How to Contact Amazon Seller Support Directly In 2024

Contacting Amazon seller support directly has become a streamlined process. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of contacting Seller Central support and offer tips for effective communication.

What is Amazon Seller Support?

Amazon Seller Support is a platform that provides Amazon sellers with answers, best practices, and tips. 

It also provides real-time support for creating accounts and troubleshooting issues. 

These issues include account suspensions, resolving order disputes, packaging and shipping problems, and more.

You can access seller support by clicking the ‘Help’ section in the upper right corner of your Seller Central page. 

There, you’ll see a list of support categories for you to choose from.

When you click a category, a drop-down menu of subcategories appears. 

Here, you can select a specific option reflecting your support request.

Amazon Seller Support

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What Does Amazon Seller Support do?

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced Amazon seller, there will be times when you’ll need urgent help to resolve pressing issues.

The Amazon seller service is designed to assist you.

  • When you have problems with your Seller Central account,
  • When you have payment or shipping issues,
  • When you need help with managing inventory
  • When you need to resolve order issues 

Sometimes, the case is so complicated that you need to contact an Amazon seller agent.

However, you must understand that many sellers reach out to them daily. 

So, staying calm and ensuring you contact them at the right time is essential.

Additionally, you must be more specific and detailed in describing the issue. 

This will avoid receiving automated, vague responses from seller support emails, the most common grievance we have heard from sellers lately.

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How Do You Contact Amazon Seller Support?

The best way to solve your problems will be to call Amazon seller support.

After some research, we found no phone number available for sellers to contact directly.

The only way to contact Seller Central support is to request a callback. 

In this case, Amazon Seller Support will contact you directly to resolve your account issues.

Here are the steps and best practices to call Amazon seller support.

Step 1: Log in 

Log in to your account and click the ‘help’ menu in the upper right corner of the page.

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Step 2: Access Seller Central help page

Click the HELP button. This will direct you to the Seller Central help page. 

There, you’ll find a list of categories with solutions to your problem.

However, if you need help with these solutions or would like to speak with an assistant, then scroll down to the end.

At the bottom left of the page, you’ll see a ‘Need More Help?’ section with three options. 

The goal here is to contact seller support on Amazon. So, you click on ‘Contact Selling Partner Support.’

Central help page

After you click, this option will take you to a ‘Contact us’ page, where you can describe your issue in detail.

Contact us

Remember to be specific. You don’t want to inquire about 2-3 issues in one support case. 

Doing so will cause confusion and ruin your chances of getting a call from them.

You can open support cases for each if you have several issues.

Step 3: Initiate a Case 

Open a case with a specific title and describe your problem in detail.

Initiate a Case 

Step 4: Contact Method

Next up, select your contact method. Choosing the live chat option will result in you getting automated responses that are not very helpful.

Choose the email contact method instead. You can type in your phone number and receive a callback from Amazon seller support.

Contact Method

Step 5: Submit

Include screenshots to help seller support agents understand your issue better. Then, click the ‘SEND’ button.

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What Is the Best Time to Contact Amazon Seller Support?

Amazon Seller Support provides 24-hour support to its customers, so they can call them anytime. 

However, Amazon receives millions of customer support cases daily, therefore, the best time to contact seller support is on the weekends. 

This is because Amazon US support requires its representatives to work at least on weekends. 

The request volume is usually down during this time, which makes it possible to get a response from the support team. 

So, if you have a complicated issue and have tried to contact seller support, you’ve tried issuing support tickets and making phone calls during the week. 

Try initiating a phone call on the weekends after 5 p.m. EST. 

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Tips for Dealing with Seller Support on Amazon

Dealing with Amazon seller support can be aggravating. 

This is particularly true if you need your problems fixed immediately.

So, to save you the trouble, we’ll show you some tips and tricks that will make contacting Amazon seller support and solving your problems much easier.

Tip 1: Screenshot everything

If you’re dealing with an error and don’t know how to articulate it correctly, ensure you have screenshots. 

This will help the support team understand your problem better.

Amazon customer service representatives aren’t familiar with every error. 

They’re most likely unable to understand the message you’re trying to deliver.

Tip 2: Build momentum to escalate your case

If the seller’s support doesn’t resolve your issue, open additional cases. 

Reply to emails and talk to reps consistently until your case escalates to the captive team. 

Seller Central support may not be the best way to solve complicated issues, so you need to attack it with volume.

When connected to a support representative, request that you speak with the captive team.

The captive team is a more experienced support team with advanced knowledge to handle the complex issues that Amazon sellers face.

Tip 3: Get to the point

Once on a call with the captive team, clearly state your problem. 

You need to explain everything you have tried so they can solve it quickly.

Tip 4: Visit seller forums to ask for help from other sellers

Join seller forums and ask other Amazon sellers if they can share ideas that will help solve your problem.

Visiting seller forums shouldn’t be limited to the seller’s forum on Seller Central. You can join discussions on other platforms like Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.

Speaking of Facebook, you can join the Amazon FBA Competitive Edge, a Facebook group for Amazon sellers owned by Jungle Scout.

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Key Takeaways

As an Amazon seller, you face challenges that make you seek help from Amazon support, but sometimes, solving your issue becomes more frustrating than the problem itself. 

If you still struggle to resolve your issues even after talking to the seller support rep, try escalating your case to the captive team. They’re more experienced in handling complicated matters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Select the 'Contact Selling Partner Support' option. Then, open a new case once directed to the 'Contact Us' page. This way, you can get an email or a callback from Amazon seller support.

Yes, they do have a live chat. You’ll find two contact methods on the contact page: email and live chat support.

Amazon does not provide a direct email address for seller support. However, you can open up a case in Seller Central and choose the email contact method so they can contact you through email.

There is no phone number that you can call for support. You’ll need to go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and type in your phone number to receive a call from them instead.

Yes, Amazon seller support is available 24 hours a day. During this time, you can expect detailed guidance to solve your problems either through email or live chat.


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Jeffery Pyle
Jeffery Pyle

Amazon Seller Support often gives me the wrong answer. Many of the reps seem unknowledgeable and can only give me the answers from Help.

Gorilla ROI
Gorilla ROI
In reply to Gorilla ROI

Hi Jeffrey. We have very good success with FBA support. Not sure what you mean that they're unknowledgeable.

They all seem to know what they're doing and they've been a great partner to our FBA business. We rarely use phone support and we had great results with their email support staff.

Martha Howowitz
Martha Howowitz
In reply to Martha Howowitz

You are correct! FBA support is much more helpful. FBA departments are not governed by seller performance guidelines and these offices and managers can operate outside of the Amazon section 3 business agreement. If you are lucky enough to live in a city where an FBA fulfillment center is located, you can go directly into these centers and speak with account managers who can provide great assistance!


I register information of the seller to transmit wrong id card, how should deal with?


H Jeffery

I new to amazon. amazon wont approve my bank account statement. i send them the correct bank statement generated by a company called "worldifrst"- Amazon keep rejecting it but amazon has approved thousand of other clients that have submitted to amazon the same type of bank statement. any idea which department i should call to tr to solve it as for now they don't allow me to sel on amazon and they say the document is not ok but don't say what else it should include..


Hello, my amazon email is no longer logging me into my account, I have tried to reach out to support foe 3 weeks now no result, I have been in circle with different support group , please some one help if you have experience this issue. I do not have seller central phone number for help see below for the error message
"Help us protect your account
We have detected unusual activity on your account and have locked it temporarily. Please contact customer service for further assistance."

Judith Kazem
Judith Kazem

I don't think Amazon seller support is available any longer. I have two Amazon seller accounts. One has been suspended for about 4 years because the business name no longer exists. Now I am trying to log in to my existing seller account but keep being logged in the the suspended account. Now I cannot log in to my current seller account. Previously when I was logged in to the suspended account, I would just log out and log in to my current seller account. Now I can no longer get out of the suspended account. There doesn't seem to be anyone to contact in seller support, so I cannot conduct any business with the account I am currently using.


I think pretty much anyone that sells on Amazon can say that their seller support is next to useless.

They read off a script in India, don’t have the power to do much of anything, and getting actual support just requires asking for a supervisor. Then, you get someone who is actually competent.

The way Amazon handled the INFORM ACT was a complete disaster!

I don’t really have any faith in their support and most sellers can agree on that.

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