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Reach exposure to eCommerce businesses. Sponsored Shoutout – a multi-paragraph block placed near the middle of the newsletter.

Active subscribers~10.000
Email open/click rate~30%/2%
Top reader origins:US, UK, AU, CE, Rest of EU
  • Direct exposure to eCommerce businesses.
  • Broad reach in a short time frame.
Placement & Requirements
  • Headline.
  • Up to 200 words of text (including headline and CTA).
  • Maximum of two links.
  • Optional CTA (button) content & color.
  • One optional image or logo:
    • Width: 1080 px, Height: 1080 px.
    • PNG, JPG.
  • Destination URL.
  • Newsletter frequency- Twice weekly (usually Tuesday and Friday morning).

The pricing structure is $90 per 1,000 opens based on average open rates, CPO — (Cost Per Open).

  • Unlimited Time Sponsorship- a minimum commitment of one month per sponsorship.
  • We charge for your CPO one month later after the sponsorship dispatch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the "Schedule Now" button and fill out the form. Once you have sent the form, our customer team will contact you for more information.

Refunds and exchanges are not permitted once payment has been made.

Yes, you can cancel your booking five days before the send-out date once the payment has been made; refunds are not permitted, only exchanges.

Yes, you can be an unlimited sponsor. Just let us know when you'd like to stop your sponsorship.

These numbers are an average open-and-click rate, so we can't guarantee that your email will achieve this rate. Therefore you will be invoiced one month after your Sponsorship send-out date, depending on the open rate.