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Working With Chinese Suppliers: Myths and Facts

By Mark Houng

Mark Houng's top eleven myths about working with Chinese suppliers. Here's the reality behind the myths, and Mark's best tips on how to get it right.

Working With Chinese Suppliers: Myths and Facts

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Jakarri Demery

Absolutely great read. I think I will definitely be hiring an agent and take care of my own logistics as you have mentioned. I never thought about the suppliers on alibaba being inexperienced. Now after reflecting I can see where this is surely true. I’m glad I didn’t attempt to scale up yet. Thanks for sharing your expertise on this subject.

Mark Houng

Replying to Jakarri Demery

Thanks Jakarri! Let me know how things work out for you. Glad you found it useful.

John Fuller

Good info – thanks. Just started with my first product, and had some concerns about payment. Paid the standard 30% wire transfer and balance upon completion, and had Shapiro pick up and ship. My concern, though, was whether the product was actually completed, and ready for pickup. As it turned out, maybe I lucked out, the supplier said it was ready, I believed him, and Shapiro picked it up on time. However, I’m guessing there are others who are not lucky in finding a reliable supplier. Is there a best to ensure that the work is done before I transfer… Read more »

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