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8 Ways Amazon Seller Central Drives Sellers Crazy

By Alex Knight

Seller Central does not make life easy for Amazon sellers. Here are eight of its biggest shortcomings. What frustrates YOU about Seller Central?

8 Ways Amazon Seller Central Drives Sellers Crazy

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Jesse Deleon

I don’t like how it does not show orders printed. Or am I missing something? In other words.. its Thursday afternoon and you print amazon orders. You come in Friday morning to print.. Amazon orders and you do not know what orders were printed already.. Thus eliminating duplicate orders. Is there a workaround? thanks jesse

Jeffery Pyle

I have used Seller Central for about 90 days now. I find much of it to be non-intuitive and not particularly user-friendly. I usually have to use Search to find something. Even then, many of the help articles have no links to the feature I am looking for.

The biggest issues are with the product listing page. There are so many non-applicable fields for the selected product category. If you download a template for that product category, most of the non-applicable fields are omitted. Why can’t Amazon make the product listing page context sensitive? The required fields are not marked and there is little help or documentation on how to fill out the form.

BTW, the template you download has a generic example that does not match the template. It has no examples of a product variation, either.

My latest hassle is some product categories do not allow variations. Why would some pet health supplements allow variations and others not? Is there any product that cannot have a variation by simply selling as a 2-pack? The product categories that allow variations are not marked. I had to redo a listing several times to find a category that allowed variations and it wasn’t the best-suited category for that product.


I love the amount of data, reports at your fingertips. Sponsored ads need a lot of work, I cannot see or track the ads easily. I have issues with listings that suddenly get suppressed, you don´t know the reason, and it takes Seller Support weeks/ months to release them, if they ever do. Also, they spend a lot of time adding photos and texts to make listings better, someone else comes, wipes all we did out and adds only one low quality photo, and this is what stays. Uploading inventory for FBA shipping is very, very time consuming for us. Overall, I absolutely love the privilege of selling there.


I was surprised to read these as the things that drive sellers crazy. Not one applies to me nor apparently any of the usual posts I see on the forum.

An alternate list would include:

– You can’t search orders by customer name
– How Amazon just totally screws you over when scammers take advantage of you (and the appeals process is a joke)
– How lousy the search algorithm is and lack of Boolean support
– How Amazon turns a blind eye to Chinese based listings hijackers

Jeffery Pyle


@Rasiel – How do you feel about seller’s who create variants with totally unrelated products. I once searched for a powdered herb and found a listing with 10 variations, each a different herb. Amazon combines the reviews for all variations and I could not tell which reviews were for the one I wanted to purchase.

Other sellers use variants with a really bad, poorly rated product and a high-quality, well-rated product. Usually, these are completely unrelated items. Amazon does not police these practices.

If I were unscrupulous, I would make a well-known, existing product as variant of my new listings. I can buy name-brand items from many wholesalers.

Scarf King

Aside from the often woefully poor support, I would say that the reporting module is the worst pain point. It’s absolutely true that you need to string together many reports to get basic information like: Units sold in a time period and Units still in stock. This is information every seller needs to make reorders, but it’s impossible to get it without a deep dive. I’ve been using Amazon reports since 2014 and I still forget which one has the data I need.

Obviously, Amazon is a company that excels in data and undoubtedly knows exactly what kind of information sellers need. It mystifies me that their reporting module is so bad. Unfortunately, it seems like the programmers are making the decisions (as is often the case) and those seem to be related to what’s easy to output, rather than by user needs.

I recommend Tableau. You can output your sales data from Amazon (or Manage By Stats) and then work slice and dice it infinite ways. And it’s free.

Jack Phillips

Great post detailing the shortcomings of Amazon’s Seller Central. I too am often frustrated. I rarely use it except to administrate individual orders (refunds, emails to customers) and handle as much as possible using external tools.

Jeffery Pyle

Replying to Jack Phillips

@Jack Phillips — Would you please share the names of the external tools you use?


Jack Phillips

Replying to Jeffery Pyle

Teapplix for shipping, informed.co for pricing.

Juan J. Ramirez

It looks like every time I receive any communication from Amazon, it is about a new requirement from them or a new price increase. We (sellers) created our businesses to be independent, NOT to become Amazon employees. We pay Amazon for the services they offer to us sellers, I repeat: we pay (dearly). What is Amazon without sellers and buyers? Just warehouses all over the world.

Jeffery Pyle

There’s Amazon’s policies and there’s Seller Central. Amazon is not a good business partner and Seller Central is not a well-designed or well-written application.

I know it’s hard to put everything on the Home page on one page, they should change to a tabbed interface.

The data is often incorrect. For example, My product has 7 reviews, all 5-star. Seller Central has 4 reviews with an average of 4.6.

Intellect Outsource

One of the frustrating things in Amazon Seller Central is as follows:

Most of the products listed on Amazon Seller Central have incorrect product image and poor title and descriptions.

So if we look to edit these sections with correct image and good descriptions we can’t process it, we can just update our pricing and link to that product.

Warren Anon

We stayed far from amazon due to their high selling fees. Finally Amazon invited us to their vendor program presumably found us among top rated ebay sellers who also are manufacturers. A lot of promises and amazon appeared helpful for a start promising to help with listings new product creation on amazon. However after + 2 months none of our products can yet be purchased on amazon . Communication extremely poor. You get no feedback, have the imprssion they are working on your product listings but nothing happens. Open case on vendor central and receive lazy replies telling you amazons dreadful auto generated product titles cannot be changed. As they stand ZERO search value, totally pointless and useless titles, not using titles from our csv files that were highly optimised. A few products have stalled in pending review for over a month. No action despite several requests. Total waste of time and effort from our side. Wonder if amazons vile intent is to get reputable brands listed on amazon only to drive traffic to cheap chinese poor quality copies. You might want to think twice befire joining. Wonder if we can remove our products that currently appear as ” currently unavailable – we do not know when and if this product will become available again”. Indeed amazon has then have internal links to other products in the same category. Hardly what you are looking for. Bad behaviour of big business.

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