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Ecommerce in Scandinavia: Affluent Consumers and a Growing Market

By Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt takes a look at the ecommerce market in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, including the main shopping channels.

Ecommerce in Scandinavia: Affluent Consumers and a Growing Market

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You missed some important sites. How much you got paid for only publishing those listed?

Andy Geldman

Replying to Anthony

This is not a paid post. The only sponsored posts on the site are badged “Supplier Spotlight” and they say who sponsored them.


Replying to Anthony

Can you give us some website please.


You covered the most important information i was looking for, the truth is you have a rich article over the internet. thank you. i live in Norway and i have an eCommerce store and i was looking for information about how the Scandinavians consumer purchased online.
we’ll be very grateful if you write an article about the startup companies/stores like us to optimize or getting noticed in the market.

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