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Thank you , for a great product

This is a great product hands down. Easy to use, easy to understand and very functional. It has saved us a great deal of time. Rather opening five or six different windows and then going back and forth, you get all the info in one easy step. We highly recommend it for any serious business owne... more

Love it....

The tool is a time saver... Thank you for creating it. The new changes are awesome, thank you for continuing to make it maybe the best tool in the market. This should be a ten star rating but the guys at web retailer can't image a company going above the call of duty. more

Great Help Software for Amazon Sellers!

Amazon sellers need to do a lot of research when trying to identify new products to sell. With Cleer Platinum, the research time is cut in more than half, as Cleer Platinum concentrates most of the key information that Amazon sellers require to make educated selections of their new products to sel... more

Best Extension Ever

Clever Platinum is the best extension ever! It is definitely worth the cost and I made my money back in minutes of using it! A lot of people are buying the lists off gum road for sourcing. With Cleer Platinum, you can find your own diamonds in the rough! more

Killer Software

If you buy a lot of things online for personal or resale this is a HUGE time saver. If online arbitrage is your thing it's even better because it includes the sites that track sales, popularity and seasonality. more

Very useful software.

Great product that gives much useful information on a product just by looking at the listing page. There are many buttons that show up on the product page which give you access to Keepa, CCC, ebay, past ebay sales of the product, google, and more. With the new "Quick View" extension you can see ... more

Cleer Patinum

I absolutely LOVE Cleer Platinum. It saves a ton of time because you can go directly to Amazon or Ebay, etc., without having to go to another screen. The newest update even shows you the rank for Amazon. It has been wonderful! more

Don't know what I did without it!

I love using this! It makes shopping so much easier, saves me so much time. I wish it would have come along sooner! I use this instead of other extensions now, everything is right there in front of me! more

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Cleer Platinum is an online arbitrage/online sourcing software. Cleer Platinum works on any web page, major marketplace or sourcing site, allowing convenient and quick price comparison. Over 2,000 Amazon and eBay sellers rely on Cleer Platinum for product research and arbitrage decision making.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (28 reviews)

Cleer Platinum is excellent!

Cleer Platinum really is an undervalued online sourcing tool. I got on one well known website and found a very profita... more

Great Product

The Cleer Platinum app makes our buying decisions flow seamlessly and cuts down on product search time. Cleer Platinum... more

necessary tool for time saving yet informed decision making.

This is a fantastic tool for time management.No more multiple windows open to find what you need for an informed decis... more

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Re: New to OA the work for you then have a look at Cleer Platinum, Profit Sourcery or Profit... more


United States


Chrome browser


Platforms Chrome Extension
Amazon Sites


Trial: Free 'lite' version (Cleer Pro) avail on same page

$97 one-time payment


Product Sourcing » Online Arbitrage


Re: New to OA the work for you then have a look at Cleer Platinum, Profit Sourcery or Profit... more
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The Supplier Says

The fastest, smartest way to source online

Easy, convenient and saves you time
Get started in minutes. You’ll be a power sourcer no time.

For resellers, book sellers, even private labelers
Answer ‘can I make a profit on this item?’ with as little as 1 click.

Lifetime money-back guarantee
100% money back anytime, no questions asked, no tricks. From the supplier's website
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Updated 4 May 2018.

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