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New drop-off store application zdrop and seller reports service Vendio Reports have been added to the directory.

A new desktop sniping program, Onbidder, has been added to the site. Onbidder is developed by UK company Z Group plc, who are behind the Internet accelerator service ONSPEED.

  • Enterprise-level auction management with ChannelAdvisor Merchant
  • Mighty Ticker is an RSS news reader in ticker format that supports eBay auction monitoring
  • is an SMS text message service for that sends alerts on listings or members
  • Merchant Gallery and Image Hosting services from new developer K'nubi. Listing and Inventory tools are coming soon.
  • eBay searching widget for the Mac OS X Dashboard - Easy eBay.
  • Simplified eBay browsing and bidding for Windows XP Media Center Edition - mceAuction.

The default site search (the text box at the top right of this page) now separates results from the directory, forum and rest of the site. Try it now.

PayPal fee calculator PPCalc, instant chat tool AuctionIM and image scanning and hosting service Akoss Imaging Services have been added to the directory.

A number of programs for the Apple Mac have been added to the site, including Ad Posters iSale and GarageSale; Auction Managers My Auction, Auction Tender, and AuctionGenie; and Sniper Maxi Bidder.

No less than 27 new solutions have been added to the directory this week. They cover a wide range from Ethical's listing and marketing tools, through Mac tools Auction Monitor and eLister, to the Opinity reputation and identity system. View the full list.

The site has a new online system for members and developers to submit new solutions, and corrections to existing ones. To submit a new solution click here or follow the link at the bottom of your profile page. To submit corrections use the Submit changes link at the bottom of the solution's information page.

Our main product page has been redesigned with a clearer summary section, much more detailed pricing information, and many new product links. Look out for more improvements over the next few weeks.

The former "Ad Creation" software category has been split into Ad Design (programs which generate HTML but do not submit auctions directly) and Ad Listing (programs which can submit auctions as well as create the HTML code).

The Directory Search now supports searching for software compatible with non-eBay auction sites, such as Overstock Auctions.

Consignment store management package Store Manager G2 (from AuctionWagon) and UK auction manager SuperSeller for eBay have been added to the site.

  • MyBaboon searches multiple auction sites simultaneously and emails you the results.
  • SellersVoice adds audio to auctions, recorded over the telephone.
  • AuctionWatcher lists eBay keywords and hot items.
  • Baymate is a fee calculator for
  • AuctionContact emails opted-in buyers with details of your new eBay auctions.
  • Fat Fingers is a free website which searches for common typing errors on eBay
  • Auction Aux is a new sniping tool with bid groups and a fully-featured Internet Explorer sidebar
  • Image host Nucite, with bandwidth-based pricing.
  • Web-based one-page listing tool Mylister
  • Ethical's Thank You Tool emails new bidders automatically
  • Impressive new ad creator eBaitor has free image hosting
  • eBay's Accounting Assistant downloads eBay and PayPal transaction data into Quickbooks

Products listed in the directory have been checked for eBay Motors support, and members can now search for software supporting Motors in the Power Search.

  • Hosted auction management service supports consignment sales and live auctions
  • Auction Explorer is a free Internet Explorer-plugin searching tool from the makers of Auction Messenger
  • Bidder Buddy is a combined watch list for eBay, eBid, uBid, Yahoo Auctions, and OnSale
  • The Seller Sourcebook offers a wealth of auction templates and 100MB of image hosting
  • Navpics helps cross-selling by showing thumbnail images of your other auctions in each listing
  • Ethical, from the founder of Honesty counters, has a trio of listing tools at its website

The winners of the Auction Seller's Resource competition are:

The Auction Seller's Resource provides educational products for eBay sellers, web site sellers and home based businesses. Their manuals are professionally printed, easy-to-understand and come with a 90-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. They are written in clear concise text, and spiral bound so you can open them flat next to your computer while you work.

You can now sort product categories by date added, in addition to name and rating. This shows the newest additions to the site first in the list.

A new dicussion board has been added for members and software developers to promote their auctions and products: Marketplace and Small Ads. Posts to this board can be viewed by non-members for maximum ad exposure.

A new members' discussion forum has been built for the site. There are initially two boards - one for software advice, and one for all other topics. The software board has been populated with questions that have been asked by email recently. Please make good use of this new resource!

The following have been added to the database:

eBook downloads are now available, courtesy of Auction Revolution. Download the buyers' guide or the seller's guide (PDF format).

This news is now available as an RSS v2.0 feed, read the Auction Software Review news via XML in your favorite news aggregator, or add to your personal My Yahoo page.

This new category covers tools for promoting your eBay auctions via email or your own website. New products covered in this category include auction gallery generator My Auction Gallery and discount coupons from PayCodes.

A new "Power Search" has been added for site members. You can now find products by keyword, category, type (software or website), minimum rating, and whether they have verified status or are on the CD. Try it now.

The following products have been added:

Free image hosting service OneImageHost has been added to the site.

Several new tools have been added to the site:

Two new websites for sellers have been added to the site:

The following services have been added:

The following questions submitted by members have been answered:

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