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eBay marketing tool Crosspitch Gallery is now completely free.

Crosspitch Gallery is an automatic and customizable gallery for eBay auction listings which displays bid activity, product thumbnails, ending times, and Buy It Now prices for each listing. It was previously $19.99 per month and is now free for unlimited use.

eBay has a new service which creates paper flyers for eBay listings.

The new eBay Flyer tool creates flyers for any eBay item in 3 simple steps, for posting on local for-sale boards.

AuctionBytes has reported that auction gallery tool AuctionLynxx has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to AuctionHelper, the company that owns AuctionLynxx, the patent covers the basic technology behind the tool including the fundamental cross-selling methodology.

Many competing auction galleries are now available, and AuctionHelper said it would "vigorously protect its intellectual property rights" but would not comment on specific targets for litigation.

ChannelAdvisor has extended its alliance with GSI Commerce Inc. to help online retailers leverage paid search and comparison shopping engines.

Under the alliance, GSI will manage their clients' search advertising and comparison shopping campaigns using ChannelAdvisor’s Complete software application. ChannelAdvisor will provide GSI with an integrated platform for the management, optimization, and reporting of paid search and comparison shopping engine campaigns; and offer strategic support, training, and educational services to GSI’s in house team of online marketing specialists.

GSI Commerce is a leading provider of solutions that enable organizations to operate e-commerce businesses.

Infopia is holding a webinar about email marketing on October 3 and OrderMotion is holding a webinar about credit card processing on October 4.

Infopia's online seminar looks at the challenges and opportunities email marketing presents to web retailers this holiday season. More information and registration.

OrderMotion's webinar deals with credit card processing and choosing a merchant account provider with good service and costs. More information and registration.

eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has announced the addition of 30 new retail customers who have chosen either ShoppingAdvisor or SearchAdvisor to manage their paid search or comparison shopping engine efforts.

ShoppingAdvisor creates comparison shopping programs with built-in profitability management by defining business rules to automatically adjust bid levels or remove products to improve results.

SearchAdvisor manages paid search efforts (pay-per-click) across top search engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN and, through a single interface. SearchAdvisor ensures retailers do not bid on keywords for out-of-stock products and automates bid management by taking into account individual product cost.

Following the ban of Auction Extenders eBay has announced that it will no longer be possible to revise a listing's duration, except within a 2 hour window after an auction is listed. eBay justification for the change is that "auction extensions disrupt normal bidding patterns, creating a poor buyer experience. Some sellers were also using this ability to gain an advantage for their listings in terms of exposure on the site."

eCommerce software company Truition has integrated FAST ImPulse search technology with its storefront platform, increasing vendors conversion rates by up to 30 percent.

Truition's On Demand platform now features site search and guided navigation powered by FAST ImPulse, an eCommerce search solution which can insert relevant products based on the user's behavior, apply intelligent context such as geographic location, and provide a customized search experience.

Using auction cross-selling tool Crosspitch Gallery has resulted in extra revenue for sellers, according to the company.

Crosspitch says that sellers using their Gallery have increased sell-through by up to 22% and number of hits to their listings by up to 60%. "It only makes sense to cross promote your items," says Crosspitch CEO, John Jackson, "If a buyer is happy with the service he or she received from you, it is only natural for the same buyer to work with you again. This powerful online auction tool maximizes that opportunity." eBay allows four stationary cross promotion items in each listing, but Crosspitch’s gallery scrolls up to 50 items at a time.

eBay announced in late January that it would be banning tools that automatically extend an auction's duration. Although Sage Dynamic Duration Tool is no longer offered to new users, it will continue to function until eBay takes further action to prevent auction duration being extended. Vendio Reviser is still being actively marketed on Vendio's site, and the developers have spoken out against the ban.

eBay have rolled out a new feature for eBay Stores called Markdown Manager. The tool allows Store holders to offer discounted pricing by putting Fixed Price and Store Inventory items "on sale." Sale items will display special strike-through pricing on the item page, along with a "Sale" logo, so buyers can easily see the discount offered. More information.

eBay has issued a "Policy Clarification" that bans manual or automated increases in auction duration. Third-party Auction Extenders work by automatically revising auctions to increase the duration, pushing auctions higher up search results as they will be more frequently "ending soon". The Clarification classes the practice as a form of Fee Circumvention contrary to eBay's policy.

Auction Extenders include Vendio Reviser and Sage Dynamic Duration Tool, following the innovative Sell Through Tool from now-defunct Ethical Tecnhologies.

My Auction Gallery has launched a new image hosting service called MAGPics in addition to its auction gallery tool. The new service promises quick and easy bulk image without using FTP, and built-in image editing such as resize, crop, and watermarks.

The MAG Mini-Gallery feature has been redesigned and can now display all auction items in a single mini-gallery, include personal logos, and displays real-time pricing, bid, payment and shipping info.

Software developer Aucmento has made its auction gallery Annuncio and image zooming tool Amplio both free.

eCommerce solution Infopia has released a new version of its Marketplace Manager, with extended selling channels, more checkout options, analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Supported selling channels now include uBid, Bid4Assets, and comparison shopping sites; checkout options include PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and Google Checkout; analytics are available through integration of Google Analytics and Hammertap Research; and CRM is provided by Integration.

Andale has added discount coupon support to the Andale Checkout. The new feature allows an eBay auction seller to offer discounts to returning customers, thereby stimulating repeat purchases and increasing customer loyalty. The coupons can be used in any market, and are automated for the eBay Market.

The new version of Lister Pro, Andale's desktop auction poster, provides Automated Second Chance Offer, FedEx Shipping Manager Integration, Skype Integration and more.

Auction management provider Vendio is to launch a new free Buyer Appreciation service. This will send automatic emails to bidders and/or buyers, offering other items for sale and incentives to follow through with purchases, such as combined shipping discounts. Bidders can also easily opt-in to the seller's mailing list.

As part of a first anniversary promotion MyStoreMaps is offering a 90-day free trial. MyStoreMaps displays a map within eBay listings showing where a seller has previously shipped to.

Version 3.1 of desktop auction management program Shooting Star has been released. The new features include download of Second Chance Offer sales, and exporting reports to Excel and PDF formats.

eCommerce solution provider Truition has made a deal with Fast Search & Transfer, a developer of enterprise search technologies, to integrate FAST's ImPulse technology with Truition's CMS eCommerce platform. This will enable retailers on Truition's platform to customize visitors' search experience; cross-sell products based on individual profiles; monitor user search to discover trends, and more.

Auction management solutions company Vendio Services has acquired, for an undisclosed cash sum, a significant controlling interest in Andale. Vendio has been vague about their plans for Andale. Rodrigo Sales, CEO of Vendio, said "From economies of scale and category and geographic expansion to new services and technologies, this deal will result in a host of lucrative new opportunities for both companies and the customers they serve.”

Andale has released Slide Show Gallery, an enhancement to the Andale Gallery cross-selling tool. The new animated gallery scrolls photos of currently-available items across the seller’s auction or store listing on eBay.

Consignment selling specialist tool AuctionTeller has introduced a new auction gallery, which sellers can use to display all their items for sale within each eBay listing.

A beta version of Infopia's Marketplace Manager is now available for's AppExchange. is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Buyer loyalty solution MyStoreCredit has been relaunched and renamed MyStoreRewards. The new service is available to all merchants who accept PayPal payments, and allows them to offer customized rewards to increase repeat sales. The service automatically tracks buyer activity, issues cash rewards and provides reporting.

Auction gallery Annuncio has changed its pricing, from "$9.95 per month plus 3.5 cents per auction" to a tiered plan.

Buyer loyalty scheme MyStoreCredit is being relaunched on Monday, May 1. The name is to be changed to "MyStoreRewards" and a key new feature is issuing loyalty rewards automatically from the seller's own PayPal account. Rewards were previously tracked manually.

Other improvements are the lowering the price of sending emails to opted-in buyers from $0.04 to $0.01 per email; the ability to use the new MyStoreRewards on Yahoo, Amazon and Overstock as well as eBay; instant rewards for buyers when they opt-in; greater control over reward levels; and new customization tools.

eCommerce solution provider Truition has announced a partnership to integrate Omniture’s SiteCatalyst product into Truition’s Commerce Management System. SiteCatalyst enables vendors to analyze marketing initiatives and consumer behavior using metrics such as conversion ratios.

Omniture also provides visitor statistics for eBay Stores.

Auction manager Zoovy has launched Order Manager 6.0, which automates the order process for eBay sellers and other merchants. Order Manager 6.0 allows users to print postage, and sends out tracking information to the buyer. Integration with QuickBooks allows users to synchronize customer and order data.

The new software also provides reporting and customer relations management features to track customer and product information. A variety of payment options such as PayPal or automatic credit card processing are supported.

In the next few weeks, eBay Stores listings will display at the end of any eBay search on and on eBay Motors. Store sellers will see increased exposure for their Store Inventory items, and buyers will see more qualified listings when they search. Previously, eBay Stores items only appeared when there were zero (or very few) matching normal Auction and Fixed Price listings.

Vendio Services have released a new tool that allows eBay sellers to make automated revisions to their listings. This is the first time such a program has been released generally - Ethical's Sell-Through Tool is limited to 250 sellers and SDDT is only available to AuctionSage users.

With Vendio Reviser, eBay sellers can automatically lower prices; edit titles, categories or upgrades, and extend a listing's duration.

Email marketing tool Constant Contact has won the 2005 Web Marketing Today Award of Merit for Excellence in E-Mail Marketing Software. The accolade was given by Dr. Ralph Wilson, founding editor of Web Marketing Today.

Developer MyStoreCredit is to change its name to MyStoreTools, but will retain the MyStoreCredit name for its loyalty service. The company is also adding a gallery feature to its Personalized Shipping Maps offering, which has now been named "MyStoreMaps".

Ethical Technologies have removed the "Sell Through Tool" from their site product list. The service incrementally increases an eBay auction's duration so the item appears near the top of search results more often. The removal follows AuctionByte's Report that eBay objected to the product.

eBay has decided to discontinue the eBay Anything Points program on the U.S. eBay site. The program will officiallly end on February 28, 2006 but existing points will be valid until August 31, 2006. eBay sellers can continue to offer Anything Points as a buying incentive in their auctions until August 15th.

eBay stated that the program has been discontinued after "receiving input from U.S. members and assessing the benefit to the U.S. Community." The program will continue to run in Canada. Similar incentive services are available from third-party providers such as MyStoreCredit, Aucser, and PayCodes.

MyStoreCredit, developers of the MyStoreCredit newsletter and discount coupons service, has created a new service which adds a world map to auction listings displaying the locations to which the seller has shipped in the past.

Sellathon has released a technology that allows third-party software to integrate its visitor statistics solution ViewTracker, so sellers can view traffic details without visiting the Sellathon web site. Auctiva is the first developer to license the technology.

Sellathon has also announced that its counter solution will be the default for Overstock Auctions listings.

Version 6 of Infopia's Marketplace Manager adds search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing tools to the product's feature set. SEO is a technique that helps drive traffic from search engines to web pages by adding keywords to specific parts of the page. The new marketing tools include product comparison and listing in multiple categories.

eBay seller promotion and discount coupon service MyStoreCredit now offers a 60-day free trial (previously 30 days), and have also released a number of new features and enhancements.

Buyer Loyalty solution provider MyStoreCredit have launched a free beta of their new advertising service, open only to existing customers.

The new service adds targeted auction advertising to emails sent to eBay buyers as part of the MyStoreCredit loyalty program. To become an advertiser in another seller’s outbound email, sellers agree to let ads run in their own outbound emails - MyStoreCredit reports that over 90% of sellers have agreed to this advertising exchange.

MyStoreCredit is an automated online service which offers buyers a discount on future purchases if they opt-in to receiving monthly emails listing a seller's items for sale.

Auction Management service provider Marketworks new Marketworks Mail service will be offered to more than 4,000 existing Marketworks customers. Marketworks Mail is offered in partnership with email software provider ExactTarget and will enable users to create and manage email campaigns.

eBay recently announced its "Favorite Seller Digest", an option which sends regular emails to buyers about items for sale by sellers they have selected. This is similar to MyStoreCredit, a Certified Solutions Provider, whose service enables buyer discounts for repeat purchases, and emails buyers with details of items for sale.

"eBay Sales Reports" are a new subscription-based product that will provide sellers with key sales information for their eBay businesses. The basic Sales Reports are free and Sales Reports Plus are $4.99 per month (free for Store holders). This service shows sales by category, listing format, timing, and duration, as well as average sale price and eBay fees. This begins to encroach on the territory of auction management and counter services such as Andale.

Buyer loyalty service MyStoreCredit have announced a new $29.95 annual price point, replacing the $7.95 introductory rate in place while the service was being refined. Existing customers will only be billed the $7.95 annual fee.

Users of Buyer Loyalty solution MyStoreCredit can elect to use a new free service from the company which promotes their eBay listings to targeted eBay buyers. The new service, which is currently in beta testing, includes reports showing how many buyers saw the listings, how many buyers clicked through and more.

Auction manager Vendio is offering new gallery tools at a cost of $2.95 per month. Styles include Marquee, a scrolling list of items with roll over product highlights; Slot Machine, consisting of three items that rotate with a click of a button; Memory Game, where customers match pairs by flipping blank tiles; and Basic. The new Gallery tool can be inserted directly into eBay listings.

Auctiva users will now have a showcase of their other items for sale automatically inserted into eBay listings.

The excellent eBay Editor Kit has been added to the site. This is a simple and powerful way to add eBay auctions to a web page.

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