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Options for Handling International Returns

By Richard Shrubb

A number of new options for international returns have sprung up this year. In this article we explain each of them with their pros, cons and costs.

Options for Handling International Returns

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Sebastiaan Soesman

Interesting read and mostly recognizable. We, at Cycleon, are specialists in Returns Management and takes care of the cross-border returns for Nike, Amazon, Superdry, Sony and the likes, providing portals, interfaces, local return centres, grading services (so the retailer can issue a refund within 48 hours) and consolidation models (express, economy and everything in between). Just remember, a return is significantly different from a delivery and has a big impact on total cost of ownership: its not just a cost of a parcel! It impacts your CS, your purchasing, warranty, warehouse handling, service contracts, carrier contracts and management, labels, IT,… Read more »

Ian Williams

Spring have a tried and tested Returns solution for packets and parcels from Europe and also USA, either via a single return PO box address in Netherlands or to a local in country PO Box. We offer economy non tracked or a tracked feature.
We consolidate and return a consignment of items at prearranged intervals to anywhere in UK or Europe.We have also now introduced a “sender pays” portal where you can ask for a payment to cover the cost or, proportion of the cost of the return.

Andy Geldman

Hi Sebastiaan and Ian, thanks for the comments.

We don’t usually allow suppliers to promote their own services here, but as this post already mentions other service providers, and vendors who handle international returns are somewhat hard to find, we’ll relax that rule for this post.

Other international returns service providers are welcome to post, just keep it factual please.

Mark Burch

A Great article thanks. I actually started an international returns business in Europe alongside my e commerce business in April 2015 after the Amazon policy was introduced. Being a seller we knew the problems facing retailers as explained here, so came up with a very simple and cost effective returns handling solution that even small sellers or those starting out can use effectively. We are now on the look out for a partner who can work with us to provide a solution in the USA & Canada and would be really interested to hear from any businesses that may be… Read more »

Harsh Tayal


There’s another cheaper and more innovative way to handle the returns. Why can’t the return be consolidated and sent to an amazon warehouse for reselling?
Why is no one providing that service?

Harsh Tayal


Hi Harsh Tayal

A good point and a service we have recently begun offering ourselves in selected countries including USA, Germany, UK & France.

As well as sending returns to sell through FBA we are also offering Re sell of returns through our own fulfillment service so you can re list your re sellable returns without shipping back to the retailer and we will pick, pack & ship, again saving time & money and turning returned stock into cash quicker for retailers.


Replying to Mark

I am very interested in such service can you tell me where to find such service?

Andy Geldman

Replying to Ashley

Mark’s service is Ezi Returns

Ashley Chen

Replying to Andy Geldman

Thank you Andy so much for your quick reply. I contacted them and already setup the return service in less than 24 h. My international returns was putting lots of pressure on my service quality but now I already feel relieved.

Mark Burch

Replying to Ashley Chen

Glad we could help and sure you will find your returns handling a lot easier now. Thank you Andy too.

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