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Amazon Private Label: Myths and Facts

By Will Tjernlund

Twelve myths about Amazon private labelling. Will Tjernlund tackles these common misconceptions and gives us the true facts.

Amazon Private Label: Myths and Facts

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Cool stuff…I read his amz strategy earlier this year and really loved it.

But one question, where does he get the time from to write such a long stuff?

William Tjernlund

Replying to cooolguy


That’s the best part! I don’t write them. I cannot read or write well. They do a great job at web retailer of transcribing my verbal rants into something that is coherent! They do the interviews over the phone where I am much more comfortable!

Alan Basinger

I agree with a lot of the information but here is where I take a different stand.
On multiple sales channels (you have to sell on multiple sales channels to have longevity.) All business that last are not one sided. They are dynamic and sell multiple products via multiple sales channels. I know from experience Amazon can take your business away from you in a heart beat and if your not selling elsewhere where would you be. I would suggest people focus on one channel at a time.

William Tjernlund

Replying to Alan Basinger

Hey Alan!

Can’t fight with that rational. It is always good to diversify and have a back up plan in case of a disaster

Slava Petranovskiy

Very interesting info about the number of product reviews (myth #1). It’s a load off reading that it’s not all about the number of reviews. I’m a new seller on Amazon & eBay trying to sell high quality LED products (tubes, bulbs).

Our brand is not very famous yet (but our LED tubes meet the highest requirements in the industry & UL, FCC, DCL certified). So I’ve been racking my brain HOW to boost sales with not enough feedbacks. I’d appreciate very much if somebody gave me some advice on that.

Richard Brown

Nice piece from Will Tjernlund. I like his selling philosopy & insights. I have to agree I make 80% of my Amazon income selling something like the 1 foot long industrial bolt he mentions, an item that would be rejected hands down by every private labeler out there who uses the criteria you hear banded about everywhere. My Item …….. $20 – $30 dollars ? …….. No Fits in a shoebox?……No. Weighs less than a Kilo?…… No In an ungated catagory?…… No Doesn’t go in you, or on you?…… No Isn’t electrical?………..No. The market is saturated, & the days of… Read more »


this is gold article for amazon’s seller, im about 3 yres. on amazon some myth are blow my mind away.

thanks for share,

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