Fact-checking Process 

Our fact-checking process is essential to helping us deliver best-in-class Webretailer content. From our editorial teams experience, to using high-quality data and the support and training we offer our writers. Read on to learn more about the steps we take to fact-check our content.

At Webretailer, we want to support eCommerce businesses and set them up for growth. This starts with having the right tools and information to spot market opportunities. So this is exactly why fact-checking is essential to our content.  

Focus on Editorial 

Our in-house editorial team has extensive editorial experience and fact-checks every article to make sure standards remain high across our copy. Read our editorial principles guidance for more information.

Updated Content and Data  

Our in-house editorial team regularly updates news, tips and guides to give you the latest eCommerce data. We use industry-leading data from Statista or directly from our partners to help us make accurate, timely and informed updates. 

Support and Training 

To be on the pulse of all aspects of eCommerce, our writers and content creators, who are specialists in the field, are constantly looking for new data and market trends. They are trained to fact-check every claim within their written work, so you know that you are getting the most up-to-date information. 

The steps we take to fact-check include: 

  1. The writer researches the article using high quality sources.
  2. They write the article
  3. As they write it, they add a source to every claim they make
  4. They submit the article to their line editor. 
  5. The editor reviews the sources and checks their accuracy. 
  6. If any claims are incorrect or can’t validate them, the line editor will send it back for corrections. 
  7. The editor and writer will work together until all claims are accurate
  8. If everything is accurate, then the article is approved by the editor and is now ready to be published onsite. 
  9. If the copy needs to be updated, we repeat the above process. 


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