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Mr. Kenneth Eade saved my old 2011 Amazon account

I was a new Amazon seller in 2011 and my account was suspended with some issues I didn't understand. I wasn't sure what to do and didn't seek for reinstatement. It's now 2018, after 7 years, I want to sell again. In March 2018, I am truly lucky to have Mr. Kenneth Eade help me out the reinstatemen... more


My amazon account was suspended and I was on the edge of a big loss, but luckily I have found a real affordable attorney; Kenneth Eade helped me to get my account reinstated again. His service is very professional and he responds very fast. We didn’t know the reason for the suspension and Kenneth ... more

Kenneth saved the day!

Kenneth was very helpful in getting my listing reactivated. He responded quickly and is very knowledgeable. Within 2 1/2 days my listing was reactivated. What a relief! Amazon inactivated my listing over a customer complaint which I am sure was actually a competitor. Kenneth knew exactly what to d... more

"Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight"

Amazon DOES NOT mess around with suspensions, violations and appeals. Make sure you call in the calvary i.e. Kenneth Eade who would provide you expert advice on what needs to be done in your situation. We had an issue with account suspension in which Kenneth drafted us a Plan of Action within his ... more

Highly Recommend this Firm

What was good about this product or service overall? 100/100 Could anything have been better? all time star How was the support? genuine person and hard worker Please do not waste your time with anyone else if you want your account reinstated. My account was suspended January 2017. I wast... more

Working with Kenneth saved me time and money!

I don't think there is anyone else better qualified for this job. I had aggressive hijackers taking over my listing and even blocking me out of my own listing. I tried dealing with this myself for over a month, and got to a point where I almost gave up because I was getting nowhere with them. Even... more

Highly recommend Amazon Sellers Attorney

Please do not waste your time with anyone else if you want your account reinstated. We wasted one week on another service provider who wrote a sub standard plan of action that kept getting rejected. With all our funds tied up in our account and with our business in serious risk, we came across... more

I would like to express my gratitude to Kenneth!

I would like to express my gratitude to Kenneth for helping us to activate back our account on Amazon. We were blocked without any explanation, and our effort to communicate and receive a response from Amazon was unsuccessful. After two weeks of waiting and multiple calls & emails, we contacted Mr... more

Thanks for your excellent work!

When my listing was banned on amazon, I searched on internet to find Ken and another group. Ken responded promptly so I chose to go with him. The other group just showed once and never again. He is very professional and effective. He started to work on my case from the second day. He knows how to ... more

Kenneth did an awesome job for us!

Before working with Kenneth Eade we had some really bad experiences with other "high praised attorneys". They have been fast in charging money but super slow in taking action. It´s a completely different experience with Ken. He took immediately action (did in less than 2h what the other attorn... more

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Licensed Amazon seller's attorney for Amazon seller suspension appeals, listing removal appeals, listing hijacking, plans of action, escalations and arbitration.

Amazon Sellers Attorney provides a free consultation to get Amazon seller accounts and listings reinstated.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (54 reviews)

Account reinstating

I reached Kenneth after my account has been suspended for more than 3 months, and he and his team with their professio... more

Kenneth Eade

What was good about this product or service overall? I would say Ken's professionalism and mastery of his work are wha... more

The Amazon Dr you need

If you are looking for Amazon seller performance doctor Kenneth is the man! I consider myself as a very experimented A... more




Trial: Free consultation on Amazon account suspension

$99 for appeal and plan of action, including all escalations, if necessary, for account suspensions, suspension appeals, listing removal appeals. Arbitration quotes on a case-by-case basis.


Amazon Selling » Suspension & Reinstatement


Law Office of Kenneth Eade (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

Kenneth Eade, Amazon Sellers Attorney

I started Amazon Sellers Attorney to give Amazon sellers a fighting chance, after my own seller account was unfairly suspended. For your Amazon appeal, you need a lawyer who knows how to write a winning appeal and plan of action. With over 30 years' experience in litigation, business and intellectual property law, I'm here to help you and I won't give up on you until you reach the resolution you deserve! Call now for a free consultation on the appeal of the removal of your selling privileges, the removal of your listing, brand protection or other e-commerce issue. Law Office of Kenneth Eade, 25 July 2017
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Updated 19 Jan 2019.

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