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BaseLinker Pros & Cons

+Contract Free / Pay as you go
+Ever Increasing Abilities
+Time & Cost Save
-In-built WMS does not support expiry/recommended consumption date

Product Details

An All-In-One Multi Channel Management System that serves for sellers, re-sellers and brands globally. BaseLinker supports better service in Product Management, Listing Management, Order Management, Picking & Packing, Invoicing and Automating Workflows. On top of all that, they offers integration capabilities with more that 700 popular products.

Pricing & Trial

Price Range
Starting from 9 $ per Month and goes as high as 119$ per month
Trial Length: 14 days

Integrations & Compatibility

Amazon SitesAll Sites
eBay SitesAll Sites
Other MarketplacesEtsy
And More
Shipping & FulfilmentUPS
And More

User reviews

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Ease of Use



2022-12-30 14:19:01

Must have in every e-commerce business

What where the positives?

Reliable and flexible. We I really love is their module for automating workfows - it is super flexuble - I can set-up everything the way I wanted.

Any negatives?

It is not that easy to set-up - took us few days to have everything set-up properly. Good thing it was easy to get started with the basisc like connecting marketplaces, eshop etc. so we could use it right away but took us some more time to understand the whole spectrum of things we can do with the tool.


For our e-commerce company after almost 3 years of using Baselinker, it is the most important tool. Basically it's the hear of our business that we use for processing, completing and managing orders. We have integrated all our shops, marketplaces, invoicing, SMS and after order communication in one place, with full automation of the process and full customization.

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