Topic Sponsorship

Topic Sponsorship

Topic Sponsorship on devices


Video Overview


  • Articles:
    • All articles on a specific topic
    • Including our highest-traffic pages
  • On desktop:
    • A wide in-content banner
    • A tall side banner after the Top Side Banner (where space permits)
  • On tablet and mobile:
    •  A square in-content banner


  • Get seen in relevant articles
  • An in-content banner on desktop and mobile
  • Plus our largest banner size on desktop (where space permits)
  • Side desktop banner is sticky on scroll
  • Lazy loading when user gets close to ad
  • Image ads and HTML5 ads supported


  • Creatives:
    • Single or multiple
    • Rotation options:
      • Rotate evenly
      • In a sequence
      • In specific proportions
      • Auto-optimize by CTR

Note: If topic sponsorship is too broad for your needs, we can instead target a single article that closely matches your niche with multiple banners spaced throughout the content. Contact us for more information.

Suggested Uses

  • Promote products and services closely connected to the topic
  • Simple CTA for mobile
  • More complex creatives can work on desktop

Pricing Basis

  • Fixed monthly rate to sponsor a topic
  • Rates vary per topic
  • Contact us for rates


  • Three banner sizes required:
    • 630×100
    • 300×600
    • 300×250
  • PNG, GIF, JPG or HTML5
  • Maximum file size 100KB
  • Topic to sponsor
  • Destination URL (can be different for each creative)
  • Preference for rotating creatives (if using multiple)


630 x 100

Tired of Amazon Vendor Paperwork 630x100
StreetPricer banner 630x100
expandly banner 630x100 v1 0 0
630x100 1
Webretailer Q1 Display 630x100

300 x 600

300 x 250

Find Out More

Request rates or contact us with your questions.

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