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Amazon Seller Feedback: The Essential Guide

By Chris Dunne

This post is all about Amazon seller feedback: what it is, why it’s so important, how to deal with negative feedback, and how to improve your rating.

Amazon Seller Feedback: The Essential Guide

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Ethan Barr

Ethan Barr

4 years ago

Helpful piece!

Jean Peters

Jean Peters

4 years ago

Amazon sellers CAN’T leave a note in the package!!!!! I hope no one listens to your advice regarding this issue.

I definitely don’t want to do business with you

BTW, read amazon’s policies!!!!!

Chris Dunne

Chris Dunne

4 years ago

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your comment.

The use of inserts within packages is a topic that has been debated on Amazon’s seller forums, but it’s our understanding that inserts are permitted, as long as you follow Amazon’s guidelines.

Sellers can include a thank you note and a reminder to leave feedback. Seller are NOT allowed to include incentives or discounts for doing so.

Hope this helps.


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