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Reach high exposure to the right audience. It can help new readers discover your business. Only one post can be featured at a time and the Featured Post will remain on top of the blog even as new posts are displayed below it.

Active visitors ~140.000
Top visitor’s origins:US, UK, AU, CE, Rest of EU
  • Direct exposure to eCommerce audience.
  • Broad reach in a short time frame.
Placement & Requirements
  • Your business has a Feature Listing.
  • Featured in the post content.
  • Up to 230 characters (including the headline).
  • Link to your Feature Listing.
  • One optional logo:
    • Width: 270 px, Height: 143 px.
    • PNG, JPG.
  • 3 months – $1500
  • 6 months – $2700
  • 12 months – $5000

Example of Featured Post

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the "Schedule Now" button and fill out the form. Once you have sent the form, our customer team will contact you for more information.

Refunds are not permitted once payment has been made.

Yes, you can cancel your post five days before the scheduling date once the payment has been made; refunds are not permitted, only exchanges.