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Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime: All Your Questions Answered

By Lizzie Davey

Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program gives sellers the advantages of the Prime badge without having to use FBA. So what’s the catch?

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime: All Your Questions Answered

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ARC Reef

Does entering into the seller fulfilled Prime option does it also give you better rates on shipping? from Miami to Cali regular ground shipping a 31 lb box would cost us $30 and take 4-5 days. For 2 day Prime shipping on our account this box would cost us $160 which is nearly double the price of the merchandise inside the box. Does entering into the Prime system do we also receive the same shipping rates that Amazon would pay. Getting the bulk discount that Amazon receives from carriers would be the only way I could ever see this working… Read more »


Replying to ARC Reef

I would love to know the answer to this question as well


Yes, need answer!


No, you don’t get better rates from AZ after qualifying for SFP.

Dane Hillery

I qualified for a couple of months they want you to ship 2 day in your dedicated regions that you pick. I sold a lot more products but it wasn’t feasible they wanted me to ship UPS ground on small items under 13oz. No special pricing was giving it was costing $10 to ship a $5 product i dropped out its not worth it to me.

Andy Geldman

Replying to Dane Hillery

Did you look into SFP small and light?

Dane Hillery

Replying to Andy Geldman

Andy, thanks for the help that’s a great video. I will sign up for that option!

Kevin Bruce

Hi, I read that Amazon is no longer accepting seller fulfilled prime and there is a wait list. Is there another way to choose this option.

On Amazon’s web site…….
Sell products with the Prime badge directly from your warehouse

Seller Fulfilled Prime is not accepting new registrations at this time. Click the Join the Waitlist button if you would like to be notified when enrollment reopens.

ARC Reef

So then how in the world can a company sell a $5 say bottle of glue on Amazon and ship it 2 day and make profit. It cost me $6.95 just to ship something 3 day. If you don’t receive Amazon bulk shipping discounts how is that possible?


Is it possible to be both a wholesaler and enter into Seller Fulfilled Prime on Amazon?

Jeff S.

Seller Fulfilled Prime has been suspended almost 2 years ago and will not be available for new sellers. So, your article is old and misleading.

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