Amazon Marketplace Research

Investing your money in product inventory and building your marketing campaigns are some of the most important steps in your entry to market. Find out the best software solutions that will help you with your Amazon research.

List of the best software for Amazon market research

The following listing show the top rated software solutions for Amazon Market Research. This will help you decide on the most suitable software for your business.

amalytics Logo
1. amalytics

— Product Details amalytics is an Amazon product research tool that analyses millions of data points to provide…

DataHawk Logo
2. DataHawk

— Product Details DataHawk is a software analytics platform that helps increase sales, optimize margins, boost productivity, and…

Seller Assistant App Logo
3. Seller Assistant App

— Product Details Seller Assistant App is a Chrome Extension that integrates into Amazon product pages and displays…

SupplySpy Logo
4. SupplySpy

— Product Details SupplySpy helps Amazon sellers identify profitable products. Users are able to determine brands with popular…


— Product Details TURBO PIRANHA (previously AMZ PIRANHA) is a bulk product search, profit calculation, and competition analysis…

Unicorn Smasher Pro Logo
6. Unicorn Smasher Pro

— Product Details Unicorn Smasher Pro is an Amazon product research tool. This Chrome extension displays relevant info…

Algopix Logo
7. Algopix

— Product Details Algopix provides real-time product market analysis for eBay and Amazon sellers. Actionable insights are available…

amazeowl logo
8. AmazeOwl

— Product Details AmazeOwl is an Amazon product research tool. It uses a dedicated desktop app for Mac…

Price Checker 2.0 Logo
9. Price Checker 2.0

— Product Details Price Checker 2.0 from DST is Amazon profit calculation software for wholesale supplier lists. It…

AMZShark Logo
10. AMZShark

— Product Details AMZShark is a research toolkit for retailers and brand owners on Amazon. AMZShark can provide…

Jungle Scout Logo
11. Jungle Scout

— Product Details Jungle Scout is a web based suite of tools for Amazon sellers. The Amazon Product…

Amachete Logo
12. Amachete

— Product Details Amachete is a research, marketing and management solution for global Amazon sellers. Features include competitor…

amazon asin logo
13. Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool

— Product Details The Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool is a free tool from SellerPrime. It provides detailed reports…

AMZ one logo
14. AMZ.One

— Product Details AMZ.One provides a range of Amazon tracking and marketing tools including keyword rank tracking; the…

Amzpecty Logo
15. Amzpecty

— Product Details Amzpecty is a web browser extension that automates the querying of competitor stock levels on…

AMZScout Logo
16. AMZScout

— Product Details Amazon product research tool, available as a SaaS web application or as a Chrome browser…

Captain BI Logo
17. Captain BI

— Product Details Captain BI is a platform for Amazon sellers that covers: market research, sales analytics, FBA…

FBA Toolkit Logo
18. FBA Toolkit

— Product Details FBA Toolkit provides three research tools for Amazon sellers: sales volume estimations, price list analysis,…

FBAScan Logo
19. FBAScan

— Product Details FBAScan is a barcode-scanning inventory scouting tool offering both live and locally cached product databases. …

Gradient Logo
20. Gradient

— Product Details Gradient helps ecommerce agencies and brands monitor their Amazon presence and performance. Users can receive…

LionFish Data logo
21. LionFish Data

— Product Details LionFish provides up-to-date product data from top retailers. Users can upload a list of SKUs…

MarketScout Logo
22. MarketScout

— Product Details MarketScout analyzes spreadsheets of product codes and costs, then provides data about matching products on…

Neatopricer Logo
23. Neatopricer

— Product Details Neatopricer is a mobile inventory scouting tool which downloads Amazon data in advance to enable…

Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator Logo
24. Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator

— Product Details Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator looks up Amazon price information for large lists of product codes, for…

Profit Bandit Logo
25. Profit Bandit

— Product Details Profit Bandit by SellerEngine is a mobile scouting app. Scan any barcode and determine if…

ProfitGuru Logo
26. ProfitGuru

— Product Details ProfitGuru is a product research tool for Amazon sellers. It can identify popular products with…

ScoutPal Logo
27. ScoutPal

— Product Details ScoutPal is a barcode-scanning tool for mobile devices. It identifies products and displays prices, sales…

Sellers Toolbox Logo
28. Sellers Toolbox

— Product Details Sellers Toolbox is a suite of tools for Amazon FBA sellers, covering research, monitoring, inbound…

SmartScout Logo
29. SmartScout

— Product Details SmartScout provides brand, category, seller, and traffic data to help anyone in the Amazon space…

Vendotio Logo
30. Vendotio

— Product Details Vendotio is a cloud application that helps Amazon marketplace sellers grow sales, increase efficiencies and…

Viral Launch Logo
31. Viral Launch

— Product Details Viral Launch provides a suite of Amazon seller tools including product research, competitor tracking, keyword…

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