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Inauthentic Item - Amazon Suspension

After sending two appeal letters to Amazon and none of them got accepted, I was almost sure there is no way to get our account back. (Suspension 3 days prior to Christmas...yay!!! :evil During our research we found Thompson &Holt, and upon reading every review we decided to try them. To be comp... more

My Account was reinstated . This is Great service

This is Great service! Supporter very friendly and quick response! They wrote a good Plan of Action for Amazon within 24 hours and sent to me immediately. They also recommend that I sign up to their monthly alert service for 1 month as this is when Amazon is most likely to suspend my account again... more

Account reinstated + Great service

Contact was good and transparant with Thompson and Holt. They provided a good Plan of Action for Amazon within 24 hours. We did send the Plan of Action to Amazon, it took some time before Amazon responded, but we got the approval. Also the contact while waiting for a reply from Amazon with Thompso... more

Infringement of intellectual property rights owner

My product was blocked due to a complaint about intellectual rights owner infringement. I received a professional support and timely response to all inquiries from "Thompson&Holt". The issue could be solved faster if amazon would have provided a faster response to the appeal letters that i have se... more

Fast reinstatement with Amazon

After submitting my problem in writing to Thompson and Holt, including all correspondence with Amazon, and paying the fee, I received an email saying that Katie would be helping me. Within 24 hours I had an appeal letter. I asked to edit a few sentences, and received a prompt reply plus further ... more

The best

Great! They help us to reactivate our account. Very professional and trust.I recommend them to all amazon sellers. Fantastic service, they wrote for me accurate letter to reinstate my account. Thank you very much for your helping. If I still need you I will contact you without hesitation. Thank ... more

My account has been restated.

I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service! I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service!I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service! I took long tim... more

Rapid and Efficient Account Reinstatement

After over 7 months of suspension and 14 Appeal Letters and POA we turned to Thompson and Holt. After providing them with all required information we have received the bespoke Appeal within 24h. The reinstatement notification followed after 5 business days, which is a mere second compared to 7 mon... more

I have been reinstated

I was reinstated in just 6 hours after I sent the letter to amazon provided by Thompson&Hold. I am very grateful for their help. I recommend them to all amazon sellers who has or would have same problem with me. they are very professional and trustworthy. I will try the Instant Health and Comp... more

I have been reinstated

I finally reinstated. I had been suspended for 54 days. I consulted repeatedly many times, but you were patient and answered.To tell the truth I almost given up.I think that I have never reinstated without your help. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I'd like to introduce you especially to... more

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Thompson & Holt provide customized Amazon appeal letters and Plans of Action for sellers who have had their account suspended.

They charge a flat fee and further responses, if requested, are at no additional charge. Instructions are provided on changes to make to selling practices to avoid repeat suspensions.

Escalations are handled if required, and the whole process is backed up with support via live chat and email.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (61 reviews)

Great Service..Highly Recommended

What was good about this product or service overall? My Amazon account as suspended for policy violations..I was devas... more

Very Effective

:)Had my Amazon account suspended due to some customer complaints regarding images, description, material not matching... more

Service you can trust! They really Work!

I Had my Amazon account suspended due to customer Inauthentic claims even though my ODR and other metrics were good. ... more

Latest News

Thompson & Holt Adds Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance

Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have added Amazon seller suspension ... more

Thompson and Holt Celebrates 3,000th Amazon Seller Reinstatement

Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have celebrated their 3,000th succes... more


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£400 or US $550 for bespoke Amazon appeal letter and Plan of Action


Amazon Selling » Amazon Consultants

Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have added Amazon seller suspension insurance to their "Monitor & Protect" service.

The Monitor & Protect service alerts sellers about issues which would cause a suspension, and with the new insurance now covers expenses such as wages, rent and overheads incurred during a suspension.

To qualify, sellers will need to have general liability and product liability insurance in place (a requirement to sell on Amazon), an average store rating of 3.49 or higher, and be based in North America or Europe.

Businesses of all sizes can be insured with a maximum coverage of 60 days. If a seller needs to make a claim they will need to notify the insurance company within 5 days of receiving the suspension notification. The insurance covers losses of up to £50,000 and is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Stuart White, Director of Thompson & Holt said, "This additional insurance will give many Amazon Sellers additional peace of mind should the worst happen. Most sellers automatically assume that if an Amazon account is suspended that the seller has deliberately breached Amazons policies. We speak to at least a dozen sellers each week who have been targeted by well organised syndicates who deliberately try, and often succeed, in suspending competitors accounts. If this happens to an innocent seller the consequences can be devastating".

Thompson & Holt offer a free 30 day trial of the Monitor & Protect alerts service.

Some common questions about Amazon suspension insurance were answered in a Web Retailer article from May 2017.

Source: Thompson & Holt

Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have celebrated their 3,000th successful reinstatement.

Of the company's recent success, Stuart White, Thompson and Holt owner said, "Helping over 3,000 Amazon Sellers is a great achievement for all the team. We always go the extra mile for each customer and put in 100% to helping our customers. We are all really proud of this achievement."

Thompson and Holt's achievement has been achieved by employing Amazon sellers, solicitors and analytical researchers. This combination of knowledge and experience has resulted in a unique service which Amazon sellers across the globe have benefitted from.

By offering additional services such as "Monitor and Protect", a service which instantly notifies Amazon Sellers about any potential issues about their account and can prevent suspension, Thompson and Holt hopes to educate its customers so that they do not end up suspended on Amazon in the future.

Source: Thompson and Holt

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The Supplier Says

Thompson & Holt are an online UK consultancy firm specializing in Suspended Amazon Seller Accounts.

Our core sector of expertise is dealing with Amazon Seller Suspended Accounts and getting them reinstated in the shortest possible time. We utilise the experience of ex-Amazon staff who used to work in the Amazon Seller Performance Team and review Seller appeals, they know how to write your Amazon appeal letter and plan of action to get you back selling on Amazon, in as little as 24hours, although our average time to get reinstated is 2 days. From the supplier's website
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Updated 30 Mar 2018.

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