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eBay’s Global Shipping Program: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

By Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson channels his inner GI Joe and comes to the rescue again, armed with advice on the best way to ship eBay orders overseas.

eBay’s Global Shipping Program: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

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Hi George, I would be happy to educate you on the benefits of shipping your international parcels directly from your warehouse and controlling your postage costs, etc. I have 20 years of experience in helping online sellers reduce international shipping costs while increasing their international sales.Happy to help -Kind Regards, Susan


Nice article. Totally agree that for low volume, one of a kind, GSP is the way to go. I ship in much higher volumes and find mail consolidators like Globegistics to be huge money savers. At this point on many items I offer free shipping to Canada from the US as long as they don’t request expedited shipping. GSP is a good deal for eBay too as it is s profit maker for them. This allows them to subsidize the postage and seller fees some.


GSP is limited to items $2000 and under because eBay takes responsibilit once seller gets the item to Kentucky. Buyers don’t like that eBay calculates the duties either. It’s nice that they handle it but French, Belgian and Swiss buy more expensive or unusual, rare jewelry that can be expensive. It’s riskier for a seller since it can get hung up in customs due to concern that itvfunds extremist terrorism. Seriously. They have more to fear than we do, they are closer so items that can be traded get more scrutiny.

David Richardson

Stay away from GSP, if they lose an item or it doesn’t arrive they will refund the buyer using your money from your paypal account and pretend they never recieved it at the GSP warehouse. Even if you show them the tracking proof, and even if they sent you a tracking number for that order proving they got it and forwarded it to the recipient, they will deny this, ignore every sentence you say to them that proves they got it and repeat, like a robot, “sorry we cant find proof we recieved it” even though you are showing them… Read more »


Replying to David Richardson

Hi David,

How many times did this happen out of curiosity? Was it using the same shipping provider?

We have many clients using GSP successfully, but sometimes there is a bug in transit or mistakes happen. Happy to hear more about it and offer help directly.


Replying to David Richardson

Thank you for posting that info.


I have made my first buy using GSP and it sucks, it sucks bad… I have had little up to date tracking info and it’s very slow. I also have to see PB pick up my item ten miles from my house and then ship it halfway across the country before sending it to me. I am sure I paid more than I would have if the seller sent it to me without GSP. eBay is useless when I need help figuring out where my item is and no updated info from PB for days. I bought an item from… Read more »


Replying to Rod

I “rummaged” on the Internet for information about the eBay’s GSP. And I got enough negative reviews. Many of them were given several years ago. However, they are all very relevant now. With all I ran into the shortcomings of this delivery service. Nothing has changed since that time. I posted some information on my Facebook page. @ Gsv Ofis.
In my case, instead of solving the problem, eBay blocked my account.


As a buyer my advise to ALL BUYERS is to AVOID ANY TRANSACTIONS VIA GSP. The cost can often near dubble to cost to the buyer and as a seller that may not cost you but I HAVE TO PAY. So I’ll only buy from sellers that use direct shipping. Custom clearance is cheap and easy. We as buyers and sellers can stop this money grabbing rip off.


Replying to Johannes

Hi Johannes,

Sometimes this is the only possible way a seller can support international buyers and markets. If you don’t like to pay the larger shipping price, you could simply not buy it?


Replying to Johannes

Hi. Had similar $xperience. Crap service with exorbitant cost ( up to 50% of item price). I just avoid sellers that use them and inform the seller. Some sellers will use another shipping agent I PREFERS DHL. OR EVEN USPS. NEVER USL as we get fleased by their local company with extra ‘entry’ costs.


GSP is very very slow.
I had to wait 10 days for delivery from UK to Ireland!


Replying to Johnny

… Perhaps they swam part of the delivery.

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