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Great, easy & intuitive to use, excellent functions

Great software, repricer express is really easy to use and has easy to follow instructions. It also has great functionality, so you can be competitive without starting a price war. The ability to to increase prices by penny increments when the buy box is won and to set the price to MAX when the... more

Great amazon repricer with easy functions

Great product, easy to use, brillinat fast support service. Whenever I had some issues during my use of the service but always prompt and decisive action by the service staff was above and beyond the call of duty and was much appreciated. I will recommend this product in large part thanks to the a... more

A Game Changer

We have been using another repricer for the last year and felt that things were not doing as well as they could be. However, to be honest were a little daunted ant the thought of changing such an important part of the business. We finally decided to make the switch and after a good search went ... more


We love this tool. It does what it should and has never let us down. It is easy to understand and offers a lot of settings. more

Excellent Repricing Software

I am still new to the world of selling online, and of using repricing software, my experience of using RepricerExpress has been very positive. Setting up my account and connecting to my Amazon Marketplace was very easy and well enough explained that even a total newbie like I could manage it. ... more

Can Not Fault It !

Okay, for those that can remember back to December 2014, RepricerExpress were the company that helped loads of sellers sell their stock for 1p on Amazon. Since then, a lot has changed, helped by Amazons 'pricing alerts'. Anyway, why use RepricerExpress ? We used to use Meanrepricer which was... more

Great repricing software

Tried a few repricers but can honestly say Repricer Express is the best one. Easy to get set-up, great value, good customer service, more Buy Boxes, increased sales. Wish l'd signed up a long time ago. more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star

I don't think you know another side of the story, how many sellers lost $1,000-100,000 by Repricer Express making our FBA inventory $0,01. We not only won buy box, and had 1000% increase in sales but messed up holiday season, canceled holidays plans, negative feedback, etc. More accurate reviews... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
Repricer Express a Nightmare

:evil: I had to rate 1 star. The real review is ZERO STARS Imagine your worst business nightmare. You have huge inventory for Christmas and a huge Inventory at Amazon FBA. Then all of your prices go to a penny online and customers start buying massive amounts of merchandise. That is exactly wha... more

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RepricerExpress is an Amazon and eBay repricing solution to sell more items and keep listings competitive automatically.

RepricerExpress offers Amazon FBA and FBM sellers the ability to compete for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star (29 reviews)

Mind-blowingly excellent

Product - excellent, very user friendly. rare to find a product that is both capable of complex rules etc and easy to ... more

It Works!

Very happy with RepricerExpress repricing software. I was sceptical l when I first signed up for the free trial a year... more

Just what we needed

What was good about this product or service overall? How was the support? RepricerExpress is exactly what we'd been lo... more

Latest News

RepricerExpress Releases Advanced Repricing Features and Automations

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now provides a detailed price history, has enhance... more

RepricerExpress Update Includes Enhanced Dashboard and New Filters

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released new features including enhanced B... more

Win Six Months Free Amazon Repricing from RepricerExpress

Amazon, Rakuten and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is running a competition throughout O... more

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Re: Automatic sale pricing software

Hi Steven Have a look at RepricerExpress which we use for Amazon. It now has a facility... more


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites,,,,,,,
eBay Sites,


Special offer for Web Retailer members. Get the details here.

Trial: 15 days

Plans start at £39 per month for 2,500 SKUs and continuous repricing across multiple marketplaces.


Pricing & Repricing » Marketplace Repricing

Amazon Selling » Repricing

eBay Selling » Repricing

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now provides a detailed price history, has enhanced repricing rules, and includes new automations to automatically change strategy.

RepricerExpress provides detailed history for products' prices, showing when prices changed, why, position, competitor's prices, Buy Box information and sales. This is in addition to information on competing sellers, Buy Box history, sales performance and other specifics about repricing rules and frequency.

Repricing rule enhancements help sellers be more competitive, allowing prices to be set above MFN competitors but lower than FBA, or choosing to price only against sellers who hold the Buy Box, competiting against New price if lower than Used and much more.

Automations include:

  • Auto-detecting long-term storage fees due and moving to be more aggressive repricing rule to sell stock before Amazon charges its fees.
  • Auto-detecting low stock on Buy Box winners and moving to a very high-profit strategy until more stock is available.
  • Auto-detecting Price Wars and moving to a near Max repricing strategy to avoid throwing away all your profits.
  • Auto-moving products to a more aggressive repricing strategy if there have been no sales for six months.
  • Auto-detecting if products have moved from MFN to FBA and switching to a different pricing strategy.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released new features including enhanced Buy Box information, customization of "Price War" detection, more detailed product information and advanced filters.

Amazon sellers using RepricerExpress can now see detailed information about Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including which products are Buy Box winners, which are Buy Box eligible, and which recently lost the Buy Box. 30-day Buy Box percentages are also shown.

A new feature called "Product Status Preferences" allows sellers to define the parameters for flagging Price Wars, best sellers and low stock. Different parameters can be set for different marketplaces.

RepricerExpress also now shows much more detailed product information including pricing history, Buy Box performance, competing sellers and sales performance.

Finally, products can now be filtered according to sales, sales rank, category, Buy Box performance and more.

The company has new pricing strategy automations planned for release in the next few weeks, such as automatically moving to a more agressive repricing rule if long-term storage fees are due to take effect, or changing to higher pricing for products which are winning the Buy Box but have low stock.

Chris Dunne from RepricerExpress said, "We're constantly listening to our customers' feedback and the overriding request is for better data that can be automatically actioned to help sell more without constant checking of sales info etc. For example, by auto-detecting price wars, sellers will be able stop repricing down and avoid selling needlessly at low prices. Another common scenario will allow us to auto-detect stock that's due FBA long term storage fees and push to more aggressive rules, so that stock can be sold off before further fees are incurred."

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon, Rakuten and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is running a competition throughout October to win six months of free service.

To enter sellers just need to sign-up for a free 15-day trial using code 6MONTHSFREE, then will automatically be entered into the competition.

Existing customers can also enter by emailing RepricerExpress, and extra entries can be earned by sharing the competition on social media.

The competition closes at 14:00 UK time on Monday 31 October 2016, and the winner will be announced the next day.

The prize is worth up to £540 (based on 25,000 SKUs).

Source: RepricerExpress

The Northern Irish company behind RepricerExpress and SellerExpress has launched a new Amazon feedback solicitation tool called FeedbackExpress.

FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers. The software is proven to help sellers get more positive feedback and product reviews as well as removing negative and neutral feedback quickly and effectively.

When sellers receive negative feedback on their Amazon account, FeedbackExpress alerts them by SMS and email. Professionally-written feedback and product review requests are provided to help increase feedback quantity and quality. Currently Amazon UK and US marketplaces are supported with plans to add further marketplaces in the near future.

FeedbackExpress has a free 30-day trial (no credit card required), then costs from £14.95 or $20.00 per month.

For Web Retailer members, the free trial is extended to 45 days. Visit the Special Offers page for more details and the offer code.

Lucid Interactive has been providing ecommerce solutions to Amazon sellers for over 13 years.

Source: FeedbackExpress

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now supports repricing on eBay marketplaces in the US and the UK.

Brendan Doherty, RepricerExpress CEO said, "We've listened to our customers and developed a state of the art eBay repricing solution that will work alongside their existing Amazon repricing, all within one RepricerExpress account. eBay repricing was the number one feature request for 2016 and we have developed a solution which we are confident will make repricing on eBay as efficient and hassle free as possible."

Current and new RepricerExpress customers will be able to add eBay repricing for free, as long as they stay under the maximum numbers of SKUs allowed on their pricing plan.

Unlike most repricing solutions, RepricerExpress allows eBay sellers to reprice both catalog and non-catalog products using sophisticated pricing rules, including the option to sync Amazon prices to eBay (plus or minus values and percentages if required).

The new eBay repricing rules can filter out competitors using inventory quantity, feedback rating, country, Top Rated Seller status and more.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon and Rakuten repricing tool RepricerExpress has extended a special offer for Web Retailer members to the end of the year.

The offer is for 50% off the first month subscription fee. For more details see our Special Offers page.

Source: Web Retailer Special Offers

Amazon and Rakuten repricing software RepricerExpress had a bug on Friday which reduced its merchants prices to only 1 pence.

The glitch happened on 12 December between 7pm and 8pm UK time. RepricerExpress CEO Brendan Doherty said the company was "continuing to work to identify how this problem occurred and to put measures in place to ensure that it does not happen again".

An Amazon spokesman told Sky News: "We are now reviewing the small number of orders that were processed and will be reaching out to any affected sellers directly. We responded quickly and were able to cancel the vast majority of orders placed on these affected items immediately and no costs or fees will be incurred by sellers for these cancelled orders. In the small number of cases where orders were processed, we are asking sellers to contact the third party software company responsible for their pricing in order to discuss next steps in terms of any compensation that may be due."

Source: Channel 4 News

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress has now launched support for repricing on UK marketplace

RepricerExpress joins ChannelMAX as the two standalone repricers with support for Rakuten's

Marketplace Repricing: The Ultimate Guide explores the subject of automatic price adjustments on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Topics include how to get started, how repricing differs between marketplaces, avoiding the “race to the bottom”, and repricing tools including ChannelMAX, RepriceIt, Price Spectre, Mean Repricer, Appeagle, BQool Repricing Central, RepricerExpress, Marketplace Repricing, WisePricer, FeedVisor and Teikametrics

Amazon marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress will be launching support for Rakuten in early 2014.

Also on the roadmap are integration with the Amazon Subscriptions API for faster price updates, and options for continuous repricing and custom frequencies.

RepricerExpress is also running a survey asking what other features users would like to see developed in 2014.

See all 12 news items about RepricerExpress.

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Re: When Common Sense Beats Repricing Software

@repricerexpress Not wanting to be picky with your linked guide to the 999 trick, but it... more

Re: Automatic sale pricing software

Hi Steven Have a look at RepricerExpress which we use for Amazon. It now has a facility... more

Re: Supplier Price change nightmare, is there software to he

...repricing software (Price Spectre and RepricerExpress). We upload the file to Linnworks,... more

Re: RepricerExpress

@maxrush2112 Hi Max, Yes, RepricerExpress supports both eBay US and UK stores. If... more

Re: eBay repricing?

@repricerexpress Thanks but as I noted in my post, I've been writing one myself. I also do... more

Re: eBay repricing?

@Jax Music Supply We use RepricerExpress for our Amazon repricing. They do offer eBay... more

Re: Amazon/Ebay Repricing

@ATHQ We use RepricerExpress and have not had a problem with it. Easily configurable with... more

Re: Repricing - Is It Really So Hard To Understand ?

...of my clients started using a CSV file, Repricer Express, Price Spectre, and a bit of manual... more

Re: Repricing - Is It Really So Hard To Understand ? totally honest, I would recommend RepricerExpress for Amazon repricing, and Price... more

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Lucid Interactive (1 other listing)

The Supplier Says

The fastest, most cost-effective Amazon repricing software on the market

RepricerExpress is an intelligent auto repricer that’s remarkably easy to set up and use. From the supplier's website
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Updated 20 Jun 2018.

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