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How to Choose an Amazon FBA Prep Service

By Alex Knight

Alex Knight looks at FBA prep: why it's important, why sellers decide to outsource, and how to choose the right FBA prep service.

How to Choose an Amazon FBA Prep Service

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Bob Nickel

Bob Nickel

3 years ago

The quote from Danny McMillan says it all

“When you’re growing your business, you’re trying to do everything yourself because you want to keep the overheads low. But as you scale the business you don’t want to be touching anything, as your time is at a premium. I’d rather be sourcing a new product than sitting there sticking 1,000 labels on something.”

Our most successful clients become experts in product niches, and current on trends. The first few spinner sellers made a killing, the last ones got killed



2 years ago

Hello, we want to receive removal order from Amazon. We want to use your service. Contact us as soon as possible for further details.
Thank you.
Delton, VMK-Trading Sales manager



2 years ago

Where can i go to find answers on how to prep our own food? I would like to talk and ask questions. I do not want to go through a company

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