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Logistics company Estafeta USA has introduced a new service for 3PL providers, manufacturers and distributors in Pacific Rim countries looking to ship their products to Mexico.

Estafeta can pick-up shipments from warehouses in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan and Philippines for shipment to Mexico, or collect shipments sent to Mexico by air freight.

Once shipments arrive in Mexico, Estafeta will arrange for distribution and delivery to customer homes or places of business.

Their is no limit to weight or size, pallets can be handled, DDU and DDP (duty unpaid/duty paid) services are available, and Estafeta can provide customs support.

Estafeta has broad coverage in Mexico, delivering to 32,000 zip codes with over 120,000 daily shipments. Estafeta's Pacific Rim logistics specialists in Houston speak English and Spanish.

Source: Estafeta USA

Shipping system ShipStation has added a new feature which reduces the number of steps in the shipping process.

Quickship bypasses the cost summary page and instead creates labels in a new print queue, where labels (or any errors or warnings) are generated. The operator can then continue working while labels are generated in the background.

ShipStation administrator users can decide which users get Quickship, so new or temporary employees have a slower but safer process while they get used to the ShipStation workflow.

Source: ShipStation

UK shipping tool Shiptheory can now print directly to desktop-connected printers.

By installing a small desktop program, Shiptheory can print to any desktop-accessible printer without the use of Java web applets.

Labels can be printed automatically by assigning carriers to specific printers (which also helps accommodate different label sizes), or by scanning an order's barcode and selecting the printer to use.

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "We've added automatic desktop printing support to Shiptheory now. Shiptheory can communicate directly with our customers' printers, which results in one less step in the print, pack, ship process!"

Source: Shiptheory

UK shipping tool Zenstores is now integrated with the Etsy marketplace.

Zenstores streamlines the management of orders from single or multiple shops and makes dispatching items through a variety of couriers quick and easy. The platform also supports sellers who list their products on more than one marketplace at the same time, such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

Paul Snook, owner of Apple Crates UK, is a long-time Etsy user: "I sell my handmade crates on Etsy and as my sales increased keeping track of all those orders and where they needed to go became a nightmare. Zenstores has all my orders in one place and I can automatically print labels for Royal Mail and other couriers without any copy and pasting. It's saved me at least an hour every day."

Zenstores launched in January 2015 and saw more than one million orders shipped through its platform in its first year.

Source: Zenstores

Marketplace management tool Selro has integrated with UK parcel carrier platform NetDespatch.

The new integration has allowed Selro to quickly integrate multiple carriers including APC Overnight, Yodel, Royal Mail and UK Mail. Selro can now print the correct labels for each carrier, along with other documentation including customs labels.

Selro co-founder Kem Perera said, "This enables us to offer a more flexible and fully featured service to our customers all within a single system. We found NetDespatch very easy to work with. In fact, it took just one week to complete the Royal Mail integration from start to finish. We have also had excellent support from the NetDespatch team with quick responses to any queries or issues that we have had, which have been minimal."

Founded in 2008, Selro provides a centralised inventory listing and order management system with a multichannel focus. The company has further product integrations to announce later in 2016.

Source: NetDespatch

Order management tool ShipStation has added support for daily deals site Tanga.

The new integration allows sellers to create branded and customized shipping labels on ShipStation's platform. Once the shipments are sent, ShipStation will automatically send the carrier, tracking number, and shipping status back to Tanga to provide tracking notifications to the customer.

"We are excited to partner with such a fast-growing and dynamic company," says ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "Partnering with Tanga allows us to help many online sellers make shipping and fulfillment easier, efficient, and more cost-effective."

Tanga has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S for two years running. Sellers can provide new flash sales and 24-hour offers every day through the Tanga marketplace.

Source: ShipStation

UK order management tool Shiptheory is now integrated with international parcel carrier DHL.

The new integration provides DHL shipping labels and tracking number support for Magento, Brightpearl and Exact users of the Shiptheory app.

When Shiptheory creates a DHL label, the tracking number is returned from DHL and updated instantly in the source channel. The Shiptheory rules engine provides complete control over the DHL service used, depending on the value of the order, weight, destination and other factors.

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "Adding another high end global shipper is more good news for our users."

DHL, owned by German firm Deutsche Post, are one of the world's largest shippers with a fleet of over 250 aircraft as well as ground, rail and sea services.

Source: Shiptheory

UK shipping tool Shiptheory has added support for domestic and international carrier FedEx.

Shiptheory's FedEx integration automates the creating of shipping labels, manifests and tracking notifications

Shiptheory's flexible shipping rules engine can control which orders are dispatched on which FedEx service, using a combination of consignment weight, value, destination and other factors.

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "FedEx is a truly international brand. Adding support to Shiptheory for FedEx increases our customers international shipping abilities."

FedEx serves over 220 countries with a combination of air, ground and sea services. Bringing FedEx into Shiptheory provides a more seamless international shipping solution to users of integrated ecommerce platforms Magento, Brightpearl and Exact.

Source: Shiptheory

A new tool from software vendor XSellco has been released to help Amazon sellers ship their orders: XSellco Swift.

XSellco Swift integrates with Amazon's Buy Shipping API, allowing shipping labels to be bought and printed for both ordinary merchant-fulfilled orders and also Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "By integrating with Amazon's Buy Shipping API, we wanted to provide our customers with an easy-to-use application to help simplify their order management and shipping process. With XSellco Swift, qualified Self-Fulfilled Merchants can now exploit the full benefits of joining the Prime program."

Features include the ability to communicate directly with Amazon and receive quotes for shipping from a network of Amazon Partnered Carriers. Sellers can then buy and print shipping and packaging labels, and slips required under Amazon guidelines. A dispatch countdown timer notifies sellers of impending order deadlines. Sellers can automate specific shipping tasks by creating unique rules for individual SKUs and approved shipping carriers.

Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime program enables merchants' products to qualify for the Prime badge, while shipping orders themselves. Previously, the Prime badge was only shown for inventory in Amazon's own FBA fulfillment service.

Seller-Fulfilled Prime merchants will be required to use Amazon's Buy Shipping API to purchase labels for all their Prime shipments in the very near future, says XSellco.

XSellco Swift has a free 30-day trial.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce management software SalesWarp can now print US Postal Service shipping labels directly from within the platform.

SalesWarp users can purchase USPS postage, print shipping labels, and get real-time USPS shipping quotes and tracking information from within the SalesWarp platform.

"Our retail clients can also buy and manage postage directly within SalesWarp," said SalesWarp CEO and Founder David Potts. "This functionality enhances our users' experience, giving them a more efficient and seamless shipping solution."

USPS labels are provided in SalesWarp through a partnership with Endicia.

Source: SalesWarp

Order management tool ShipStation has integrated with the AbleCommerce shopping cart.

With the AbleCommerce and ShipStation integration, orders are pushed to ShipStation where merchants can perform functions such as shipping an order, creating a shipping label, retrieving shipping rates, adding funds to a carrier account, creating a warehouse, and more.

AbleCommerce has been providing ecommerce solutions for over 20 years, with a name built around product excellence, stability, well written code, superior support, and services.

Source: ShipStation

UK shipping tool One Stop Order Processing now has a direct link to Royal Mail, via an integration with NetDespatch.

The link enables One Stop Order Processing to print Royal Mail labels from within the application, and set rules to select the correct postal service. Sellers will need a free NetDespatch account to use the integration.

The link is available in the Standard Plus and Premium versions of One Stop Order Processing.

Source: One Stop Order Processing

UK shipping system Shiptheory has partnered with carrier integration service NetDespatch to provide access to a wider range of parcel carriers from its software.

The partnership has allowed Shiptheory developer Mad Capsule Media to rapidly expand their portfolio of UK and international carriers, without significant development or testing work.

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "We've been helping thousands of companies automate their shipping process since 2008. Our recent partnership with NetDespatch has allowed us to add an APC Overnight and a Yodel integration to Shiptheory with very little development time. We're looking forward to working with NetDespatch on additional projects in the future."

Shiptheory is an online shipping rules engine that allows businesses to control the selection of parcel carrier to be used for a particular order, based on weight, order value and destination.

Source: NetDespatch

UK shipping tool Shiptheory now supports parcel carrier XDP Express.

Shiptheory now integrates directly with XDP Express, streamlining delivery scheduling, collection, label printing and manifest processes for retailers using Magento, Brightpearl or Exact.

XDP Express tracking numbers are automatically generated and returned to the store software, and emailed directly to customers.

Shiptheory's shipping rules engine makes it easy to control exactly how XDP Express handles consignments. Sellers can use a combination of consignment weight, value, destination and more to automatically select an XDP delivery service and schedule a collection.

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "We are excited to add XDP Express to Shiptheory. Their experience in the UK logistics sector is invaluable."

XDP Express are a UK-based logistics company that formed in 1995 and offer freight flexibility with over 60 depots national wide.

Source: Shiptheory

Chinese third-party logistics company ChinaDivision has created a calculator for shipping packages by airfreight from China.

The new calculator provides quotes from EMS, DHL and China Post, along with estimated delivery times.

Source: ChinaDivision

UK shipping system Shiptheory has added support for reading barcodes containing shipment or order references.

Shipping labels can now be printed using only a barcode reader and label printer.

The barcode scanning interface also provides a print history showing the order reference, shipment reference, customer number and number of boxes.

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "Adding barcode reader support simplifies the picking, packing and shipping process for Shiptheory users that run larger warehouse operations."

Source: Shiptheory

AuctionInc's Paid Shipping Calculator ecommerce plug-in has improved support for USPS flat rate boxes.

The new features are included with ShopCart and Single Seller API subscriptions, as well as with the company's shopping cart extensions.

USPS flat rate boxes can be very competitive for some shipments. For example, a 10-lb box going from Boston to Los Angeles, costs $37 in your own box, but only $12.65 in a medium flat rate box. In contrast, a 1-lb box costs only $7.15 in your own box, so sellers should not use flat rate boxes indiscriminately.

AuctionInc's flat rate box support now allows users to:

  • Select the specific flat rate boxes that they use.
  • Set the percentage utilization of boxes, to allow space for packing materials.
  • Decide whether to compare the cost of shipping using flat rate boxes to the regular rate.
  • Show the cubic flat rate box price to customers, for those with Commercial Plus rates.

Source: AuctionInc

Order management tool ShipStation has added support for the Newegg Canadian marketplace, and also improved delivery features in the software.

ShipStation's integration with Newegg Canada allows orders to import seamlessly into ShipStation where they can be processed along with other orders, using direct integrations with Canadian carriers including Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express.

ShipStation has also added an estimated delivery time to the side bar underneath the shipping cost, shown before an order is shipped, and introduced a new Delivery Emails feature.

Delivery Emails is a new email which can be triggered when the carrier updates that the package has been delivered. The email is customizable and can be edited with custom branding and messaging, like other ShipStation emails.

Source: ShipStation for Newegg Canada and Delivery Estimates and Emails

Inventory management system SellerCloud has added new shipping features, including support for Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

Under Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, sellers who have proven their ability to meet Prime customers' expectations for service can apply to the program and qualify to have the Prime badge displayed alongside their product offers.

Merchants must purchase their shipping labels from Amazon, rather than through their own account. SellerCloud can manage Prime orders, allowing sellers to purchase and print Amazon shipping labels directly in the software.

SellerCloud has also added support for Collect on Delivery by FedEx, where FedEx collects payment before releasing the delivery, and is also now a certified UPS Ready Partner - meaning the application has been reviewed and approved by UPS.

Source: SellerCloud

UK parcel consolidator Parcelhub has put together a new 20-strong team to provide outsourced customer support for ecommerce businesses using its services.

The new support team has been set up to manage every aspect of the delivery on customers' behalf.

Kate Webb, Head of Customer Experience at Parcelhub explained, "From following up non-deliveries to taking calls from end receivers, the ecommerce support team is designed to act as an extension to our customers' own customer service departments. Our systems allow us to track where a call is coming from so we can answer the phone as if we are the customer. And because we have access to all the tracking and delivery data we can respond much faster and more accurately, often solving an end-receivers' problem before the customer is even aware of the issue. At this busy time, it helps make everyone's lives easier."

Parcelhub also manages Amazon and eBay messages for some customers, responding to delivery-related queries on their behalf.

Parcelhub handles parcel shipping for over 500 webstore, eBay and Amazon retailers, moving more than 350,000 parcels per month. The company employs 75 people at its Nottingham headquarters and four regional depots across the UK.

Source: Parcelhub

Order processing tool ShipStation has a new integration with Customer Relationship Management software Lime Light CRM.

Lime Light CRM customers can now use ShipStation to get discounts on shipping rates, batch process shipping labels, add branding to packing slips and labels, and process returns.

ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath notes, "Our users have asked for an integration with a CRM provider, and we're delighted to partner with an industry leader, Lime Light CRM. We are looking forward to providing Lime Light CRM's customers with a solution to help them spend more time on marketing and less on shipping and fulfillment."

Lime Light CRM imports orders from multiple sources then, using the new integration, can communicate them to ShipStation to create shipping labels. ShipStation then transfers shipping data back to Lime Light and the original selling channel.

Source: ShipStation

Ecommerce software company SalesWarp has announced a partnership with logistics company Move Method to offer its customers reduced USPS shipping rates.

The partnership gives SalesWarp's clients access to United States Postal Service Commercial Plus Pricing.

"Our partnership with Move Method allows us to make shipping easier and more cost-effective for our clients," said David Potts, SalesWarp's CEO and Founder. "Clients can access the Commercial Plus Pricing and print shipping labels – all from within SalesWarp's integrated solution. This has an immediate impact on their bottom line."

"Normally, a retailer needs to maintain a certain shipping volume to qualify for the Commercial Plus Pricing program, which most small retailers don't meet," said David Anderson, Vice President of Marketing for SalesWarp. "By leveraging Move Method's platform, we can offer our retailers the best-in-industry USPS shipping rates, helping them be more competitive, especially during this holiday season."

Source: SalesWarp

Ecommerce management software Linnworks has introduced a new "virtual printer" system for printing from it's browser-based system

The new virtual printer enables sellers to easily send labels in bulk to any printer they choose.

Users can configure as many printers as they want, select hundreds of open orders, then print labels directly from their browser.

Browser-based systems can make printing difficult, requiring a PDF to be generated before selecting a printer. enables users to configure a printer independently of their computer or browser.

Source: Tamebay

Order management tool ShipRush has added support for the new Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

Under the new program, qualifying merchants can have self-fulfilled products listed as eligible for Prime. Previously, using Amazon's FBA fulfillment service was the only way to get the Prime badge.

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders must be shipped with the Amazon "Buy Shipping" system built into Amazon's Seller Central, or available in compatible shipping systems - which now includes ShipRush Web.

All ShipRush Web features are available for the new Prime shipping, including single and batch shipping, packing list printing, laser and thermal printer support, cloud printing, scale support and more.

ShipRush Product Manager Rafael Zimberoff said, "Prime is a fast-growing part of Amazon, and every merchant should consider supporting it. As the leading solution for Amazon merchant shipping, it is something ShipRush needs to support."

Teapplix also added support for Seller Fulfilled Prime this month.

Source: ShipRush

Shipping management tool ShipStation can now create return labels from its mobile app.

The free ShipStation companion app for Android and iOS can send return labels to print from a mobile phone or tablet, or as a PDF directly to a customer's email address.

Source: ShipStation

Shipping and accounting automation tool Teapplix has added support for Amazon's "Seller Fulfilled Prime" program, which allows third-party sellers who ship their own products to take part in Amazon Prime.

Teapplix supports the new Amazon "Buy Shipping" API so sellers can purchase shipping labels for Amazon orders directly in Teapplix, in bulk. Buying shipping labels from Amazon is required for participation in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Teapplix automatically recognizes Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, and allows those orders to be filtered automatically and moved into a separate queue for expedited handling.

Sellers that turn on the Buy Shipping API for their Amazon account will be able to bulk-print shipping labels using the same automated process. Teapplix supports all the carriers that Amazon provides today: USPS, UPS, FedEx and

The Teapplix integration to the Amazon Buy Shipping API speeds up Amazon merchants' operations, and allow them to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime while keeping the same automated workflow.

Source: Teapplix

Order management tool Shiptheory has added support for UK parcel carrier 13ten.

13ten uses a network of five of the UK's leading carriers to manage and deliver parcels, with a focus on reliable and affordable shipping.

The new Shiptheory integration means that users can create 13ten shipping labels directly from their store or CRM, including Magento, Exact and Brightpearl.

13ten offers timed and tracked services and collects shipments daily. An account with 13ten is required to use the integration.

Source: Shiptheory

UK parcel consolidator Parcelhub has launched a new feature called SMART notifications.

Parcelhub's SMART system analyses delivery data and identifies non-deliveries and exceptions, allowing them to be monitored and action taken as required. It works as an add-on to existing Parcelhub systems, so it can be used by any merchant, across multiple carriers.

Steve Riley, IT Director at Parcelhub, said, "Our customers were telling us that they needed something that did more than just track parcels, they needed to be proactively informed as to their status, especially when there were issues surrounding delivery".

Prior to the automated system, exceptions reporting was done manually via a paper report, which was time consuming and inefficient. Parcelhub's SMART now automatically flags anything out of the ordinary and using a series of rules, notifies both the customer and Parcelhub's own ecommerce support team. With the new system a non-delivery can be identified, investigated and sent back out for redelivery before the customer is even aware of any issue.

Source: Tamebay

UK order management software Zenstores has been updated to make it easier to create shipping labels and process orders in bulk.

Zenstores users can now select all orders with a single button, rather than selecting a page of 15 orders at a time.

There is also better visibility of shipping errors, and users can re-print batches of labels and filter orders by country.

Finally, it is no longer necessary to fill in the customs form for every Royal Mail booking when sending parcels to European countries.

Source: Zenstores

Shipping tool ShipStation has added new "scan to view" barcodes for packing slips which provide quick access to order details within the system.

When scanned the new barcodes will pull up the order details from anywhere within ShipStation, without needing to navigate through the software.

Source: ShipStation

Inventory and marketplace management tool Ecomdash now has direct support for a number of leading US parcel carriers.

Ecomdash now integrates with FedEx, UPS and DHL Express via its internal shipping application. With these new integrations, ecomdash serves as a complete end-to-end ecommerce automation system and can help sellers speed up and simplify shipping and fulfillment process.

"We're excited to be able to offer these new shipping integrations in time for the holidays," said Kevin Loomis, co-founder and vice president of product development at ecomdash. "This is a critical period for online retailers. The more shipping options they have during the holidays, the better they can strategize shipping costs and maximize profits. The ecomdash shipping application helps them do that, and speeds up the process," Loomis said.

Ecomdash also offers integrations with the USPS via and Endicia.

Source: Ecomdash

Cloud-based ecommerce platforms Bigcommerce and Shopify have both partnered with transportation company Uber to offer same-day delivery within three US cities.

The service, called UberRUSH, is an on-demand delivery network designed for local retailers, and will be available to merchants in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco.

"UberRUSH has allowed us to expand our business without the cost and infrastructure needs we would traditionally need," said Shom Chowdhury, CEO of Indie Fresh. "We're able to offer delivery to new neighborhoods and serve all of Manhattan from a single brick-and-mortar location without compromising the quality of our product."

Through the partnership, retailers will be able to use UberRUSH to offer faster, cheaper, and more reliable deliveries to local customers, getting products in customers' hands on the same day they are purchased. Upon checkout, shoppers will be able to select UberRUSH as a delivery option and track the order's progress from the retailer to their doorstep.

Shopify are rolling out UberRUSH to "select merchants" in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco over the coming weeks, while Bigcommerce merchants will be able to select UberRUSH as a delivery option beginning next year.

"Today's partnership with Uber is another way for us to improve the entire shipping process for our 175,000+ merchants," said Brennan Loh, Head of Product Partnerships at Shopify. "In New York City, one in eight orders on Shopify have been purchased by shoppers within 20 miles of a merchant, which is why we're excited to work with Uber. Merchants can now offer an affordable, same-day delivery option for their local customers."

Source: Bigcommerce and Shopify

Shipping label printing system ShipStation has announced a new integration with multichannel management tool Linnworks.

ShipStation can now handle shipping for orders processed by Linnworks, and send shipping information including tracking numbers back to Linnworks - keeping the two systems synchronized.

* * * * *

Linnworks has also released a multi-user login feature for their new cloud-based version, reports Tamebay.

Source: ShipStation

Marketplace management tool Stitch has added a number of new enhancements to shipping and other features.

Orders in Stitch now show the availability of stock in each warehouse, allowing users to see the distribution of stock between warehouses.

FBA orders no longer sync from Stitch to ShipStation, ensuring that orders are not fulfilled by the merchant's themselves as well as Amazon.

Stitch also has additional API "endpoints" and speed improvements, and can now create and print barcodes for variants. Stitch is also developing additional barcode functionality.

Source: Stitch Labs

Shipping management tool ShipStation has added End of Day (EOD) shipment summaries and barcodes to their mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The End of Day barcodes can be scanned by carriers straight from the mobile app, removing the need to physically print them just for scanning.

Source: ShipStation

Order management system Ordoro has released a number of design updates to enhance user productivity.

Ordoro users can now delete both tags and return labels within the UI, without visiting a different part of the system.

PO numbers can also be changed, and POs now show inventory quantity information at the side.

Finally, a new feature allows users to select multiple checkboxes at once.

Source: Ordoro

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has announced a number of new and enhanced technology integrations.

Bigcommerce has a new partnership with ShipperHQ to provide real-time shipping quotes, and reduce shopping cart abandonment due to uncertainty over shipping costs.

ShipperHQ is the number one shipping extension for Magento, and provides merchants with a sophisticated shipping rate calculator and rules engine, allowing merchants to offer their customers accurate, real-time shipping quotes.

ShipperHQ supports UPS, USPS, FedEx, GSO (Golden State Overnight) and LTL Freight Carriers.

The ShipperHQ app is currently only available to merchants on the Enterprise plan, and will be available to the full Bigcommerce merchant base in 2016.

* * * * *

Bigcommerce has a new partnership with Pinterest to enable Buyable Pins for Bigcommerce merchants.

Buyable Pins are a new Pinterest feature, and appear in user feeds if they are relevant to that user's interests just like regular Pins. Customers can buy on Pinterest by entering their shipping and payment information, and future purchases will only take two clicks. Pinterest orders are fed back to Bigcommerce for standard order processing.

Pinterest Buyable Pins created with Bigcommerce are also Rich Pins, displaying additional product information such as pricing and availability on the Pin.

* * * * *

Bigcommerce and Square announced an integration in February this year giving Bigcommerce merchants with an offline store the ability to process payments through a connected POS system. Now the integration has been enhanced with real-time inventory synchorization across physical and digital channels to rule out the possibility of overselling.

Source: Bigcommerce for ShipperHQ, Pinterest Buyable Pins and Square

Order management tool ShipStation has added automatic calculation of shipping rates, and support for US and global shipping consolidator IMEX.

The "Auto Rate" feature automatically gets shipping rates without the need for user input. If the user then changes an order's weight, service, package, or anything else that impacts shipping, ShipStation will automatically recalculate the rate with the new information.

ShipStation has also announced a new relationship with shipping consolidation company IMEX Global Solutions. IMEX provides ecommerce merchants with access to discounted shipping rates and a simplified international shipping process. The company is also a Qualified Wholesaler for the USPS and provides special services for UK consumers through a relationship with Royal Mail. With the new integration, online merchants can quickly and easily create IMEX shipping labels using ShipStation.

"ShipStation is an important new partner for IMEX. We share a vision of providing the easiest path for online retailers to access the right international shipping solutions at a cost that is in line with customer expectations," says Robert Puppa, executive vice president of IMEX Global Solutions, Inc. "IMEX prides itself on constant improvement and we look forward to the benefits this partnership will bring to ShipStation and IMEX customers alike."

Source: ShipStation for Automatic Rate Calculation and IMEX Global Solutions

Ecommerce platform Shopify has released a new credit card reader for its POS system, as well as direct printing of USPS shipping labels and a new Xero accounting integration.

Shopify's new credit card reader supports contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as new chip-based ("EMV") credit and debit cards. The reader connects wirelessly to any iPhone or iPad running Shopify POS, and is available to pre-order for $99. Shopify merchants who buy the new reader are protected against any fraudulent transactions resulting from swiped chip cards, until the new reader is received.

The deadline for US retailers to switch to a chip-enabled card reader is October 1st, and retailers swiping chipped cards after that date could be held liable for any fraudulent transactions.

* * * * *

Shopify sellers can now buy and print USPS shipping labels directly through Shopify. Discounted shipping rates have been negotiated for merchants, saving up to 40% on a 5lb package being shipped from New York City to Chicago. Packages can be dropped off at any USPS location or a free home pick up arranged.

Shopify's postage-printing system is provided through an integration with Endicia. Harry Whitehouse, CTO and co-founder of Endicia, said, "Shopify and Endicia are committed to improving the selling experience for online retailers and consumers alike. It's important that Shopify sellers are able to ship their products quickly or they risk losing return customers and future sales. This integration provides hundreds of thousands of Shopify users an efficient and seamless shipping solution."

"Shipping is a fundamental component of any online merchant's workflow. We're focused on streamlining shipping and product delivery for our merchants, so they can focus on other aspects of growing their business," said Louis Kearns, Director of Product and Merchant Solutions at Shopify. "With Shopify Shipping, not only are we saving merchants time and money, but we're also giving them the foundation they need to perfect their fulfillment strategy. We expect to expand these benefits to merchants in other geographies with additional shipping providers over time."

* * * * *

Finally, Shopify has released a new Xero app to provide better integration with the popular accounting tool.

Shopify merchants can now seamlessly export product, payment, tax, and customer data into Xero instead of manually copying the data.

Source: Shopify for POS, USPS and Xero

Order management tool ShipStation has added support for mail consolidator Access Worldwide and ecommerce platform Big Cartel.

Access Worldwide serves over 200 countries using a global network of over 60 national postal carriers and private delivery networks. With the new integration, ShipStation online sellers can connect their Access Worldwide account to ShipStation then create Access Worldwide labels one at a time or in batch. All of ShipStation's features for advanced reporting, shipping automation, and more are available for Access Worldwide shipments.

ShipStation has also announced an integration with Big Cartel, an online store platform designed for makers, designers, musicians, and artists. Using ShipStation, Big Cartel sellers can now:

  • Import orders from their Big Cartel online store
  • Access discounted USPS rates via
  • Connect multiple shipping carriers and create labels one at a time or in batch
  • Customize packing slips and email notifications with their personal brand

ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath said, "ShipStation is committed to helping merchants of all sizes, especially the makers, designers and artists. Our software helps creative folks spend more time making and selling, and less time on shipping and fulfillment."

Source: ShipStation for Access Worldwide and Big Cartel

Following its recent launch of expedited shipping and customs clearance for Brazil, Endicia has added Mexico to its "Global Service".

Endicia Global Service eliminates the pain points associated with shipping to Latin America, such as delays in customs, theft of higher-ticket items and costly shipping options.

Since the beta launch in May 2015, Endicia Global Service has expanded its offering to include Mexico alongside Brazil. By the end of 2015, the service will be offered in additional countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Endicia partnered with SkyPostal, a parcel delivery company specializing in Latin American logistics, to create Endicia Global Service.

Packages sent to Brazil and Mexico from the United States using the service will clear customs in hours instead of days, typically arriving in the customers' hands in eight to ten days.

"Brazil and Mexico account for more than 70 percent of the ecommerce market in Latin America — a tremendous opportunity for U.S.-based online sellers. Up until this point, we've seen businesses struggle with reaching these countries," said Endicia's co-founder and general manager, Amine Khechfé. "Endicia Global Service makes shipping to Brazil and Mexico as easy as shipping in the United States."

Source: Endicia

Online store platform Bigcommerce has added a number of new features for USPS postage printing through Endicia.

The changes include:

  • The option to print shipping labels on standard 8.5×11 inch paper as well as 4×6 inch DYMO printer labels.
  • Additional USPS package types including Flat Rate Legal Envelope, Flat Rate Padded Envelope, Media Mail and Parcel Select.
  • Endicia Parcel Insurance for higher-value products.
  • Signature confirmation.
  • A streamlined UI for shipments, allowing the carrier, shipping service and package type to be selected all at once.

Source: Bigcommerce

US online postage-printing company has settled a lawsuit with mail consolidator Express 1 for $10 million, reports EcommerceBytes. agreed last month to settle the lawsuit. The case began after acquired ShipStation in June last year.

Express 1 alleged that ShipStation breached its contract with Express One by violating an exclusivity provision and it sought an injunction, damages, attorneys' fees, and court costs.

Along with the settlement payment the two companies also "agreed to continue and expand their business relationship going forward, and they entered mutual general releases in connection with the settlement." planned acquisition of competitor Endicia is currently under a pre-merger review by the US government.

Source: EcommerceBytes

Order management tool Ordoro has added support for shipping using Canada Post.

Canadian merchants wishing to ship domestically and internationally through Canada Post can now do so using Ordoro.

With over 15.5 million addresses and 6,200 post offices operating in the country, Canada Post is the country's primary postal operator.

Source: Ordoro

Order management tool ShipStation has integrated with Amazon's new marketplace in Mexico.

The new integration will sync Amazon Mexico orders, list the best shipping rates, and allow merchants to print hundreds of labels at once.

Using ShipStation Amazon Mexico sellers can access discounted USPS rates, and use order management functionality across multiple ecommerce platforms.

ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath said, "International sales are important to ShipStation sellers, and we are uniquely able to offer time-saving features to help our customers sell internationally. With Amazon Mexico's launch in June, and a growing base of online shoppers in Mexico, we knew our customers would want to start selling quickly. Because of this we are pleased to offer the Amazon Mexico integration for all current and potential ShipStation merchants." is a Spanish-language site offering millions of items including consumer electronics, kitchen and home items, sports equipment, tools, baby, health and personal care products, jewelry, music, books, movies, software and more. Free shipping is available on orders over $35 (599 pesos).

Forrester Research reports that Mexican online retail spending grew by 21.7% to $2.8 billion in 2014 and is forecasted to grow another 139% by 2019.

Source: ShipStation

Order management tool ShipStation has added support for DHL Express in Canada.

Canadian merchants can now link their DHL Express Canada account to ShipStation and create labels for online orders shipping from Canada to the US and internationally.

ShipStation provides access to DHL contract rates and a free electronic signature on every package, plus shipping insurance, automated paperless customs documents and more.

"Our Canadian customers are important to us," says ShipStation's VP of Marketing, Robert Gilbreath. "By offering a feature-rich integration with DHL we are helping those customers to become exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders, wherever they sell and however they ship."

Source: ShipStation

Shipping management tool ShipStation has a new integration, with the Hatch marketplace.

Hatch is an online marketplace where professional craftsman and skilled designers create original products, including leather goods, home decor, and sculptures.

With the new ShipStation integration, Hatch sellers will be able to fulfill orders quickly and easily. ShipStation provides discounted USPS rates, efficient multi-carrier label processing, sales insights, and order management functionality across multiple sales channels.

"We know our makers' studio time is precious, which is why we're thrilled to partner with ShipStation to help our makers save time managing their orders and stay on top of their order fulfillment. Every minute saved for our makers is a minute they can spend in their studio creating another one-of-a-kind piece," says Anastasia Leng, CEO of

Source: ShipStation

Inventory and channel management system Seller Cloud has added an integration with Asendia's shipping services.

The partnership allows SellerCloud users to take advantage of Asendia USA's discounted international shipping services, using SellerCloud's system to prepare and print shipping labels.

Customs data can be automatically uploaded to Asendia USA, and tracking numbers provided upfront instead of needing to wait for processing at Asendia's facility.

"Shipping is one of the largest costs that eats away at profit margins. We are excited to be able to offer Asendia USA's discounted shipping solutions to maximize our clients' net profits," said Jeremy Greenberg, CEO of SellerCloud.

Source: Asendia

Shipping label printing software ShipRush has added the ability to print pay-on-use return labels.

The new pay-on-use return labels, available in ShipRush v11, mean that any number of labels can be created but only ones that are used will be paid for, so return labels can be sent with every order.

Source: Z-Firm

Order management tool Zenstores has a new integration with multi-carrier shipping platform NetDespatch.

The integration enables Zenstores customers to print shipping labels and customs documentation for Royal Mail and other carriers, and automatically send pre-despatch parcel data to the carrier.

Zenstores provides order management and fulfilment software for small ecommerce businesses selling on channels including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

"Our mission is to improve the day to day logistics of micro-businesses trading online," explained Zenstores Co-Founder and CEO, Thomas Palmer. "We are keen to offer as many delivery options to our customers as possible, however these carrier integrations can be time intensive and costly. Our partnership with NetDespatch will enable us to speed up the time to deployment of these various carrier integrations whilst saving on development hours."

Source: NetDespatch

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