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Terapeak has announced the latest version of its eBay marketplace research tool. An important new feature is the ability to perform keyword analysis: Terapeak analyzes the words used in auction titles to provide information on which keywords generate the most money. Other new features include search tips and keyword suggestions, and portable PC & Blackberry support.

Terapeak has also announced a 14 day money back guarantee for its services. CEO Anthony Sukow states, “We are committed to serving our customers and providing amazing customer service. Our ultimate goal is to have happy, satisfied customers who benefit from using Terapeak research.”

Mpire's Mpulse is a new gateway to the company's free Researcher eBay market research product. Mpulse features the best-selling products in a handful of topical categories such as iPods, the Oscars, and the Winter Olympics.

Mpire Corporation's Researcher product is now completely free. Previously, only the first 100 searches were free. Mpire also plans a mobile version of the Researcher.

Marketplace analysis service Terapeak has launched their own API, which allows third-party developers to integrate eBay marketplace statistics into their own applications without requiring access to the raw eBay data. More information.

The new Mpire Researcher offers eBay marketplace research with thirty days' worth of data analysis. Results are based on top selling items, and the first 100 searches are free. Registered users get 10 free searches per month, and subsequent searches cost 10 cents each.

Market analysis tool DeepAnalysis, from HammerTap, now lets sellers view one month of data from a year ago to identify current seasonal trends. The feature has been called "Year-Ago" trending.

Popular auction manager AuctionSage has added a "Sell-Through Analyst" tool, which downloads eBay completed items data to provide sales statistics. Market analysis features such as this are unusual in auction management tools, normally being the domain of specialists such as Terapeak and AuctionIntelligence.

HammerTap are introducing a live chat helpdesk for their marketplace analysis tool DeepAnalysis.

The price for eBay market analysis tool AuctionIntelligence is increasing from $9.99 per month to $14.99 per month for new subscribers, from January 2006.

eBay now has their own market analysis tool, competing with third-party licensed providers such as DeepAnalysis and Terapeak. Marketplace Research provides up to 90 days of eBay historical completed items data, with charts trending average bids per item, number of completed items and more. There are three subscription levels: Fast Pass at $2.99 for 2 days, Basic at $9.99 per month, and Pro at $24.99 per month. More information

eBay marketplace analysis company Terapeak are beta testing a new tool called "Title Builder". Similar to Sellathon's SellerPower, the tool suggests keywords that may improve auction titles, but uses existing titles as its data source rather than user searches. Keyword suggestions can be based on listings, sales, success rate, bids, start price and end price. You can try Terapeak Title Builder here.

HammerTap has announced that eBay marketplace analysis tool DeepAnalysis will add support for Overstock Auctions with a beta release due in the week of August 29.

A number of tools from developer HammerTap have been removed from their site. They are monitoring tool Auction Informant, feedback filter BayCheck (and Pro edition), and eBay mailer BayMail (and Pro edition). Flagship program DeepAnalysis is still available, as are FeeFinder and BidderBlock. A spokesperson said the products had been removed because they didn't comply with eBay policies.

HammerTap also sells a rebranded version of AuctionStealer called HammerSnipe and a rebranded version of ChannelAdvisor Pro called HammerTap Manager.

eBay market analysis solution Terapeak has revamped its underlying architecture, meaning that users will notice faster search times, and have more control over the way that information is delivered to them. This includes the ability to use more search “modifiers” such as negative keywords and category filtering. Keyword searches are now available for the past 90 days, up from 60; while category trends can be viewed for the past year.

Users are also able to save their searches, and have the results e-mailed to them on a regular schedule. Terapeak has also made many cosmetic improvements including an upgraded graphing technology, and trending lines to display information on several items or categories at once.

Hosted eBay analysis solution Terapeak has been updated with a new graphing technology, export to Microsoft Excel, keyword search covering the past 3 months, support for negative search keywords, cross-category comparison, top 5 seller summary, and five new PDF tutorials. Terapeak uses official licensed eBay data to provide fast and accurate eBay market research.

Analysis tool Hot Item Finder has added a "most watched" feature, along with more search term data sources, and a comprehensive help system.

Leading auction software developer HammerTap is offering a 15% discount off the purchase price of any of their software products, only to Auction Software Review members. See the special offers page for more information.

Marketplace analysis tool AuctionIntelligence has added a number of new features, including new reports, seller searches for up to 100,000 items, and search importing and exporting.

Support for, added in July 2004, has been removed from the program, leaving WhizAnalysis as the only analysis program to support Germany.

eBay analysis company Terapeak has launched a free tool for buyers which searches for current listings at less than the average price. The tool leverages market data from the company’s database of closed auction listings to compare prices and return the best bargains. Try it here.

Version 2 of web-based analysis tool Terapeak includes faster searching and improved navigation. Terapeak participates in eBay’s data licensing program which gives wide access to eBay’s closed auction data.

Terapeak offers two levels of service: Terapeak Lite limits price searches to one day of closed auctions at a time for $9.95 per month and Terapeak Research Complete enables users to search up to 30 days at a time for $16.95 per month.

Free Java-based searching tool AuctionSieve has added a feature called "Price History Instant Averages". This calculates the average price of saved auctions that contain a selected keyword. Different currencies are averaged separately.

AuctionSieve can build up its history of ended auctions from searches of live auctions, or from individual completed auctions chosen by the user.

HammerTap's DeepAnalysis has been updated to version 2.0. The new version is the first desktop eBay analysis tool to use licensed eBay data. New reports analyze reserve prices, starting and ending days, and auction duration. DeepAnalysis was developed in conjunction with Wise Research, which specializes in advanced eBay analysis and consulting.

Subscribe to AuctionIntelligence, the eBay analysis tool, and get the first two months for the price of one. Offer only available to Auction Software Review members - login then follow the instructions on the special offers page to claim the discount.

Market research tool AuctionIntelligence now supports eBay Germany and Australia in addition to the US and UK sites.

Andale has launched Research Pro, a new market research tool that is installed as a Microsoft Excel plug in. For $49.95 per month sellers can run searches that return data on average selling price, conversion rates, listing volume, selling recommendations, and more. Research Pro uses eBay completed auction data along with other sources of information.

The auction and bidder analysis tools previously listed in the Misc Seller Tools category now have a category of their own called Analysis.

The eBay analysis tool AuctionIntelligence has been enhanced with a Hot items report, sell-through data for dutch and Buy It Now auctions, and summary information broken out by listing type.

HammerTap, publisher of a range of eBay-related software, has been acquired by Bright Builders, Inc., a 50+ employee Utah-based provider of ecommerce software and services.

Also announced: Version 2.0 of HammerTap's flagship analysis tool, DeepAnalysis, will incorporate data from eBay's official completed auction data licensing program.

AuctionIntelligence, the analysis tool, has added support for eBay Motors.

HammerTap, publishers of a range of eBay-related programs, have in the last week released updates for the following products: DeepAnalysis, BayMail Pro, BayCheck, and Auction Informant.

AuctionIntelligence now works with the eBay completed search login requirements. Many new features have also been added to the program, such as support for subtitle, shipping amount, and positive feedback percentage.

eBay announced today that users will be required to sign in to use the completed items search, stating that "Completed Items data can be valuable information that is generated by the eBay Community, so it will be available only to registered members of the eBay Community."

Auction analysis applications that may require updating include AuctionIntelligence, DeepAnalysis, and WhizAnalysis.

A new article has been added to the site, called Statistics You Won't Find on eBay.

The article looks into the following questions:

  • What are the most popular categories on eBay?
  • How many bids do items receive on average?
  • How many auctions are won in the last minute?
  • How did you compile these statistics?
  • Where can I learn more?

A new and impressive auction analysis tool, WhizAnalysis, has been added to the site and granted verified status.

AuctionIntelligence, the auction analysis tool, now supports eBay UK in addition to eBay US.

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