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€499 per month


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BrightBid Pros & Cons

+Connects Google most powerful shopping ad format to Amazon listings
+AI engine adjusts bids and increases Return on Ad Spend
+Increases organic ranking on Amazon without spending on Amazon Ads
-Limited markets

Product Details

BrightBid offers a revolutionary new product for Amazon sellers and vendors that enables both sole Amazon sellers, and eCommerce website owners who also list on Amazon, to use Google Shopping ads to drive traffic to their Amazon product listings for the first time as well as their website!

This matters because Google Shopping Ads drive more than 80% of the Google clicks to eCommerce sites. And before now: it wasn’t possible to link Google Shopping Ads to Amazon listings only direct to websites.

And what’s more it also tracks the Amazon sales data and feeds it back into Google to optimise your ad account so you can adjust bids and improve Google ROAS based on sales so you can work out the performance of this strategy vs spending on Amazon Ads only.

Amazon also ranks business higher organically if they send external traffic to Amazon so it will improve your Amazon sales without Amazon Ads.

Pricing & Trial

Starting at €499/month

Integrations & Compatibility

Currently works with Amazon listings in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. 

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