Product Details is an intelligent repricing platform that helps online merchants capture more sales by keeping their prices competitive at all times. eliminates the need for manual pricing research by regularly adjusting prices based on powerful repricing strategies. By providing the tools and insight needed to maintain a competitive advantage, helps online sellers become more visible in the marketplace, increasing sales and profits. Formerly Appeagle.

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Plans start at $50 per month

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • info463

    Overall rating


    Very unhappy, crazy price increases, poor client service

    I am really unhappy with formerly appeagle. Up until this week, my plan was $25 and covered all marketplaces. I received a refund email this week for $25 and when I investigated why I was told that my plan was no longer being offered. In order to maintain the same services, it would now cost $199 per month! That is an extortionate price increase of 800%!!!

    The support agent Patrick informed me that notifications were sent out about this to clients but I did not receive them. It may have gone to spam. So I have a situation where my repricing service stopped suddenly at the BUSIEST time for online sellers. Funny time of the year to put such pressure on online sellers, eh? I then asked the agent if he would give me one more month of access for $25 so I could migrate to another provider. I am a small retailer and cannot afford this $199. He refused this. He did offer a rate of $99 for three months but that is still a 400% price increase. On the basis that I have been a customer for years, I consider this disreputable.

    So in summary, I am leaving a one-star review because of

    1. The outrageous price increase

    2. The fact that the communication on this appeared to not filter through (Although as mentioned I was told that the info was shared)

    3. The fact that the 1st of December was chosen to no remove the legacy plan. A time which is crucial for online retailers.

    4. The fact that customer service in general over the last year appears to have gotten worse and on the 6th September, there were technical issues where I couldn't even click into a product. I was told that it was because the "web hosting service is currently experiencing issues". Was I offered a discount or compensation at that time when I was unable to even use the service? No, I wasn't.

    5. Most importantly though, I have been a customer for a long time and I am sure they would have had the ability to help me out but they chose not to.

    I don't understand how they can justify such a huge increase in price. I have already found a service provider at the same price as before and the migration took no time at all. It is up and running now

  • David B

    Overall rating


    Use to be good - Not any more

    They use to be very good. But now they do not answer calls, do not reply emails unless you ask sales questions all their calls are replied right away. Also, before they did not have issues and little issues they had used to get fixed right away. Now all your products are getting sold for a min. Regardless if there is a competitor or not. Was this company sold recently. I am switching to someone else. They use to be very very good. We use to love them. There were many cheaper options, but because of their customer service, we went wiith them

  • designedonlyforyou111

    Overall rating


    Appeagle price jump from $25 legacy plan to $300?

    I have been using Appeagle for 3 plus years, it isn't perfect, but I just didn't want to take the time to figure out another one. I made notes on a few others I saw people post about to check out more in depth when I have time. Fred has been helpful the couple of times I really was just frustrated with the application.

    However, my CC was cancelled due to some fraudulent charges , and so the auto payment came due just a day after that happened. I had a new card issued within a couple of days and went into the app immediately as I did with all my other auto charges, to put the new number in, and saw that they had suspended my account two days prior. They suspended on a Thursday, I emailed them on Saturday when I noticed this, as I didn't put my new card # in, since it wouldn't allow me to keep the same legacy plan I have had for 3 years at $25 a month. Instead, my plan would be $300!! WTH? I emailed Saturday , and then again Tuesday after not hearing back from them. They reply back I had only 3 days to respond. No more legacy plan for me. REALLY Appeagle?:'(

  • CherylF

    Overall rating


    Appeagle tripled my sales over Feedvisor at 1/4 the cost

    I recently switched from Feedvisor to Appeagle when Feedvisor eliminated their lowest pricing tier (which was already costing me well over $500 a month) and I LOVE Appeagle. It was super easy to set up, flat rate pricing and awesome customer service. Kyle spent almost an hour discussing various features with me even before I started the free trial. Even after 2 months using the service I never have to wait more than a few minutes for an answer to a question (as long as it is during business hours). They have a fully functional free trial which I would highly recommend. My sales almost tripled when I switched to Appeagle because of the ease of being able to set and adapt rules for the products.

  • bill400

    Overall rating


    We're very pleased with Appeagle after 26 months of use.

    We started using Appeagle to handle our repricing on in November 2012 via a 30 day free trial. Overnight, we saw the value of their system and around the 28th day, signed up for paid service. We started at 5,000 skus with hourly repricing and eventually moved up to continuous repricing and later expanded to 10,000 skus and later 20,000 skus. During June 2013, we added as our second marketplace. It makes our price control extremely easy and simple price changes are made in seconds. When a manufacturer raises our costs, it is simply a matter of using that data to revise our minimum and maximum prices via a quick upload. We export our uploads from Filemaker Pro software in the correct format. We are currently working on adding Ebay to our marketplaces.

    Help, when needed, has been easy to obtain from our Appeagle contact and we are currently testing their beta release for them. We've never had a bad experience using their system and recommend it highly!

  • alberto

    Overall rating



    this app is a must. If you sell on amazon, this is a mandatory application. I used to waste time comparing prices with our competitors, I no longer have to do it. You just set up your low and max price, and you are done.
    It boosted my sales and removed risk of overselling due to sales on another listing or on another site.
    Their customer support is outstanding. You submit a ticket, and within 20 min, you get an answer.


  • barry

    Overall rating


    Can't Live without them!

    Appeagle is a vital part of our business model. With over 1000 sku's we couldn't handle all the pricing ourselves.

    Appeagle prices our items efficiently, accurately, and promptly. It has fully customizable rules, that you create and works on eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten seamlessly. Getting started with them took us 15 minutes.

    In short, no business selling on marketplaces should be without Appeagle

  • rifcosales

    Overall rating


    If you like to make money this is your solution!!

    catchy title however nothing but the truth. When we signed up with appeagle we immediately started making more money without doing anything. As an e-commerce company the most important thing besides customer service is price. Consumers shop on price even by a penny. We know all of our margins, costs etc. associated to every SKU we sell. By using this software we are able to put our minimum and maximum price we would offer each individual item for. Once you do this it's like "set it and forget it" just sit back and watch you maintain the highest level of buy box wins on any platform you are signed up for with Appeagle. The customer service from these folks is above par. Quick response and very friendly. This is a must have for any e-commerce seller end story.

  • haunted.flower

    Overall rating


    very easy to use, lots of options, best in class

    I have used AppEagle for almost three years now. Before using it, I tried several other repricers. What I like about AppEagle is how easy it is to use or understand. I was able to learn how to use the software quickly, and then I taught another member of my team to do it, so now I don't worry about pricing any more. Another big plus is the abundance of options. Many repricers have several options, but I have never seen this many. You can reprice items one at a time, or by uploading csv files, or you can assign a ceiling and floor to your entire catalog. You can create different "profiles" for different groups of products and apply the same ceiling, floor, and rules to each group. You can exclude other sellers, offer types, feedback levels, or Amazon itself, or you can do the reverse and compete only with certain offers or sellers.

    As a business owner who is rarely satisfied, and who is constantly testing new ideas and theories, I am grateful that I can change my repricing strategy for tens of thousands of items in just a few clicks. If I want to fight for a buy box one day, and let my competition have it to sell them through their product the next day, I can do that in less than a minute by adjusting my settings.

    In a nutshell, you should give Appeagle a try. I think you will find as I have that it is best in class repricing software.

  • appchicken

    Overall rating


    appchicken cheap product giveaway promo

    with Appeagle, you take the bad along with the good. Apparently the engineers there are not too worried if you sell stuff cheap. We have our account configured to win the buy box but many times the program will go overboard and sell an item for 20% - 1/5 of the next competitors price!

    After using appeagle for awhile now, we noticed we were getting a lot of positive feedback: "Sold much cheaper than competitors" "Sold very affordable" "Extremely reasonable price" etc etc. If you want a lot of feedbacks bragging about overly cheap prices, appchicken might be for you. So it does have its uses if margins are not a big concern to you. Our profits surely don't concern appchicken. They don't even care enough to look into the problem. Your margins, their problem?

    I've emailed Appeagle support so many times but we get an auto email response every time:

    You have a global min and max of $___ and $____ on your profile

    So that is their weasel clause. Just the fact that you set global min on your pricing means they can hit that low number with impunity. We are looking at another alternative to app chicken (which does not fly) and will leave.

  • Tayne

    Overall rating


    Helped me win more Buy Boxes

    I started using Appeagle as a free trial just to see if repricing would really make a difference for my business. After the 30 day trial looked at my numbers and I was shocked at how many more sales I was able to make. I immediately began using Appeagle as a full customer and since then I have consistently been able to win the buy box for the items I sell.
    The app is easy to use and has a lot of great options that helped me develop a selling strategy. They also had amazing customer service and were very helpful every time I needed some help.

  • buyathome

    Overall rating


    Repricing software that actually works!

    The clean interface makes it really easy to get started, the support is fantastic and my sales are higher than ever. The ability to continuously reprice and retrieve the shipping prices of my competitors is what really sets Appeagle apart. By far the best repricer i've used to date. Highly recommended!

  • mrdarylk

    Overall rating


    Great app, low price, other solutions don't compare

    Nice App! Found it pretty intuitive and easy to get set up and working. The inventory and repricing features brought me many new and creative selling opportunities, boosted my sales and removed risk of overselling due to sales on another listing or on another site. This allows me to list more of my available inventory at the same time. Several enhancements and new features have already been added since I signed up. This is nice to see, especially for an app with a generous amount of functionality unlocked and available at such a low cost.
    Daryl K.

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