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Mac eBay lister GarageSale version 5 features the ability to share auctions on local networks, includes a flexible report generator, and adds the ability to include YouTube videos in listings.

A new edition, called GarageSale Basic, offers a simplified version of GarageSale focussing on making selling on eBay easier. It includes the same auction designs as GarageSale and integrates with iwascoding's free image server. The Basic edition sells at $24.99 compared to $34.99 for the full version.

eBay's auction management tool Selling Manager now features two listing automation rules previously only available to Selling Manager Pro customers.

The two rules are:

  • Relist an item once if doesn't sell
  • Relist an item continuously until it sells

Selling Manager automatic relisting overview.

Apple Mac eBay lister iSale has been updated with a Research Assistant that helps collect pictures, text and auctions, and a Template Editor for modifying auction templates.

Other new features include a layout panel for adding different layout elements to templates, multiple auction libraries, full support for the Leopard image picker, and Facebook support.

  • Listing Factory 2008 creates eBay listings from pre-designed templates. Free hosting for unlimited images.
  • myibay sniper is a free sniper with bid groups and unlimited concurrent snipes.

GarageSale, the Apple Mac listing tool, has been updated with a redesigned interface for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

The new design unifies auction and template modes into a single view. Users are now able to edit their auctions within GarageSale's web preview, and GarageSale uploads auctions and images simultaneously, resulting in faster auction uploads.

A new version of Mac listing tool GarageSale adds support for eBay's new user defined item specifics system, can cancel running auctions directly from within the application, and allows users to specify a deposit setting when selling cars on eBay Motors.

Free eBay listing tool Auctiva has released a number of new features, including support for eBay Canada, consignment selling, CSV reports, relist scheduling, and online shipping insurance claims.

The consignment selling feature allows sellers to manage consignment accounts through Auctiva, keeping track of consignment accounts, items listed and payouts.

Relist scheduling allows sellers to schedule relists in bulk with staggered launch times, and editable start price and duration.


Auctiva have begun adding a "BattleBids" game to all auctions listed using the service. The game is played within the auction listing, and sellers have the option not to have it added.

Classified ad creator vFlyer have launched vFlyer Agency and vFlyer Team: new services for real estate brokerage firms and agencies.

vFlyer Agency is a premium service that enables real estate brokers to upload bulk property listings for their agents and assign access rights to their administrative assistants. vFlyer Agency allows real estate brokers to upload 1,000 property listings quickly, and then distribute flyers to accounts and appropriate agents.

"Real estate requires teamwork between agents, brokers, assistants, office managers, and others. Our vFlyer Agency and vFlyer Team releases respond to this requirement and support a new level of teamwork unlike anything currently available," stated Aaron Sperling, vFlyer's co-founder and CEO.

Pricing for vFlyer Agency will start at $250/month and is available beginning September 24, 2007. vFlyer Team is currently available with all subscription plans (vFlyer Starter and above).

Added to the directory today are free sniper Hidbid and eBay Turbo Lister replacement BayLister.

Camera-based lister Auction Camera has been updated.

New features include support for Dutch-style auctions, and displaying total eBay fees when submitting a listing.

A new article by Sam Carson has been added to the site, covering free software and services for eBay sellers.

Don't pay for eBay selling tools! covers research tools Mpire Researcher and Terapeak; fee calculators eBCalc and ecal; and listers/management tools Auctiva, AuctionSplash, and ChannelMAX.

Sam reviews each tool in the course of selling seven unwanted garden gnomes.

Auction Camera is an innovative new way to list items on eBay, with a feature-rich digital camera at the core of the process.

The $999 bundle includes a Ricoh 500SE-Wireless camera, which has a built-in bar code reader and data capture capabilities. This allows you to describe the item for sale at the same time as taking photos, and send the description and photo wirelessly back to the Auction Camera system. Photos are automatically renamed to match the item number, rotated & resized, watermarked with your seller name, and hosted ready for listing online.

The Auction Camera web-based system has direct integration to eBay. A bar code system is used to generate, print, and track bar codes and bulk processing tools help get large batches done quickly. The system supports listing to Craigslist as well as and eBay Motors Parts and Accessories.

Version 4.2 of Mac listing tool iSale adds more than 30 new templates, giving users more than 200 layouts to choose from.

Version 4.1 of Mac listing tool iSale adds support for Google's Picasa Web Albums for free image hosting, and adds 10 new template layouts. Other improvements include storing more buyer details in the Mac OS X Address Book, and numerous minor bug fixes.

iwascoding has released version 3.2 of Mac listing tool GarageSale.

The new release introduces supports for eBay's Digital Delivery option and lets users browse Auction Designs using an iTunes-like "CoverFlow" interface. The new version also adds reusable text blocks for auction descriptions and supports eBay's new options for international shipping.

Auction template and photo hosting service The Seller Sourcebook have announced the release of the Auction Launcher, an eBay certified listing tool integrated with Pricing is unchanged at $8 per month.

eBay has released new features for Turbo Lister which save time for sellers by including listing management functions previously found only in My eBay. Highlights include viewing and editing active and scheduled listings; relist and sell similar items; find and replace text within listings; and exporting data to Excel.

Classified ad creation tool vFlyer has launched new mobile services. vFlyer differs from most other Ad Listers by concentrating on high value items, such as property and vehicles, being listed on classified sites like craigslist and edgeio.

vFlyer Business account users with a Web-enabled mobile device can now distribute their flyers via SMS or email messages. Details about goods or services for sale can be sent to recipients to view on any Web-enabled mobile device. vFlyer users can track flyer page views, visits and prospective buyers on their mobile device.

Aaron Sperling, vFlyer's CEO commented, "A growing number of online sellers, such as realtors and other sales professionals, use mobile Internet-enabled devices, such as Blackberrys and Treos, to conduct their business. As mobile adoption continues to grow, vFlyer is committed to helping sellers connect with clients or prospective buyers - even when they are away from their offices or computers."

Classified ad creation tool vFlyer now offers "widgets" to embed vFlyer listings in external sites such as eBay or the user's own website.

Sellers using eBay File Exchange will soon need to make changes to their file templates, due to the expansion this year of ISBN codes from 10 to 13 digits. The change affects all File Exchange Users, not just book sellers. More information.

Free listing tool The Poster Toaster is finally out of beta testing. This means that the program is now stable and suitable for use by regular users, rather than just those who want to help test the product.

Mac listing tool GarageSale now includes free image hosting, allowing users to add up to 5 images per auction free of charge.

Classified ad and eBay listing creator vFlyer has moved out of its beta development period, and begun charging for its service. There is still a free (ad supported) service supporting up to 10 published flyers, and paid plans range from $19.95 per month for up to 25 published flyers, to $79.95 per month for up to 125 published flyers. vFlyer specialises in high-value items such as cars and real estate.

equinux has launched version 4 of Mac listing tool iSale. There are new picture editing functions, free image hosting using Flickr, new templates, support for multiple eBay accounts, and improved reporting.

Listing tool List'd Express has 14 new premium template designs, as well as 3 new free templates. Using one premium template costs 50 cents, or users can pay $5.00 for 30-day unlimited use of any of the premium templates.

List'd also has a new profile section which allows users to set default boilerplate text, shipping options, and a default template.

iwascoding has released GarageSale 3.0, a free update to its eBay listing solution for the Mac. The new version adds 15 new auctions listing designs, and speeds up working with large auction libraries.

Classified and auction ad lister vFlyer has announced enhanced features for real estate professionals. The new functionality provides agents and brokers with enhanced ways to distribute their ads, and a broader set of property categories. A new FeedExpress service for companies with over 1,000 listings automatically submits, publishes and distributes flyers through feed-based syndication.

Mac ad lister iSale now supports eBay Express (for eBay Germany, US and UK). Qualified iSale users can choose to list their items exclusively on eBay Express, or as an additional platform alongside their main eBay listing. The preview option has been modified to switch between the eBay Preview and the eBay Express Preview.

Auction management and enhancement service Benda AE Auction Plan has a number of new features. The Auction Creator (WISE) auction listing service has been overhauled with free scheduled auctions, support for eBay Stores, automatic image uploading and resizing and more. There is also improved inventory management, and all English-language eBay sites are now supported.

The new version of Lister Pro, Andale's desktop auction poster, provides Automated Second Chance Offer, FedEx Shipping Manager Integration, Skype Integration and more.

New listing tool List'd Express now supports eBay calculated shipping.

Auction posting and management tool SpoonFeeder has been updated with support for eBay's digital delivery feature, the "Get-It-Fast" option, Border listing upgrade, and lot sizes.

Mac eBay listing tool iSale has received an Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X User Experience.

Andale has introduced support for Skype within their Lister and Lister Pro auction poster tools. Users can add a “Skype” button to their eBay auction listings, enabling interested buyers to communicate directly with the seller via voice or chat.

Apple Mac auction management tool GarageSale has had a number of interface improvements. It can now send customizable messages to buyers through eBay's message system and Microsoft Entourage, and supports Growl to display small notification windows when an item sells or receives a new bid.

Listing and auction management service Benda AE now offers a "pay as you go" payment plan. Users may purchase credits, and use these to buy services rather than taking out a monthly subscription.

The new version of Mac listing tool GarageSale adds customizable e-mail templates, automatic grouping of auctions and templates, and an improved 'Leave Feedback' function that works for multiple auctions at once. GarageSale has also added support for eBay Ireland.

Popular listing and management tool SpoonFeeder has been updated to version 5.04. The update includes support for custom Store categories, an improved listing editor, ability to use HTML in emails and invoices, CSV listing import, and performance improvements.

A new release of Mac listing tool iSale adds an auction relisting function, and an improved listing preview.

A new version of eBay's free listing software Turbo Lister is now available. The new program features an easier listing process; enhanced editing capabilities, and faster performance. More information.

The new version of AuctionTamer can automatically leave positive feedback for the buyer if they have left positive feedback for the seller and have paid for the item. Another new feature constantly searches for newly listed fixed price items that meet specified criteria.

Free listing service Auctiva is running a prize draw to win up to $250 in eBay listing fees. To enter, list auctions with Auctiva between March 30th and April 9th. At the end of the period, 5 listings will be randomly selected to win.

Low-cost auction management service SpareDollar has been acquired by rival inkFrog. The new owners plan to release a new site in the next few weeks, and all existing inkFrog and SpareDollar will be moved over to the new service. Pricing and the name of the new site has not yet been announced.

Benda AE has had a major makeover for its listing module. Auction Creator, previously known as WISE, now lists directly to eBay rather than working through Turbo Lister. Other features include automatic image optimization, easier template creation, and support for eBay UK and Australia.

Mac tool for eBay sellers GarageSale has added a built-in auction scheduler that lets users define the start time of their auctions, supporting advanced features as intervals between auction starts. Other new features include leaving feedback from with GarageSale, and 10 new graphical auction designs have been added.

Customisable consignment manager Your Store! now features item and listing templates, and auction revising, relisting and ending via eBay's File Exchange. A source code protected version is available for $125, and an open source version for $675.

Ad posting tool SimpLister has announced that they are closing permanently in March 2006.

Auctiva Corporation, currently enjoying renewed popularity following the launch of their free listing service, are working on expanding their existing site with a complete post-auction management solution. They plan to include a combined checkout, relisting, feedback services, customized email templates, and storefronts.

A new version of eBay's Turbo Lister is now available. It includes a new single-page listing process, editing directly from the main inventory list, and faster performance.

AuctionBytes reports that developer Ethical Technologies is facing a financial crisis, and eBay has threatened to pull their access to the API for failure to pay its bills. Ethical has a number of marketing and listing tools for eBay sellers, such as jayandmarie's Relister and the Thank You Tool.

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