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China’s Tmall Global: Everything You Need To Know

By Misha Maruma

Tmall Global was set up to help foreign brands enter the Chinese ecommerce market. Here's everything you need to know about selling there.

China’s Tmall Global: Everything You Need To Know

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Tom Allen

I enjoyed your post very much. Very informative and enlightening. I did not know companies like Nanjing Marketing Group existed. I can see where your industry can open up tremendous opportunities for foreign vendors.
Thanks again for a splendid article.

Andy Geldman

The UK’s Royal Mail has just opened up its Tmall store so UK brands (with trademarks!) can easily register to sell through it:


Is this article slightly out of date?
They don’t accept new Tmall Global account creation any more, instead, it is by invitation only. Any insights on how this invitation system works?

George Godula

Replying to neufsky

Hi there. I run a Tmall Partner (TP) Agency ( It’s indeed true that Tmall Global has switched to an invitation-only model. This is to maintain the quality of customer experience on the platform and only allow large brands or SME brands with proven potential for the China market. Here are some quick tips: 1. check the Tmall domestic invitation list (available in Chinese only) – if the brand is on that list then Tmall Global won’t be a problem either 2. contact a TP first before you get in contact with Tmall Global. They will be able to provide… Read more »


Hello, hearsay TMall Partner are able to buy stock (product) in the context of a western brand using Tmall Global. Any insights about this? Thanks in advance


Good article! However, Tmall Global is not necessarily an affordable solution for all businesses. There are three groups of costs: Set up, marketing and Tmall Partner. The ballpark figure for set up is US$15,000 to US$100,000, depending on factors like if you’ve registered your trademark in China already and the number of products you have. To reach one million US dollars in sales a year, one of the Tmall partners recommended their clients to spend at least US$10,000 a month on marketing. If a Tmall partner acts as your agent, they might charge a percentage of your sales as commission.… Read more »

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