. A well-designed CD label and an eBay listing were the only things he had to create.

It was a surprise hit, with thousands of CDs sold and glowing feedback from grateful parents. But not every aspect of online retail was so easy. Some customers complained that the CD was “just one loud noise” and demanded a refund. What were they expecting?!

Then there was shipping and customer service, which proved to be very time-consuming. And it was an easy product to copy so competitors soon piled in with their own versions. As a programmer, Andy thought he could create a software tool to make the selling process as efficient as possible, and started to research the market.

To his surprise, there were several companies already producing software for eBay sellers. He cataloged all the tools he found, tried them out, and wrote reviews. When Andy shared his list with other sellers, they were surprised to see so much software was available, and that someone had already researched and reviewed them all.

That catalog of software tools was the first version of Web Retailer. The site has evolved beyond recognition since 2003, when thousands of relieved parents praised eBay for helping their children get to sleep. Today, some of those babies could be online sellers themselves, but they will never know the part played so early in their lives by Andy and his CDs of vacuum cleaner noise.

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