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How To Master Ecommerce Returns & Drive New Sales

By Nick Maglosky

How to create an easy-to-follow and generous return process to reassure new buyers, encourage repeat customers, and improve sales long-term.

How To Master Ecommerce Returns & Drive New Sales

Get on top of complex order logistics with the best systems for order management, shipping, returns, fulfillment and more.





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Jeff Bronson

Hey Nick – I know this is an older post, but I wanted to contribute something relevant and actionable for what happens AFTER the return policy is created. To your point, some retailers almost like to ‘hide’ in the hopes it (returns) will not cross their shopper’s mind.

Wrong way to approach this of course!
Offering returns for a longer than usual time frame can be an interesting tactic to test.

I wrote a long post about using product returns as a value proposition, your readers may find actionable, if you don’t mind my sharing this here:

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