Amazon Marketplace Research

Investing your money in product inventory and building your marketing campaigns are some of the most important steps in your entry to market. Find out the best software solutions that will help you with your Amazon research.

The Best Amazon Marketplace Research

Searching for the best Amazon tools for market research? If so, you can find all the best options here. Our experts have compiled a ranking list of all the best Amazon software for market and product research.

Trellis Logo
1. Trellis

— Trellis is an Amazon ad management software that allows sellers to optimize advertising campaigns. It generates more… Read review

Great to find profitable ad placements
Provide targeting across all of Amazon’s ad types
Dynamic pricing prioritizes sales growth
Starting Pricing$299/month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo
Seller Assistant App Logo
2. Seller Assistant App

— Product Details Seller Assistant App is a browser extension that combines FBM/FBA Calculator, Advanced IP Alerts, Variation… Read review

Good User Experience
Makes Workflow Easier
Unique Differentiating Factors
Starting Pricing$15/month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
Teikametrics Logo
3. Teikametrics

— Teikametrics provides a platform for Amazon and Walmart sellers to manage ads. Also, Teikametrics allows sellers to… Read review

Real time tracking metrics
User-friendly interface and exceptional customer service.
Completely managed services that save you time
FREE TRIALGet your free account today!
PRICING MODEL3% of sales over 10000$
Jungle Scout Logo
4. Jungle Scout

— Jungle Scout provides comprehensive insights to help make informed decisions about products and sales strategies. It provides… Read review

Easy to use
Broad range of tools
Very powerful for research
Starting Pricing29$ / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Amzpecty Logo
5. Amzpecty

— Amzpecty is a suite of data solution application for expanding e-commerce businesses. Sellers can use Amzpecty to… Read review

Starting PricingFrom 14.99 $ / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

— Product Details TURBO PIRANHA (previously AMZ PIRANHA) is a bulk product search, profit calculation, and competition analysis…

amalytics Logo
7. amalytics

— amalytics is a cost management tool for Amazon merchants. Sellers can use this product research tool to…

DataHawk Logo
8. DataHawk

— DataHawk provides analytics for Amazon merchants to optimize their margins and boost sales. It also gives sellers…

SupplySpy Logo
9. SupplySpy

— Product Details SupplySpy helps Amazon sellers identify profitable products. Users are able to determine brands with popular…

Unicorn Smasher Pro Logo
10. Unicorn Smasher Pro

— Unicorn Smasher Pro is a powerful research tool for Amazon sellers. It enables sellers to analyze product…

Algopix Logo
11. Algopix

— Algopix is an innovative product research platform offering real-time market analysis. It allows sellers to find out…

amazeowl logo
12. AmazeOwl

— AmazeOwl is an Amazon keyword research tool that provides sellers with the precise data needed to find…

Price Checker 2.0 Logo
13. Price Checker 2.0

— Product Details Price Checker 2.0 from DST is Amazon profit calculation software for wholesale supplier lists. It…

AMZShark Logo
14. AMZShark

— AMZShark is a digital agency that focuses on Amazon brand development. It is an excellent research toolkit…

Amachete Logo
15. Amachete

— Amachete provides support for Amazon merchants across the globe. It offers marketing, research, and management services for…

amazon asin logo
16. Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool

— Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool is a comprehensive keyword research tool for Amazon. The Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool…

AMZ one logo
17. AMZ.One

— AMZ.One is an Amazon seller tool that assists Amazon sellers in real-time sales improvement. The tool includes…

AMZScout Logo
18. AMZScout

— AMZScout provides a comprehensive toolset with a wide range of essential features for any growing e-Commerce business.…

Captain BI Logo
19. Captain BI

— Captain BI is an analytics and accounting tool for Amazon sellers. It provides sales analytics, market research,…

FBA Toolkit Logo
20. FBA Toolkit

— Product Details FBA Toolkit provides three research tools for Amazon sellers: sales volume estimations, price list analysis,…

FBAScan Logo
21. FBAScan

— Product Details FBAScan is a barcode-scanning inventory scouting tool offering both live and locally cached product databases. …

Gradient Logo
22. Gradient

— Product Details Gradient helps ecommerce agencies and brands monitor their Amazon presence and performance. Users can receive…

LionFish Data logo
23. LionFish Data

— LionFish Data is a data analytics software that offers relevant product data from leading retailers. Using LionFish…

Neatopricer Logo
24. Neatopricer

— Product Details Neatopricer is a mobile inventory scouting tool which downloads Amazon data in advance to enable…

Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator Logo
25. Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator

— Product Details Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator looks up Amazon price information for large lists of product codes, for…

Profit Bandit Logo
26. Profit Bandit

— Product Details Profit Bandit by SellerEngine is a mobile scouting app. Scan any barcode and determine if…

ProfitGuru Logo
27. ProfitGuru

— Product Details ProfitGuru is a product research tool for Amazon sellers. It can identify popular products with…

ScoutPal Logo
28. ScoutPal

— Product Details ScoutPal is a barcode-scanning tool for mobile devices. It identifies products and displays prices, sales…

Sellers Toolbox Logo
29. Sellers Toolbox

— Product Details Sellers Toolbox is a suite of tools for Amazon FBA sellers, covering research, monitoring, inbound…

SmartScout Logo
30. SmartScout

— Product Details SmartScout provides brand, category, seller, and traffic data to help anyone in the Amazon space…

Vendotio Logo
31. Vendotio

— Product Details Vendotio is a cloud application that helps Amazon marketplace sellers grow sales, increase efficiencies and…

Viral Launch Logo
32. Viral Launch

— Product Details Viral Launch provides a suite of Amazon seller tools including product research, competitor tracking, keyword…

Use Amazon Marketplace Research to Get Ahead of the Competition

The Amazon Marketplace is a highly competitive platform, with a huge number of active sellers all competing with one another to be the best in their respective areas. And if you want to get ahead of your rivals, you may want to utilize the best Amazon Marketplace research tools and apps.

Furthermore, according to survey carried out in 2022, Amazon has become the default platform for product research by U.S. shoppers when looking for detailed information. So whether you are a product retailer or just a shopper looking for product information, Amazon research is proven to be the default platform to do so.

As the name implies, Amazon Marketplace research software and services are focused on helping Amazon businesses learn more about the market. There are lots of market research apps out there that could help you grow your brand. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best Amazon product research software.

How We Ranked the Best Amazon Marketplace Research Software

There are lots of Amazon Marketplace research tools and services out there, but some are much better than others. In order to find the very best software to recommend to our users, we first looked for the top-rated programs in this category.

We then investigated further, reading through user reviews and expert critical reviews of each service or tool to find out more about it. Our experts then viewed demos and trials of each product, assigning each one a rating and ranking for the final list.

What Is Amazon Marketplace Research?

The Amazon Marketplace is the name given to the huge online selling platform hosted, operated, and managed by Amazon. So, when we refer to Amazon Marketplace research, this term covers the process of researching and investigating Marketplace trends and data.

Just like other kinds of market research, Amazon Marketplace research is mainly carried out by businesses who want to get some kind of edge on their competition. It allows companies to find out more about the market they’re operating in and use that information to their benefit.

For example, Amazon Marketplace research can involve finding out about which products are selling well in a particular niche or category, enabling sellers to choose or discover the best items to add to their stores.

Amazon Marketplace research can also go much deeper than this, looking into things like estimated profit calculations, niche opportunity identification, audience analysis, competition analysis, and so on.

How Does Amazon Marketplace Research Work

Amazon Marketplace research is a lot like other kinds of market research, involving many of the same steps and stages. So, if you’ve carried out market research in the past, you should be familiar with many of the concepts.

For instance, a big part of Amazon Marketplace research involves using software to identify possible gaps in the market or opportunities for businesses to make money with the right products or marketing strategies.

Amazon Marketplace research can help you find niches to target, as well as prime audiences to market towards in order to potentially make more sales. It can also help you find out about how your competitors or rivals are doing.

Many of the best Amazon Marketplace research tools come with a range of features to track product sales, scout potential niches, keep track of the site’s search rankings, and more.

Forms of Amazon Marketplace Research

There are several different types of Amazon Marketplace research, and each type of research has its own unique advantages and uses. The table below shows some of the main types of research carried out by Amazon stores and businesses:

tick Competitor ResearchCompetitor research is all about finding out more about the competition. It focuses on analyzing what kinds of products your rivals are selling and how they operate.
tick Audience ResearchAudience research, as the name implies, is focused on learning more about customers or groups of potential buyers, looking at how they behave and what they search for.
tick Product ResearchProduct research is another type of Amazon Marketplace research that looks specifically at products, aiming to find the best possible products to sell.
tick Niche ResearchFinally, there’s niche research, which is carried out to identify profitable niches that a business might like to invest in. This can be a way to find new business opportunities.

How Amazon Marketplace Research Can Help You

All of the best Amazon stores regularly invest in Amazon Marketplace research and use the best Amazon tools and software to find out as much as possible about their rivals, trending products, user demands, and the Marketplace at large.

There are lots of different ways in which Amazon Marketplace research software and solutions can help you. These apps and tools can boost sales, strengthen your knowledge of the market, and allow you to make data-backed decisions for your business.

The best software for Amazon product research can also aid you in terms of ensuring that your business stays competitive. Below, we’ll detail some of the common problems that Amazon Marketplace research can help you overcome.

tick Gain Information

Of course, the main purpose of Amazon Marketplace research is to gain information. Any kind of research can give you valuable data that you can analyze, evaluate, and use in different ways to grow your brand.

tick Boost Customer Engagement

By carrying out Amazon Marketplace research focusing on customers and shopper trends, you can gain a better understanding of your audience. This can help you to then engage with your buyers on a deeper level.

tick Keep Up with Competitors

Many Amazon store owners fear being left behind by their rivals and may struggle to keep up with the competition. However, with good Amazon Marketplace research, you can avoid falling behind.

tick Make Smart Decisions

Sometimes, Amazon business owners can feel like they’re making blind decisions and hoping for the best. But when you use research tactics, you’ll be able to make much smarter and more informed decisions based on the things you find out.

tick Make More Sales

Ultimately, one of the top ways in which Amazon Marketplace research can benefit your business is by helping you make more sales. It gives you the information you need to move your Amazon store in the right direction.

ProblemHow Amazon Marketplace Research Helps
tick Lack of Info About the MarketGives you information about shoppers, trends, etc.
tick Low EngagementHelps you learn more about your shoppers
tick High Competition LevelsLearn about your rivals to get ahead of them
tick Difficult DecisionsMake smarter decisions based on real data
tick Disappointing Sales FiguresBoost your sales numbers with better business strategy

Amazon Marketplace Research Meaning

The term “Amazon Marketplace research” generally refers to any kind of market research that is carried out specifically on the Amazon Marketplace platform. This covers things like competitor research, product research, and so on.

Main Features of Amazon Marketplace Research 

There are lots of Amazon Marketplace research tools and programs out there that offer to help you with your research. Many of these tools promise a broad selection of interesting and effective features.

Some tools, for example, can help you with product searches. They’ll be able to automatically analyze trending and best-selling products to find the right items for you to add to your store in order to grow your business and potentially make more sales.

Other tools can offer additional features focused on competitor analysis, niche identification, and so on. The table below shows a brief summary of some of the main features and functions of the best Amazon software for research.

tick Product Research A lot of the top programs in this category are capable of carrying out product research. They can find interesting new products or trending products you might like to sell.
tick Profit Calculation Some of the best Amazon apps for market research also come with estimated profit calculator tools. These tools show you how much money you could potentially make with a certain product or niche.
tick Competition Analysis A lot of Marketplace research programs are also capable of competitor analysis. They’ll look at how rival brands in your niche are performing, tracking sales figures and more.
tick Audience Analysis Want to find out more about the people who buy your products? Marketplace research software can track the popular search terms and common behavior of your buyers.
tick Niche IdentificationIf your business is looking for a new niche to dive into, market research apps may be able to help. Some of the best apps can identify niches that offer great opportunities for profit.
tick Sales ResearchSome of the best Amazon tools for market research also look at things like sales figures for individual products. You can see how much money a product generates over almost any set period of time.

Benefits of Using Amazon Marketplace Research 

plus Learn more about the marketminus Prices can be quite high for some tools
plus Understand your audienceminus You have to use data effectively
plus Discover new opportunities
plus Gain more customers
plus Grow your business

With Amazon being such a competitive place to do business, it’s important to use tools like Amazon Marketplace research apps to give your brand an edge. Here are some of the main benefits associated with these tools and programs.

tick Gain Market Knowledge

Obviously, one of the main reasons to do any kind of market research is to learn more about the market, and the same logic applies with Amazon Marketplace research, too. As you carry out research, you’ll gain data on products, sales, trends, rivals, and customers. 

In the world of business, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better-prepared you’ll be when it comes to making decisions that can benefit your business, such as choosing a new niche to target or deciding on a new product to sell.

tick Understand Your Customers

It’s crucial to know and understand your customers if you want to target them effectively and give them reasons to buy from your store or business. Amazon Marketplace research can help with this in a big way.

Some of the best research techniques focus on helping you find out about what your customers want, which search terms they use the most, and what kinds of marketing techniques tend to work best on them. This can give you a lot of useful, actionable data.

tick Discover Profit Opportunities

Amazon may be a crowded and competitive place to do business, but even in this hyper-competitive market, there are still lots of opportunities and hidden niches where you can succeed and boost your profits.

It can be hard to find these niches and opportunities on your own. But when you use Amazon Marketplace research apps and tools, the process becomes much easier. In just a few clicks, you can discover niches you weren’t aware of and see which ones work best for your brand.

tick Gaining New Customers

Ultimately, one of the main aims of any Amazon store is to make money through the sales of products to customers. And if you want to boost your sales figures and broaden your appeal, Amazon Marketplace research can be a major part of the puzzle.

Research allows you to make changes that you might not have previously thought about. And, as explained in the previous points, it gives you the information you need to target a wider range of people and get more eyes and attention on your brand.

tick Building Your Business

Many Amazon businesses hope to grow and expand over time. However, it’s not always easy to hit your business growth targets, and it can be hard to maintain your market share with new sellers continuously appearing on the Amazon platform.

Marketplace research can be vital in your business’ quest for growth. It provides you with clear data that you can use to make the best possible decisions to take your company forward in terms of marketing, customer engagement, and so on.

Who Should Use Amazon Marketplace Research

All across the Amazon Marketplace, sellers are using research tools and apps to get ahead of their rivals and establish their brands. But who can enjoy the best benefits from these pieces of technology? Here are some of the primary groups of users that should invest in Amazon Marketplace research.

tick New Businesses

If you’re just getting started on Amazon, it’s important to gather as much information as you can in the early days. This will help you avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize the future of your brand.

tick Small Businesses 

Running a small business on Amazon can be a challenge, and there’s always a risk that your store may start to struggle due to increasing levels of competition. Strong Amazon Marketplace research will help you stay competitive, even during the most difficult moments.

tick Niche Businesses 

Does your Amazon store specialize in a particular niche? Whether you’re selling toys for pets or coffee powder, it’s crucial to use Amazon Marketplace research to learn as much as you can about your niche audience in order to target them effectively.

tick Big Brands

Even if you’re running a big, established store on Amazon, it can be helpful to invest in Amazon Marketplace research. The data you gather can be critical in terms of maintaining your market position and sales figures.

What Does Amazon Marketplace Research Cost?

As we can see, there are plenty of benefits associated with Amazon Marketplace research. But how much will it all cost? Here are some sample prices:

  • Entry-level research tools can cost around $50 to $100 a month. 
  • Mid-level research software costs between $100 and $150 per month, on average. 
  • Advanced market research software with the most features can cost $200 or more per month.

Generally, the price of market research tools will increase with the size of your business, as additional features and resources will be needed.

It’s recommended for all Amazon sellers to keep up-to-date with recent and upcoming trends on the platform, as this could influence the future success of their stores. Here are some key trends that might impact the ways in which you use Amazon Marketplace tools:

  • Targeting Gen Z – In the years to come, Gen Z shoppers are set to represent one of the biggest buying forces on Amazon. It’s therefore important for sellers to research the Gen Z audience and find out the best ways to target these shoppers and encourage them to buy products.
  • Product Search Is Key – Studies and surveys show that an increasing number of people are looking directly for products on Amazon, rather than Google or other search engines. This shows that the need for product research and general market research is crucial for sellers who want to get more clicks and sales.
  • A Competitive Market – Each year, more sellers are coming to the Amazon Marketplace. And many sellers are using tools and software to try and propel their stores and product pages to the top of the listings. With competition so fierce, aspiring sellers need to use research to learn as much as they can about their rivals.
  • Ad Value – The Amazon Ads system is increasingly becoming one of the most effective ways to market products on Amazon, but it can also be a costly method of marketing. That’s why research is so important, as brands need to find the right keywords to target with their PPC campaigns in order to get real value.

What Is the Best Amazon Marketplace Research?

With so many Amazon Marketplace research tools and apps out there, you might want to know which one is the best to start using. Well, the fact of the matter is that the best tool for your business might be different to the best tool for another business. It all depends on your specific needs and situation, so we recommend trying multiple tools to find the right one.

How to Choose the Right Amazon Marketplace Research Tools

The right Amazon Marketplace research tools can help your business in a lot of different ways, contributing to general growth, a better understanding of your audience, and the possibility to make more sales and profits.

But, with so many tools to choose from, how do you know which one to pick? We recommend that you first try to identify your main goals. For example, do you want to learn more about your customers? Or maybe you want to find a new niche?

Once you’ve got some goals in mind, you can find Amazon Marketplace research tools that can provide the functions and features you need. You can use our list to find the top-rated options that are currently available.

And, as stated earlier on, we recommend trying a few different programs and tools, rather than sticking with just one. By trying multiple options, you can compare them and figure out which software truly works best for your business.


Market research is key in almost any industry, and it’s exceptionally important in the world of the Amazon Marketplace. Every seller should be carrying out at least some kind of research to find out more about their rivals and keep their finger on the pulse of the market.

Thankfully, there are plenty of useful tools and apps out there to help you with all of your Amazon Marketplace research. We hope that this guide has given you a clear view of how these research tools can help and how to choose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amazon Marketplace research is the process of researching and finding out about different aspects of how the Amazon market functions. It involves learning about customers, search trends, popular products, niches, and other sellers.

You can view the profile of any seller on Amazon simply by finding a product they’re selling and clicking on their store name. This will show you other products they’re selling and more information about them. Amazon research tools can help you dig deeper and find out precise sales figures for each seller.

There are lots of different kinds of market research, and four of the most common forms are surveys, focus groups, customer monitoring, and direct feedback. You can use some of these same methods on Amazon, along with many others.