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Is It Time To Copy Chinese Sellers? Eight Tips For Amazon Sellers

By Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin investigates a Chinese brand that has become one of Amazon's most successful sellers. How have they achieved so much?

Is It Time To Copy Chinese Sellers? Eight Tips For Amazon Sellers

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Richard Young

So, my question is WHY do the Chinese have these advantages? What specific trade law(s) or regulations give them these benefits. If they sell on Amazon through FBA, then they have the same nexeses as American citizens through Amazon….Right? So are they exempted from state sales tax through the individual states or through the Federal Government? Why is USPS allowed to give them heavy discounts (and why do they want to?) when they are running annual deficits constantly? Is the IRS even TRYING to collect income tax and why hasn’t congress stepped in to address this loss of Hundreds of… Read more »


Replying to Richard Young

Great Questions. The Chinese are brilliant at finding and forcing loopholes. They have masterfully dominated and transformed a market in less than 5 years. Thank Trump, seriously, he forced the international postal union to CANCEL the international shipping treaty that china was using to exploit the usps shippi9ng for the last 15 years. (Where was Obama when US businesses and consumers needed protection?) The Chinese have been selling directly into our markets for years. Ask any customs broker or air freight rep next time you pickup a shipment about Chinese sellers in US. They pickup under fake ID’s, different Straw… Read more »


I’m sorry but you seem to have left out one very important detail: To get the same competitive advantage when it comes to pricing and profit margins you need to first spend money buying land and building a factory in China (setting aside cash for graft and corruption payments to local politicians), purchase machinery, raw materials and hire workers at low wages for long hours. Be sure to budget for suicide netting around the perimeter of the factory roof to avoid embarrassing publicity. Ship product to FBA and build brand. Easy peasy retirement to


Replying to Ray

That is a bit sour isn’t it? They are winning so they must have done something wrong. The grape I can’t have must be sour, huh.

Seems you are winning the blame game. Way to go, Ray!


Chinese sellers flooding the US market are faced with the same issues they have at home, quality control and a less than satisfactory approach to regulations and certificates for their products a lot of the time . Many chinese people will not buy their own stuff for the above reasons, preferring designer brands from overseas. Oh the irony!

Will Amazon crack the whip over chinese sellers when these issues occur or turn a blind eye because it’s in their interests to encourage the Factory to consumer business model. Time will tell.


Why can’t US government add taxes to Amazon, eBay, Paypal and other websites for each foreign sellers they have just like UK? That seems like an easy solution to me.

Marc Duchamp

Why do US online companies such as Ebay or Amazon let huge overseas direct competitors sell on their platforms? In my opinion Amazon should have a Amazon China individual sales channel instead of letting them using the US Amazon site. This is simply absurd letting their direct factories flood-selling on our US ecommerce sites without quality control and tech support issues and tax advantages. What kind of US company sell their own people out like that?


Replying to Marc Duchamp

Damn straight!! Our current 2018 President of the USA (not being political in my commentary, but realistic) could be instrumental in negotiating massive changes for China to stop taking advantage, while our domestic companies continue to “sell out” to overseas competition.

Eric Lee

What about this…? Every darn business that gets it’s products from China or manufactured in China is hit with a tariff that levels the playing field. How about that?

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